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Nightmare Fuel / Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

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Are you scared yet? No? You will be.

It's a show about robotic monkeys. It also has horrific Eldritch Abominations at every corner and plenty more terrors. NOT COMPLETELY A KIDS' SHOW. AT ALL.

  • The Skeleton King is often really scary and usually generates the Nightmare Fuel for the show, usually when he's mistreating his servants. Everything about him screams Humanoid Abomination including his ability to raise the dead and generate monsters from his own body parts. The episode which plays homage to H. P. Lovecraft with a Cthulhu Expy that's revealed to be Skeleton King's eye for instance. Also his plan to basically release the verse's equivalent of the Old Ones ton cause a universal apocalypse as their emissary makes him the setting's equivalent of Nyarlathotep. And having Mark Hamill do the voice is part of the nightmarish equation.
    • The fact that the series ends on a cliffhanger. Meaning ol' Skeleton King is a Karma Houdini after coming back from the dead since he finally goes head-to-head with the Hyper Force and their allies while not being shown to lose.
  • In one episode which parodied The Wicker Man (1973), there is a secret society worshiping the bad guy who you can see the organs of, and two of its main members are a sweet couple who had been around for four seasons before this came up.
  • In the episode "Snow Bound", it's revealed that when Mandarin was still part of the Hyper Force, he would force her to stand in beyond freezing temperatures to teach her to "brave the elements" while he would laugh from behind the controllers. Makes you wonder how long and often those "training sessions" were. Even in modern times, Nova despises the cold weather because of all those "training" events. Keep in mind, Nova is basically Mandarin's younger sister and he had no problem traumatizing her even when he was supposedly on the side of good.
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  • Otto talking about the water in "Depths of Fear" is considered unnecessarily creepy even by fans who aren't afraid of water and it's clear that Chiro's terrified during said speech. Not helping at all was the fact that everyone on the team knew that Chiro was scared of water but not only did Otto obliviously natter on but no one told him to knock it off.
  • The episode with Wonder Fun Meat World, which featured strange meat that caused odd rashes and is addictive. And their mascot is really an Eldritch Abomination who ate humans and could stand up to the Super Robot. It vomits humans when defeated.
  • Sprx gets his hands cut off, stolen by Scrapperton, and replaced with his former decayed human hands in Magnetic Menace. The blatant contrast is constant Nausea Fuel.
  • Planetoid Q provides many examples of nightmare fuel with its plot centered around the team having to journey into the body of a living planetoid. Its body is one long Womb Level filled with parasites and monsters at every turn. Some of which have eyes and mouths with razor sharp teeth. As the page image will attest. The Planetoid itself was tricked by Skeleton King into colliding with Shuggazoom in a manner similar to Majora's Mask with a complementary Slasher Smile for extra creepiness.
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  • The Pit of Doom that Skeleton King creates using civilians captured by a teleporting elevator monster. Its function is left ambiguous for a while, before it is revealed that the Skeleton King built it to reach the Dark One Worm beneath the planet's crust, so he could awaken it. This thing was a child of the Dark Ones, Horrorterror-esque creatures that want to wipe out all life in existence for no reason that created the Skeleton King. And then the pit is where the Fire of Hate, the Ice Crystal of Vengeance and the Soul of Evil are united to resurrect the Skeleton King. The pit (and Shuggazoom, now that I think about it) is the uncontested root of all evil in the SRMTHFG universe.
  • The episode with Gyrus Krinkle, an expy of Norman Bates, in a kids show.
    • And to further this horror, look at Chiro's reaction when Krinkle swaps their roles in life. Yes he could have been more sympathetic to Krinkle's troubles but does that call for turning his team, AKA his Family of Choice, against him and then sicking them on him?
  • The most terrifying episode of all however, has to be I, Chiro, especially when he gets possessed.
    • "I, Chiro". Good grief, "I, Chiro"…
    • THE ENTIRE SECOND HALF OF "I, CHIRO". When it's not a Tear Jerker, it's this.
      • Skele-Mandarin stabbing Antauri in the back of the head with his energy blade! It doesn't kill him, but still... *shudders* The look on Chiro's face pretty much says it all.
