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Tear Jerker / Your Turn To Die

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Given how the 'Death Game by Majority' has scooped up a bunch of random strangers, aiming to pit them against each other and vote on which of their number should be sacrificed, it's only natural for the tears to start falling, especially once your companions start getting whittled down.

  • Kanna brings the pain when she breaks down during the group introductions, revealing that her older sister Kugie was killed during their First Test. Poor girl has a nervous breakdown over the memory of what she'd just witnessed.
    • Not long afterwards, her first instinct after recovering enough to move around on her own again is to seek out Sara and ask about how she managed to pass her First Test, since she and Joe went through the same type of trial, as did Nao and Mishima. It quickly becomes clear that she believes she's responsible for Kugie's death — and when others attempt to convince her otherwise, she angrily insists:
      Kanna: "I... Kanna... killed her sister...! Her sister was frantically trying to help! But Kanna's an idiot... She didn't listen...!"
  • The first death, with how the victim's last action is to push Nao away so she doesn't burn herself trying to get the collar off his neck. In the aftermath, Sue Miley celebrates by mocking Kanna for wetting herself and calling her a "sister-killer," punching hard on that deep-rooted fear of hers.
    • Twisting the knife further is the group discovering just a little too late that nobody had to die in the Test Vote. If the vote had tied, with everyone voting for themselves, they all could have made it out alive.
    • As if that isn't bad enough, the Main Trial brings with it the revelation that Mishima convinced Nao to vote for him, then voted for himself as well to ensure she wouldn't end up with the most. A noble, but ultimately Senseless Sacrifice that left her mentally scarred by his demise...
  • Perhaps the first true Gut Punch of the game comes at the climax of the first Main Game, when it's revealed that Joe is the Sacrifice. It's not just the cruelty of how he dies, but the fact that Sue Miley dangles false hope in front of Sara in the form of a special button, presenting her — and the player — with a Mini-Game to try and keep him alive. But all you're truly doing is prolonging his suffering...
    • The execution ends with Keiji having to step in and stop Sara from jamming on the button even after Joe's already succumbed to his wounds.
  • Satou Kai choosing to be Defiant to the End, spending his last moments slitting his wrists and encouraging the others to keep resisting their captors to the best of his ability.
    • Before that, however, comes his tearful reaction when he realizes that the others are likely about to vote for him to die. He begs for them to target the sneering Sou instead, who laughs and mocks his efforts, even cheerfully bidding him farewell. After the vote is finalized, he can only bow his head, resigned to his fate.
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  • Seeing Sara with Exhausted Eye Bags in Chapter 2, drained by the stresses of the deadly game and taking too much responsibility onto herself — blaming herself for not being able to prevent what happened.
  • The first named ending of the game: Massacre. In order to obtain this ending, Sara must vote for Nao, knowing that she has the Sacrifice Card and is doomed to die otherwise... but that this entails sacrificing everybody else. Everyone else's reactions are quite heart-breaking - Gin, Q-taro, and Reko/Alice can't believe you betrayed them while Kanna is tearful yet accepting. Keiji, however, is silent in disbelief with his horrified expression saying it all. Sou simply tells Keiji, "This is reality."
  • If you don't vote for Nao and save her from the Sacrifice card, the game parallels Joe's death in giving you a little minigame—this time not to save her, but to spare her the agony of her execution method by killing her instantly with a switch. But Nao's hysterical begging not to die makes it impossible for the player (and Sara) to press the switch, even as Nao's waist is being slowly crushed by a metal vice. It's especially cruel given that Sara is desperate not to make the same mistake she made with Joe, but still can't do it.

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