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Richard K. Muldoon: Well, I was release out of prison. But I lost my home. My wife divorced me, Everything! [Furiously] THOSE TWO BLOODHOUNDS RUIEND MY LIFE! I HAD TO FLEA TO NEW MEXICO TO START LIFE A NEW! BUT I'LL GET WITH THESE GUYS IF IT'S THE LAST I EVER DO! And If I ever do see them again, I will skin them alive! First the little guy, then the big guy. I will skin them both alive!
—One of the lines from the movie.

Stan Laurel: Maybe, We should apologies to him.
Oliver Hardy: That's a good idea.
Hot Shot Coleman: Now, Boys. If you take my advice. You should never cross his path again. Because, He told me that if he ever sees you again, He is going to skin you alive. First the little guy, then the big guy. He will skin you both alive.

Oliver the Skeleton: Well, Here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!
Stan the Skeleton: (Whines) But, I couldn't help it! You've always picked on me!
Oliver the Skeleton: Come on, Let's go back to Peoria where we belong!
—The last line from the film after Richard K. Muldoon skins them alive.

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