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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has plenty of awesome scenes, and here are some of them.


  • Seeing the US Marine Corps mobilize through Drop Pods into South Korea was definitely awesome.
  • The introduction of Atlas special forces, with Gideon breaching the ceiling and rescuing HVIs in a war-torn Seoul, and also serves as a foreshadowing to their extent of powers and abilities.


  • Seeing the various weaponry, exosuits, vehicles and military drones of Atlas while given a tour and speech by Irons himself.


  • Using the fly camera for the very first time.
  • The effectiveness of Atlas Special Forces is fully seen here, deploying a mute charge while triggering an explosive in order to drop down from the ceiling without being heard, and using harmonizer pulses to mark targets through walls and take them out quickly. The mission to rescue the Prime Minister would be a quick success, if it wasn't for the need to recover the captured technologist.
  • Mitchell and Gideon jumping from bus to bus, and Mitchell actually getting onto a KVA vehicle, ripping the driver out of the said vehicle, and throwing him at a traffic pole.



  • Watching the flock of Atlas Warbirds decloaking while dodging several missiles as they gets near the Vekron Pacific Nuclear Reactor is awesome.
  • The KVA got a villainous moment of awesome when they successfully caused the reactor meltdown in Seattle.


  • The Hover Bike chase. Special mention goes to being chased by KVA troops while dodging missiles and explosions at breakneck speeds through a ruined city.
  • The introduction of the Sentinel Task Force, with Knox killing a couple of KVA troops who has the drop on you, while showing the cloak exosuit for the first time.
  • Near the end of this mission, we get a first hand look of how awesome an AST Mini-Mecha is. The mech suit unleashed its chaingun on a KVA helicopter and destroyed it within seconds.



  • Once again, the Atlas forces' effectiveness in assassination missions are fully seen here, with a cloaked sniper drone being deployed to kill the target, while a team of three stealthily infiltrate the meeting place. The mission to assassinate Hades would be a success in just a few minutes if it wasn't for Hades' Body Double.
  • The sniper sequence counts as well, with Ilona and Mitchell running while dodging high-powered sniper shots, then finally returning the favor using a Stinger rocket launcher.
  • Hades' mooks crashing a car into Mitchell while Hades fighting Ilona without an exosuit. Given the fact that he's at an disadvantage, the sheer fact that he can hold on his own and damn near won the fight is certainly impressive. He would've won if it weren't for Mitchell's timely intervention.
  • Mitchell parrying Hades' knife with his robotic arm, grabs the knife and then slits the former's throat in one swift motion, finally killing the terrorist leader.


  • Ilona's slo-mo, diving jump off the roof of Atlas HQ is pretty damn cool, especially since she breaks the glass below her as she does so, sending the Atlas Mooks chasing after you to their deaths.
  • The high-speed dive boat chase scene, in which you dive every single time there is a missile warning. The view is amazing as well.


  • The Sentinel Task Force infiltrating Iron's private retreat in Bangkok, pulling off silent take-downs and sneaking moves with the grapple attachment that would make Solid Snake and Batman proud.
  • When you enter Irons' office, you are greeted to a view of Cormack using a grapple to kill a mook by clotheslining him.


  • The intro counts, with Cormack and Mitchell hovering towards the Atlas plane, and using a laser cutter to clip its wings, while a drone lands the fuselage to safety on a glacier.
  • The fact that Atlas has a fully equipped Quick Reaction Force ready to be deployed even in the coldest place on Earth, within a timespan of a few minutes, was quite awesome.
    Ilona: They're punctual, I'll give them that.
  • Gideon's Heel–Face Turn.
    Atlas Commander: Atlas One, report!
    Gideon: This is Atlas Zero One. Juarez and Michaels are KIA.
    Juarez and Michaels: Wha- *bang bang*

Bio Lab:

  • Mitchell and the others escaping the lab in a prototype hover tank with tons of firepower at it's disposal, allowing you to blow up every infantry, chopper and tank in sight.
  • Before that, Gideon and Mitchell utilize their cloaking exosuits to sneak past several guards without alerting them.


  • Atlas destroying the Golden Gate Bridge with explosive drones.
  • The car chase during the start of the mission counts as well.


  • Using the railgun to destroy the two Atlas carriers, and a few Atlas Warbirds as well.


  • Any time the grapple hook is used to take down Atlas AST Units.
  • The fighter jet sequence in the beginning, with Mitchell shooting down several aircrafts and ground defenses while dodging falling debris in the canyon.


  • During the escape, Mitchell is still able to keep up with Gideon and kill several guards, even after Irons damaged his prosthetic arm, causing Mitchell to be unable to reload his gun.
  • Fighting through the Atlas Prison Facility in a captured AST suit.
  • Ilona going full One-Woman Army and securing transport for you and Gideon while escaping from Atlas' supermax prison, all the way carrying a wounded Cormack with her. Unfortunately it takes place offscreen, but awesome, nonetheless.


  • Mitchell and Gideon assaulting Atlas Headquarters in New Baghdad. They start the mission wearing AST suits and go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge throughout Atlas Headquarters, essentially killing every Atlas soldier, transports, and enemy AST suits in sight.
  • Mitchell and Gideon stopping the Manticore missile launch at the USA by destroying the missile's thrusters during ignition.
  • Mitchell killing Irons by cutting his own prosthetic arm off (with Irons holding onto it), killing Irons by letting him fall to his death.

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