      • Skeleton King forcing Chiro to age into a pitiful, toothless wreck.
      • What the fuck happened to the sky?!?
      • Chiro pushing the Super Robot to its absolute limits and blowing a chunk out of it when he uses the reactor as a trap.
  • The three-headed Monster Clown from the Circus Episode.
    • Don't forget the Ringmaster's One-Winged Angel form in that same episode, complete with black ooze dripping out of his eyes and mouth. *shudders* The fact that he's voiced by Freddy Krueger himself does not help.
  • Master Zan's true form from Antauri's Masters.
    • Nova ends up passing through his body in the ensuing fight. All she can do afterwards is sit on the ground, shivering and moaning.
  • Skeleton King creates this in-show for the team in In The Grip of Evil.
  • The Skeleton King's dragon-thingy. He has his throne implanted in/growing out of its back, and its screechy, mechanical, Fell Beast-esque roar.
  • Oi, several episodes were Nightmare Fuel, Circus of Ooze anyone?
    • Pretty much half the final season. Lesse... Secret Society for starters. Then Fire of Hate/Soul of Evil. I mean, between Sprx, the resurrection ritual, and Skeleton King's new look? Good grief.
      • Brainwashed and Crazy Sprx using his magnet powers to pull Nova apart, shown by the sections on her arms separating, while she screams in agony.
      • Then there's how he got brainwashed. He finds the Fire of Hate, looks at it for five seconds, and that's it. That's enough to turn him against friends he's had for hundreds of years. If the Fire is that powerful, imagine what the Ice Crystal or the Soul could do.
      • Don't forget Incident On Ranger 7, Ghosts of Shuggazoom, and Demon Of The Deep.
      • Oh yeah, Ghosts of Shuggazoom. Valina deploys some wraith-like creatures into Shuggazoom city that can turn people into beings like them. After a while, Jinmay (who's been protecting the planet while the Hyper-Force was away) is completely overwhelmed by the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of converted citizens. And then they infect Chiro, and invade the Super Robot. Did I mention that infection involves your head having an eye burnt into it, and that the transformation entails your fucking head splitting open? Oh, and Valina's extendable neck.
  • The Probe from Ghost in the Machinder.
    • Its creepy, Uncanny Valley avatar and its huge,Bokurano Zearth-esque cycloptic death machine that dwarfs the Super Robot.
  • Maurice offhandedly mentions that he destroys dozens of planets daily.
  • The Skeleton King Droid. Relentless, brutal, and nigh invulnerable. And then there's that voice… *shudder*
    • Otto actually gives in to the Skeleton King's mind control for a bit. His eyes turn a creepy purple and he praises the Skeleton King in a monotone voice.
    • The Skeleton King has a cavern in his ship full of Chiro's stuff. And a life-size doll of Chiro himself. The implications are not pleasant.
      Gibson: I don't think the Skeleton King is going to fit in [the doll].
      Chiro: It's not his. It's mine. All of this stuff! From a long time ago...
      Chiro: Tell me about it.
    • The Skeleton King using his psychic powers to lay the smackdown on Chiro, smashing him around his throne/control room.
    • Skeleton King dissolving in his own Pit of Ooze.
  • Virus!Gibson was incredibly creepy in "Thingy" especially when he starts talking like the Skeleton King and undergoes revolting Body Horror.
  • The good Professor Miezono, or rather, Doctor Takayuchi is a Soft-Spoken Sadist with a passion for death robots. He tried to upload his brain into his most powerful creation, but his colleague stopped him by trapping his brain inside of a glass case. That doesn't stop him from controlling his vast army of Super Robots (he made the original used by the Monkey Team). And when he finally snaps, his chilling command of:
    Miezono: Destroy them... Destroy them ALL!
    • From the same episode, his ultimate creation entering the Super Robot's brain and then wiping out the aforementioned army. His mission in life was to kill Professor Miezono for what he did to Takayuchi. Miezono ends up making a getaway in a rocket, so the robot tries to shoot it down. He's calmed down by the team, but there really wasn't much they could have done to stop him from if he decided to turn on them for his revenge.
