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Nightmare Fuel / Call of Duty: Ghosts

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  • Extinction. To elaborate:
    • Heading into this game mode and hearing this. In the Extinction menu, you're treated to a simply wonderful close-up of an enemy's face.
    • The monsters themselves. The creatures in this mode make the zombies in Zombie Mode like a fluffy creature. Each creature offers their own unique brand of Nightmare Fuel:
    • The smallest ones are the weakest, and rely on Zerg Rush tactics. This is problematic in that each one is about as big as you are. You may face as many as a dozen at one time, alongside other, more dangerous types.
    • Scorpions. Much bigger than normal foes (thus, larger than you), and capable of shooting projectiles. They can shoot balls of acid that, on impact, create a small area that asphyxiates you when you walk through it.
    • Meteors. They're deployed from a rock that falls from the sky, meaning they can spawn anywhere, at any time. They explode when they get close, and are completely silent.
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    • Rhinos. You will learn to hate and fear the distinctive appearance of a Rhino, as it's melee attacks are peerless. One Rhino can easily take down a four-man team of well-equipped players, if they are not careful. Lord help you if you find more than one at a time.
    • The new DLC pack "Onslaught" contains a new extinction pack called "Nightfall". The setting is alot more eerie and they've included two new creatures. The first one is the Phantom that has the ability to turn invisible. The second creature, however is even worse as it's a giant creature called the "Breeder" which is even worse than the rhinos. And the best thing? This is part of a five episode pack so expect even more alien horror!
    • The environment is covered in Alien Kudzu, and you will have to use a drill to remove large chunks of it. The sign reading "SEND HELP" really drives home the point that shit has hit the fan.
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    • Even worse, at various points you will need to call in a helicopter to remove large, obstructive "Barrier Hives".
    • The fan-made Extinction album by Benn Down is either this, Tear Jerker, or both. The first song, Unstoppable, is a very upbeat song from the perspective of the humans, saying that they'll be able to win against the alien horde, and stuff. By the end, though...just listen to the last song...
  • At one point during the campaign, you end up swimming through a school of sharks while trying to evade the Feds. So get too close to one, and you're fish food. More often than not, you won't even see one until it's jaws are around your belly, by which time, you can't escape...
  • The introductory cutscene to "The Hunted". Showing Rorke in a hole, as black crystals erupt from his body... showing how he was changed from Ghost, to Ghost Killer.
  • During the mission "Clockwork", you infiltrate a Federation base while wearing enemy uniforms. When the power cuts out, you immediately start shooting your way through and finally infiltrate a computer data center where a gigantic fight ensues. Upon escaping the battle, the Ghosts begin pretending they're injured Federation soldiers, and the trick works. As you exit the facility, you see numerous wounded enemies being treated by medics and dead bodies covered up: corpses that you created. It helps to humanize the Federation soldiers and really hammers home the damage that you just did.
  • In "Homecoming", you search for Elias in a burning building, and when you go upstairs, a massive soldier with a gas mask will ambush you, pin you down to the floor and stab you. Hesh comes just as he is about to kill you and shots him.
  • Baker and Mosley's death, specially for those who suffer of acrophobia. After destroying the satelite and causing it to fall into the Earth's atmosphere, they are unfortunately dragged along with it towards the planet. Mosley's last words are him acknowledging that they lost communication with Mission Control and the two proceed to burn up as they fall into the Earth. Truly an astronaut's worst nightmare.


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