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Nightmare Fuel / Your Turn To Die

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  • The executions, and by extension what the collars do:
    • Mishima gets the most votes in the practice vote, leading to his collar's execution of burning right through his neck.
    • Joe turns out to have drawn the Sacrifice Card for the Main Game and gets executed for not being voted out. His execution turns out to be a bunch of tubes that suck his blood out. Made even worse by Miley giving Sara a switch that slows it down slightly and temporarily with every press, under the promise that if she clicks it fast enough the execution will stop.
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    • During chapter 2-1, your choice in the Final Attraction determines whether Reko or Alice dies, and either way it's not pretty:
      • If Reko dies, she gets stabbed in the stomach by Fake Reko and Fake Reko's collar explodes, finishing off both of them.
      • If Alice dies, Fake Reko's head falls into his hands and its collar explodes, blowing a hole through his abdomen and killing him.
    • Like in 2-1, during 2-2 your choice will determine if Kanna, Sou/Shin, or everyone except Nao and Sara dies.
      • If you don't save Nao from the Sacrifice Card, her execution places a vice around her waist that slowly closes. Sara is given a Mercy Kill switch but can't bring herself to do it because of Nao's cries.
      • If you decide to put Kanna on the chopping block, her collar injects Human Flower seeds into her body, which grow vines outwards. Kanna expires when the large flower at the top blooms.
      • If you decide to vote for Sou/Shin, he manages to get his collar off and sprints away, running into the defense systems which mortally wound him.
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  • The minigame Sara has to play to save Gin from one of the traps, where you fend off evil masks in-between pressing down on a button. If you get attacked by the masks too many times, one zooms right up to you and the last thing you see is that creepy face.
  • The hallucination that Sara experiences at the start of the second chapter in which the ghost of Joe comes into her room, which is now dripping blood, and blames her for his death and then tries to strangle her. It's complete with Joe having a disturbing Nightmare Face where his kind smile has been turned into a rictus, skull-like grin. That Nightmare Face shows up a couple more times afterwards too.
  • Sou's dream sequence at the beginning of Chapter 2 Part 2, an exercise in Surreal Horror which reveals that the shadowy Sou seen at the very beginning of the game was talking to him, not the player. Not to mention the disembodied eyes showing up in the first room and the hand reaching out from under the table in the computer room; the fact that Sou never comments directly on either one arguably makes them more disturbing.

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