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You and I have a meal. Fugu! Pufferfish. Expensive. Delicious. The cat's particulars. Deadly. Now, some of these pieces are properly prepared, by a master chef; some... are not. Fugu roulette? You unlock your smart-ass phone, then we eat: if you die first, I get the phone and your naughty contacts; but if I get zotzed, then you take charge of the Korinto-Kai... and if you're reeeeeeeal good, Daddy'll come back from the dead to take you out for ice-cream. The question, Yamato: take a chance at my entire criminal empire - and ice-cream - or artillery and noisy death, heh?
Daimon Kiyota, The Secret World

Timothy Hunter: What... if I lose?
The Manticore: Then you'll accept my tutelage. And I will liberate you from all your illusions.
Timothy Hunter: And then you'll eat me.
The Manticore: Eventually, yes. But you won't care when that time comes. You won't care at all. You see, I'll consume your magic before I touch your flesh. You might be surprised to learn how little one cares for one's flesh once one's soul has been stripped away.

In here, they gamble on the fate of empires and planets; the minimum bet on the far tables is one galaxy!

Thanos: And the contest?
The Grandmaster: A quasi-military exercise set on a mental plane of existence. Each contestant will be equipped with an identical suit of battle armor. A killshot will immobilize the loser and terminate the game program. I take it you're willing to put up your five Soul Gems as a wager in this contest, just to make things more interesting.
Thanos: Why not? I do not plan on losing. I have placed the gems in a stasis field that will deactivate in the event of my death.

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