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How to put this? I have nothing against Scotty. And I have nothing against Uhura. But I do have a problem with Scotty, um, against Uhura, if you follow me.

Spare me the tedium of pretending that Seven has been holding a candle for Chakotay for some time. Not only does the suggestion denigrate her character to the nth degree, because he is such a vacuous bore that anybody who fell in love with him would automatically lose any respect, but there has never been an inkling that this might be the case, and the lack of chemistry between Beltran and Ryan is painful and obvious.
Joe Ford on Star Trek: Voyager, "Human Error"

Was it really worth destroying this character to set up a silly "sexual tension" angle that ultimately went nowhere? I mean, from day one, Blalock and Bakula plainly had no onscreen chemistry, romantic or otherwise. So to anyone watching this show from the beginning, this development is completely random. It only serves as further proof that Berman and Braga never had long term plans for their characters. They were probably going to pair off T'Pol with every guy on the ship, and this was just Archer's turn.
The Agony Booth on Star Trek: Enterprise, "A Night in Sickbay"

Next Anakin murders women and children error beep, brings a corpse home beep, and goes on a psychotic megalomaniacal rant beep.
Anakin: “Why’d she have to die?” beep “I will be the most powerful Jedi ever!” beep “I will even learn to stop people from dying!” beep “He’s JEALOUS!” beep “I killed them.” beep “They’re dead.” beep “And the children too.” beep “And I slaughtered them like animals!” beep
Padme: “To be angry is to be human…”
[Anakin looks at her to say something] beep
And then, even though Anakin’s strikes far outweigh his successes, she still marries the guy after knowing him for only like 3 days. Y’know what? I take it all back. I take back every piece of criticism I ever said about the guy. George Lucas, I present you with the “Totally and Completely Understands Women” trophy. You’ve earned it my friend. You’ve earned it.
Mr. Plinkett of RedLetterMedia, judging Anakin's attempt to woo Padme in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

David: (after having heard Sydney speak for about 30 seconds, never having met her before) Do you want to be my girlfriend?
Syd: (thinks about it for a bit) Okay.
Legion, "Chapter 1"

Hey, remember back when Fandango was THE hot act in the company for, oh, three weeks? When fans sang his theme song…one that has NO WORDS? Those days being long gone, the plan was to have two hot women feud over him. WWE once again showed their ability to make everyone not care about said honeys and also kill an act folks actually, you know, liked.

oh and it also turns out that Fistograph was the head of the protest outside the mansion earlier that's very important because now we know that she's a conventionally attractive character and main element of the story and in a feud with another main character of the opposite sex so they're gonna bang at the end of the thing because poor writing

Kirito: Hi.
Asuna: Hi!
Kirito: You wanna get married?
Asuna: OK!
Kirito: You wanna have sex?
Asuna: OK!

"I feel like Friends in season eight, out of ideas and forcing Joey and Rachel together, even though it made no sense."
Michael, The Good Place

"The story is nearing its end, so I'd better Pair the Spares! Did any of these couples share even a single scene together? Did any of these last-minute matchups share even a drop of chemistry? Well, it doesn't matter. Hit 'em and ship 'em. No time to worry about anything else."
Terrible Writing Advice, "LOVE INTERESTS"


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