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Nightmare Fuel / Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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There's a lot to be scared of in Advanced Warfare. Personally, this will possibly scar someone for life.
The effects of Manticore on Knox.

  • The Atlas Corporation as a whole. What began as a mere Private Military Company rose in enough power to be able to wage war with the entire world. The scary part? Atlas is WINNING, as even the combined might of every military force in the world is only enough to just BARELY put up any fight towards Atlas.
  • Captured as a whole. Just when you thought nothing could top Camp Omega, Mitchell and his squad are marched and beaten through war crime after war crime. Guards commiting acts of brutality against prisoners: Check! Mass executions of prisoners: Check! Prisoners stuffed in small cramped metal box cages that were probably meant for dogs: Check! Using prisoners as test subjects in a series of gruesome and unethical biomedical experiments for Atlas's bioweapon "Manticore": Check!
  • Manticore as a whole. It's left up in the air whether or not Atlas took civilians into account when making this thing. Though given what we see in "Captured", somehow we get the feeling that they don't care.
    • By and large the Manticore weapon. A bioweapon capable of selectively killing targets that aren't entered into a large database controlled by its handler. It's like mass-produced ethnic cleansing, not unlike FOXDIE or Syphon Filter virus.
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  • When you grapple kill an AST, Mitchell yanks the pilot out of the cockpit and pulls him in. When he catches the guy, you get a brief look in his eyes and it definitely has a look of "You don't have to do this..." right before Mitchell violently smashes his face into the ground. One of the few times in the series the level of brutality was a bit overboard (even a Neck Snap seems more warranted than vindictively crushing your victim's face in).
  • A fair bit of Fridge Horror, is when you see that there is very little progress within the forty years between 2014 and 2054 with technology, unless we are talking about everything related to warfare, which has developed far faster than in the last forty years from now. The next forty years weren't very peaceful.
    • Further reinforced by the presence of completely bulletproof civilian cars. The implications are incredibly worrying.


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