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Nightmare Fuel / Call of Duty: WWII

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Welcome to France
  • Omaha Beach. It's brief compared to some of the other depictions in other WWII media, but it still shows just how lopsided the landing there was initially, with American troops being picked off effortlessly by machine-gun and artillery fire. Among some of the casualties are soldiers burned to death due to their landing craft taking a direct hit, or others drowning thanks to their heavy equipment sinking them in.
    • The fear factor filters into the game-play as well, especially for players accustomed to how most of the other Call Of Duty games work. The Mg 42s that the Nazi gunners use (appropriately named "Hitler's Buzzsaw") will be targeted directly at you if you stay out of cover for long enough; where you will see them shred through your (non regenerative) health bar like wet tissue paper. It's especially jarring if you were used to having regenerating health in other Call Of Duty games only to very suddenly be shown that you don't have that luxury here.
    • There are a lot of very graphic moments in this scene.
      When the landing craft you are on reach the beach and the ramp is downed your squad is effortlessly gunned down, with one of them losing the upper part of the head, another one loses his arm. As soon as you reach cover with Lt. Turner you are greeted with the visual of a unfortunate engineer who got his arms blown off and left in a pool of his own blood.
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  • Liberation: where Rousseau disguises herself as an SS officer and sneaks into the German's HQ in Paris. Walking among armed Nazi guards is scary enough, but if they have even the slightest reason to believe you're doing something you aren't supposed to, they'll immediately demand your documents, where you must explain your reasoning which must match your cover story. Get it wrong and it's game over. Even if you do manage to get past them, there's the moment where you're trapped alone in the office of SS Polizeiführer Heinrich, aka the man responsible for killing Rousseau's parents, husband, and son note , who bursts in and demands to know why you're in his office without his permission. It's the weighted and deep soundtrack, along with the ambient lighting that make the scene impossibly tense. Then he reveals that he isn't fooled by your disguise.
  • The Concentration and Labor camps in the epilogue. Unlike previous Call of Duty games set in World War II, this one shows just what exactly the Nazis did to anyone they considered as "undesirable". It's brief compared to most other examples of depictions of The Holocaust, but the implications are frightening, especially considering the state that the photographed Jewish prisoners are found in.
    • Zussman's entire ordeal under the SS. From the moment he's captured, he and the other American prisoners are herded like cattle to a labor camp instead of a POW camp. He and the other American prisoners are then forced to work to death. When the Allies are close, Metz, the camp commandant, decides to force march the survivors into the forest. When it becomes clear to the SS NCO that marching them to the next camp is impossible, he begins executing the almost-dead prisoners one by one. When Daniels kills Metz and rescues Zussman, the latter's been reduced to nothing but skin and bones.
  • Facing off against the King Tiger tank, especially if you're a Sherman tank commander. It's no wonder Allied soldiers and tankers treat it as The Dreaded, due to its massive size, armor, and gun. It's practically invulnerable to most anti-tank weapons and tank guns. The only reason it can even be destroyed is due to the Germans deploying them in few numbers and out of desperation when they appear.
  • World War II Zombies:
  • Melee Press X to Not Die events are back. You can end up re-enacting Pvt. Mellish's infamous death from a first person perspective in the very first mission.
  • Crawling around a dark basement, alone and separated from any help, trying to avoid patrolling German soldiers and get out without being caught and shot. Certainly a scary experience from the perspective of the defenceless young girl you're carrying, and a tense moment for a fair few adults as well.


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