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Nightmare Fuel / Call of Duty

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We all know that War Is Hell, right? And we are reminded of it on certain passing days. But this series does not sugar coat how bad war can be...and the tropers who have played this and attained nightmares (and probably browned pants) can attest to that whole-heartedly.

  • Call of Duty 3
    • The penultimate level of the game, "The Mace", has this in spade. The Polish 1st Armored Division has to hold up Mont Ormel/Hill 262 as hordes of Germans try to flee the Falaise pocket. The whole level is set in a bleak downpour. You start in a tank, picking off German tanks, but your tank is inevitably blown up, so you fight on foot through the trenches. You do not have the initiative at any time in this level, and all you can do is desperately hold back waves after waves of Germans as Polish comrades die left and right, including fellow tank crewmates, constantly falling back up the hill as defensive lines get overrun. You eventually make it to the top, a manor house surrounded by a first aid station filled to the brim with wounded men, and field graves, really highlighting how the entire fight for both capturing and holding Hill 262 came at a heavy price. There's a Hope Spot when Canadian reinforcements seem to be coming as promised, but it turns out they're Germans, and a tank shell takes out even more Polish soldiers. Only the leadership of Major "Papa Jack" can keep the men from panicking, and the few remaining Poles get ready for a desperate Last Stand at the manor house, while hordes of bellowing Germans climb up the hill looking for blood. Thankfully when all seems lost it ends on an uplifting note when green flares signal the arrival of Canadian reinforcements while Allied planes soar in the sky. This was all based on a real battle, the Poles really did give all they had there and suffered massive casualties to Hold the Line.
      • The entire level is one of the biggest example of War Is Hell in nearly all of Call of Duty and has a feel of utter despair where only token minor victories can be achieved and even then they only stave off death for a few more minutes. It almost plays like a Deconstruction of Last Stands showing just how horrifying and unglamorous it would feel.
      • The music for the Last Stand really highlights the feeling of hopelessness and imminent doom and the awesomeness of the Canadians showing up to the rescue.

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