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  • Mistaking friendly dummies in Mission 2 for targets too much and:
    Gideon: She had a family, Mitchell.
  • Also in Mission 2: Gideon's Tranquil Fury shines through.
    Gideon: Get in the elevator.
    [A waypoint directs you to the other elevator. You walk into the same elevator as Gideon.]
    Gideon: The OTHER elevator, Mitchell. Fuck me.
  • At the beginning of a multiplayer match on the Atlas team, you might get this funny line.
    Gideon: We're not paying you to just stand around and look pretty. Go kill someone already!
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  • If the player loses a multiplayer match on the Atlas team, Gideon gives us this gem.
    Gideon: That was pathetic. Enjoy the unemployment line, grunts!
  • Gideon seems to be a natural at this. Observe this funny moment of snark at Joker's expense at the beginning of "Fission".
    Joker: [observing footage of the previous level] God dammit, Gideon - I didn't know you were a movie star!
    Gideon: Easy, now - I know it's probably the first time your backwoods hillbilly ass has seen someone with a full set of teeth, but don't get carried away.
  • During the high speed chase in Traffic, Mitchell ends up jumping on top of a speeding up-armored SUV, as the driver tries to shake him off. And then the game gives you the melee quicktime prompt, leading to Mitchell punching the armored windshield, ripping it off, then grabbing and tossing the driver as well, sending him flying just far enough to get stopped by a telephone pole on the side of the road. In Throttle, you get to do the same to some hapless Anti-Air gunners.
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  • Using the grapple hook attachment to turn the game into Call of Duty: Arkham Knight. And to either stealthily spearhook baddies, or fling yourself up onto balconies before flinging nearby baddies over the side.
  • The entire live-action trailer. See for yourself.
  • A bit of Black Comedy when Gideon turns coat:
    Gideon: This is Atlas Zero One, Juarez and Michaels are KIA.
    Juarez: ... What? (Gideon instantly kills both of them)
  • Your team is running an Indy Ploy to exfiltrate from the enemy base by stealing a prototype tank. When you get into the hangar, everyone stops for a moment to admire the vehicle before Cormack gives us this:
  • Irons' blunt statement before the UN about Manticore.
    Irons: Unfortunately, my appearance today has been clouded by a flurry of speculation that my company is developing a weapon of mass destruction that would be capable of targeting specific ethnic groups. I want to address these allegations head on. Are we developing such a weapon? No we are not.
    UN: [relieved applause]
    Irons: Because we've already developed it.
    UN: [gasps of shocked horror]
  • In the Atlas mission, you're required to save the US President. The game gives you the option to shoot him, although doing so results in mission failure. The funny part is that if you do, the text tells you what you did in the most obvious, blunt manner possible.
    You shot the President.
    • Similarly, the opening to Throttle has you fast-paced running aerial battle through a canyon. Fly into the terrain, and the game will sometimes give you this helpful feedback:
      You crashed.

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