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Sara's father is a doll
More specifically, the version of Sara's father that appears in the Flash Forward at the end of chapter 2 is a doll with an AI in it, much like the Fake Reko but with his personality edited to be accepting of the games. After all, Kai being sent to infiltrate Sara's family to monitor her doesn't make sense if Sara's father is involved in the Death Game himself, and Sara's father while talking with Kai clearly cares a lot about his daughter. Alternatively, Sara's father as shown in the flashback is the doll while Sara's real father is one of the masterminds of the games and had it planned from the beginning, raising her for the role with the doll. Sara's father, being programmed to care about his daughter, would also, of course, refuse to monitor her for a sketchy organization, thus necessitating Kai. This would also tie into Gashu's final statement towards the players, for them to "question their upbringing".

Sara is a doll all along
At least, the Sara we play as. The Memoriam mentions a 17-year-old girl who is remarkably like Sara but she died in the third and final trial (perhaps suicide after the deaths of everyone she loved in the previous two trials). That may have very well been the real Sara who died, and the Sara we play is her copy. However, unlike other dolls before like the Fake Reko, this Sara, who we play as, is a more "perfected" version of a doll that is more like an Artificial Human which can explain why she can bleed while dolls like Fake Reko and Ranger cannot. The point of the Death Game was to ensure that this Sara would survive as she would take place at the top of the underground organization.

All the trial participants are dolls.
Taking the above guess a step further... Perhaps all the characters are dolls that are programmed to believe that they're the originals(like the fake Reko). The game statistics aren't based on simulations; there's been several previous iterations of the death game played out with similar sets of dolls. The death game may be some sort of ethics test in order to see if AI can share the morality of a human being.

There are two Saras...
The real one who we play in the Prologue, and a 'nearly perfect' Doll who was entered into the game in her place, thanks to her father making a deal with the organization to try and save her. Sara herself is naturally unaware of this... at least our Sara isn't.
  • While this isn't a point for or against it, there is a moment at the beginning of chapter 2 where Sara is bleeding after breaking a mirror while beset by hallucinations. While this would normally be a point against her being a doll, it's important to note the whole sequence is a nightmare, and we do not definitively see her bleed as of yet, leaving the possibility of being a doll open.

The final choice with be a Sadistic Choice between Sara, Gin, and Keiji
This was inspired from what I noticed in the Memoriam where the girl who looks like Sara not only had her best friend (who parallels Joe) die but she also lost two others who were close to her - a boy who was much younger than her, and a man who had views like her. This sounds a lot like Gin and Keiji, and the screenshot that showed during that moment definitely had a figure that looked like Keiji dying on the left. However, as neither Keiji or Gin die in the second trial, perhaps the third one will involve them with Sara having to choose one to survive, or, alternately, choosing to nominate herself for death while saving them both.

Miley is the traitor within the kidnappers' organization who Keiji speculates about.
First off, he briefly says something the first time he brings up the theory, implying he might suspect it's her, and there's no way in hell Keiji doesn't know more than he's letting on, constantly subtly goading Sara into reaching the correct conclusions throughout their interactions.

Onto Miley herself, though. Sure, she plays the part of a complete reveling sadist, but her "smiling doll" moniker has already been shown to be some degree of a thematically-enforced "Smiling Doll" theme. Even if it does turn out that she's cruel, however, she has clearly acted in ways against the interests of the game. She told Shin Tsukimi about exactly why he was guaranteed to die, as a result giving him a chance to survive. When speaking to an unseen party on the first floor, she claims that Gashu is going to destroy the Main Game, a fact which couldn't be further from the truth - he's literally loyal enough to its completion unimpeded to cheat and die for it.


She then leaked the victory statistics to Sara, something Gashu was extremely displeased to find out she'd done. Lastly, the Hope Spot throughout 2-2's Main Game was started by her suddenly overriding the screen to tell them Gashu had cheated and interfered with the game in some way. Hell, even when this failed, he shot himself, as a result depriving the kidnappers of one of their implicitly most important members.

  • It's possible that Sou learning of the game statistics really was part of his trial, though. The result of him learning that he was most likely to die in the game was to make him hostile and suspicious of everyone, which impeded his ability to work with the group. Sue Miley may have given Sou a "chance" to survive the game, but Chapter 2-2 established pretty clearly that if Sou had been working with the group from the start then the entire group would have had a much better chance at surviving thanks to his hacker skills, meaning that Sue Miley telling Sou about the statistics played into the cruel irony of the game as well as anything else she's done.
  • As for the rest of it, Gashu also may have been loyal to the game's completion, but he did break the rules—rigging a card trade to make it almost guaranteed that Nao will die instead of Kanna. Since the game creators' motives aren't revealed yet (the fact that Kai calls the game a "mission" for them probably means that the rules really are important enough to justify Sue Miley stopping the game) that may well have been a violation worth interrupting the game for. Likewise giving Sara the statistics may have been displeasing to Gashu because it meant they would be able to use it to figure out his rule violation, not because it was actually bad for the game.

There will be a Sadistic Choice involving Gin, Q-Tarou and/or Keiji... and fire.
  • Gin's surname, Ibushi, is written with the kanji for 'Boiled rice' and 'Cover'; while different kanji are used, it also sounds like the Japanese verb for 'Fumigation' — burning out with smoke. (The same verb can also mean 'Torment', for extra fun symbolism.)
  • Q-Tarou's full name is a pun on not just hamburgers, but BBQ.
  • Keiji's surname, Shinogi, is 'Bamboo grass' and 'Tree/Wood'. It also happens to sound like the Han character for 'stove' or 'bright'... and as noted above, Chapter 2-2 suggests some troubling parallels with the past.

In all likelihood, somebody here is going to burn. And lucky us, we're probably going to get to choose who.


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