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Most spiders wait patiently for prey to arrive. Most spiders aren't forty feet tall.
Plated Spider, Magic: The Gathering

"Relax? With three giant alligators knocking down the house? Be fair, McGill."
Dr. Orchid, Thunderbirds episode "Attack Of The Alligators"

Later on their wedding bed,
The king was shocked to see
A tender kiss upon her cheek
Unleashed an armory.
Rocket launchers and flamethrowing
Guns grew from her sides,
And she grew to seven times her size.
Voltaire, "The Mechanical Girl"

There was tons of shots of disasters and people running and human characters, and more of that in a second. But the centerpiece of the footage was a sequence where a big monster is attacking an airport, shredding airplanes and trashing buildings. It looks sort of like the Cloverfield monster with a more of a beetle-like carapace and spindly insect legs. It looks massive and powerful.

Yesterday, director Gareth Edwards told us there would be other creatures in the film — and here's our first sight of one. It looks scary and huge.

And then Godzilla's foot comes down next to the creature. Godzilla's FOOT. Which is dwarfing this poor spindly little creature.

And then there's a massive hero shot of this previously big-looking creature looming over the airport, and then Godzilla rises up behind it, and it's like a skyscraper next to a hut. Godzilla is this ginormous dark scaly beast with a gaping maw and a mighty screaming roar, and the crowd basically lost its shit. Host Chris Hardwick made a joke about people having to change their pants, and this seemed totally accurate.
io9 article on Comic-Con teaser for Godzilla (2014)

Once again Universal led the charge with It Came from Outer Space in 1953 and Creature from the Black Lagoon in 1954, and by the time Ishiro Honda's anti-war parable Godzilla landed on American shores in 1956, the rest of the era would sit under the atomic cloud of giant lizards, bugs, arachnids, women, and anything else that could credibly destroy a city.
Passport to Dreams on the history of horror

All I wanna do
Is see you turn into
A giant woman
A giant woman!
All I wanna be
Is someone who gets to see
A giant woman
Steven, "Giant Woman", Steven Universe

Why do you have to look up to her, aside from in a literal sense?
Pearl, about Sugilite, Steven Universe

Leonardo: What's in the test tube, Donatello?
Donatello: Some crystals I found where we encountered Shredder. (shakes the tube) Hmmm... Just as I suspected. Crystalized exoboron!
Leonardo: What does it mean?
Donatello: That Irma could be in big trouble! And I do mean big!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987), "Attack of the 50-Foot Irma"

"A gigantic woman, fifty-feet high! Rampaging through our city like a lusty leviathan, endangering the entire world (or at least the bits you can walk on)."
The President of Earth, Attack of the 50-Ft. Half-Klingon


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