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"IDIOTS! DON'T LET THEM NEAR THE GLOWING, RED WEAK POINT!!!... Why does it even HAVE a weak point??? Couldn't you have put a cover on it??!?"
Skullmageddon, Double Dragon Neon

"Stay calm, Fox. Shoot the glowing spot!"
Falco Lombardi, Star Fox Zero

"Remember your three Cs: Cranium, Crotch, Center of Mass."
Brotherhood of Steel Instructor, Fallout 4

Otacon: If you can shoot a Stinger missile into the cockpit, you'll destroy the computer control system.
Snake: You intentionally designed it with a weak point?
Otacon: It's not a weak point. I like to think of it as a character flaw. People just aren't complete without some type of character flaw, don't you think?

"What took a particularly annoying number of attempts was a bit towards the end where my sole instruction was to "take out the tank." But while the tank's weak spot was completely obvious — cause it was the bit behind intermittently closing armor plating — it didn't actually become a weak spot until I'd shot all the tank's wheels off. Oh yeah, obviously! Should've guessed that the wheels are where the enemy keeps all their magic monkey paws and four leaf clovers."

"Limitless power is good right until limitless power source is shot and broken. Even if tougher, still presents large glowing "shoot me" target on chest that is at center mass. Idiot with Mosin and no training could hit that."

Tommy Webber: Go for the eyes, like in episode 22!
Jason Nesmith: It doesn't have any eyes, Tommy!
Tommy Webber: Well go for the mouth, then; the throat, its vulnerable spots!
Jason Nesmith: It's a ROCK! It doesn't have any vulnerable spots!

"Destroy the core!"
Many announcers in the Gradius series

Maximillian Haluska is wearing body armor.
Kathryn Flinders is firing a tiny holdout pistol, a "purse popper."
The four-millimeter round won't even be felt through Max's-
Right in the mouth. Yeah, he might feel that.
Narrator, realizing a rather blatant design flaw, Schlock Mercenary


Know what they should call you? Baron von Blabs About His Only Weakness.
Robo, Atomic Robo

Winn: Kara, Corben took out the southwest retaining column. Basically he targeted the building's only weak spot. Just like that perfectly placed shot to take out the Death Star.
Kara: I don't need a Star Wars reference right now, Winn, I need a plan!

Sontarans, back of the neck. Daleks, aim for the eyepiece. Vashta Nerada? Run. Just run.
Seventh Doctor, Doctor Who, Silence in the Library

Hit the giant enemy crab in its weak spot for massive damage, huh? Timeless.

If it has one. Usually a sphere of some kind. Mostly stones with runes on them, squiggly little things like the one on the back of your hand. Some of the time. I think. Saw a few that had just a smiley face and a name on them. One of them just had a rude word on it! But anyway, find the core, partner! You might need to do some searching, though, since sometimes there are more than one core, sometimes there aren't even any! Most fun of all, some of them blow up! But one thing's for sure; the best thing is to go for the core, partner!

"Who in Sheol was that, K? Blue Frankenstein, or something?" asked Power Girl, rubbing her arms.
"The Galactic Golem," Kara replied. "He’s an old enemy of Superman's, an energy being. That white star on his head was his Achilles heel. I just had to gamble that our capes could contain the blast. Thanks, both of you, and I mean that."

A Tiger's only got one weak spot, and that's its ass. You've gotta hit it from point blank range, and you've gotta hit it from behind.
Oddball, Kelly's Heroes

Even the best ship becomes a pile of worthless crap if you hit it hard enough in the right places.
Flavour Text of the Space Race tactic, Legacy of a Thousand Suns

"You're required to maneuver straight down this trench and skim the surface to this point. The target area is only two meters wide. It's a small thermal exhaust port right below the main port. The shaft leads directly into the reactor system. A precise hit will start a chain reaction which should destroy the station."
General Jan Dodonna, Star Wars: A New Hope


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