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Nightmare Fuel / Call of Duty: Black Ops II

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The fire finished him. Sometimes it's too late to save a man. We must move out, before we join him in death.

  • The first mission begins with the charming close up sight of a man graphically burning alive while trapped in his own vehicle.
  • Josefina Menendez's face. Holy...
  • Jason Hudson's agonized cries as Menendez kills him by shooting him in the knees, then slitting his throat.
  • Woods is found during the first mission of the game lying in a shipping container, heavily fatigued and malnourished, surrounded by the decaying, dead bodies of all his fallen squad mates. Supposedly he had been locked in there for weeks. The whole affair is so horrific that for most of the mission, Woods is completely checked out, on the verge of being entirely catatonic. He kind of snaps out of it at the end but still..."The things I've seen, man..."


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