  • The Vreen act as nightmare fuel on a temporal level. 80 million years in Shuggazoom's future, the most powerful insect race of the Vreen came to exist and placed their brains into advanced constantly adapting and multiplying cybernetic death machine bodies, which they used to conquer space and devour all life throughout the cosmos. After eons of eating everything, the Vreen ran out of food and sent their offspring back in time to feed on the organisms of the past, promising not to stop until they've eaten every living thing. They're literally unstoppable time traveling monsters who messed up their future so badly they came to destroy the past as part of an Omnicidal Maniac Plan based on eating alone. They even managed to defeat the Hyperforce and nearly devoured Chiro and Otto. It's a good thing Gibson managed to destroy their sole evolutionary ancestor or else they would have succeeded!
    • To paraphrase, the Vreen managed to consume the entire universe, which is an Acid-Trip Dimension-Eldritch Abomination jamboree where every other planet hides something that wants to kill you, rip out your eyes, and suck your soul out through your optical nerve.
      Nova: So, they came from the future, to eat us?
      Chiro: And they won't stop until they wipe out every living thing.
  • Here's a nice picture for you. A space ship is de-powered and lost in outer space. The team finds the ship and learns that the ship's crew had been there for possibly decades as gray husks and walking corpses that moan and shamble around a la Dead Space style. The team defeats them by breaking their glass face masks on their helmets which, because they are outside the ship, caused the putrid air that's been festering in their bodies for decades to be forcibly sucked out. The bodies are so fragile that the suction causes their faces to implode. You know, FOR KIDS!
    Zombie: *suction sound* "Wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh." *peshck*
  • The first episode to be aired, "Chiro's Girl", ends with Sakko having Skeleton King's mechanical eye forcibly and audibly removed from his right eye socket.
  • Skele-Mandarin is mutated after being swallowed by the Dark One Worm and living in its stomach for a few months, disfigured by acid and with a claw having grown where his arm had been severed.
  • Night of Fear. The episode where Mandarin harnesses Valina's power (because he's holding her in a locket) to mess with the Monkey Team.
    • He brings their greatest fears to life, for starters. First, Sprx loses his eyesight (while flying around in a jet-powered fist, no less). Then Nova starts hallucinating, Gibson starts going crazy, and Antauri starts to fall under Mandarin's control (his greatest fear is that he will lose control of his wholly robotic body).
    • Antauri trying to phase through a wall and getting stuck halfway through.
    • Nova's hallucinations are terrifying. One of them turns a robot sent by Mandarin into a massive, flaming, tentacled creature wrapped in bandages and covered in eyes. For a split second, she perceives Chiro as a hulking, glowing green ape-spectre with a mouth on its stomach. It's enough to reduce hard-boiled Nova (and most audience members) into a quivering wreck. It's also implied that this is happening with everything she perceives, and her fear is being heightened by Mandarin's curse.
  • The existence of the Dark Ones is this itself. The fact that some sort of malevolent cosmic force desired to extinguish all of life in the universe and spawned abominations in planets so they could hatch and ravage and corrupt the universe is horrifying. We saw the destruction just one of the those things can do.
  • A general one based on Chiro's Rookie Red Ranger status; since Chiro is a kid and doesn't have the same handle on his abilities as the rest of the team, he's very vulnerable in early episodes and if he's removed from play, the team can't fight back and their best option is often "surrender and hope they come up with a plan that works".
    • It doesn't help that sometimes their unintentional neglect of Chiro winds up getting him neck deep in trouble. Case in point: In "Pit of Doom", Chiro is feeling useless since his lack of a jetpack combined with only having the maneuvering abilities of a human have been making recent fights difficult. The team proceeds to leave him unsupervised and upset which indirectly gets them all captured when Skeleton King, who already has Chiro due to earlier events, threatens to hurt Chiro if they don't surrender.
  • According to this text from the creator [1] Sparx was fully conscience when he was possessed. Aware that he was attacking his friends and tearing apart Nova, but not being able to do anything And I Must Scream

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