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Nightmare Fuel / Call of Duty: Black Ops

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We are brothers Mason... We are the same.

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  • The single-player trailer for Black Ops. Especially somewhere in the middle, where the background is a hellish red, and the scientists are just dying from no apparent cause other than the air? Or the GKNOVA6 zombie videos, with the zombies apparently becoming a world-wide problem, business-suit zombies, and swarming zombies everywhere in cities, soldiers getting swarmed and falling back?
  • Speaking of Black Ops... Dimitri Petrenko's death. Seeing the once-invincible "heart of the Red Army" desperately pounding on a glass wall as his face liquefies into blood is not a sight that is easily forgotten. Considering how frequently Petrenko cheated death in World at War, also drives home the point that Anyone Can Die.
  • The bits with Mason's Sanity Slippage are also quite unsettling. Particularly a hallucination during his meeting with John F. Kennedy, where he imagines himself drawing a pistol, and then pointing it at JFK's head, set to a loud, ear-splitting tone.
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  • Really anything with Nova-6 counts. Especially having to fight in a cloud of it. If you take too much damage to the HAZMAT suit your character dies rather messily...
  • Kravchenko's log in "Victor Charlie." You know the guy was bad when you see him slicing captured German throats for the fun of it a mission earlier, but the fact that they were gassing random villages with the compound, performing lab tests on infants, and removing infected tissue from exposed victims, read: slicing them apart while they were still alive and dying, all to see how much longer they could keep the victims alive proves that this man was a sick bastard among sick bastards.
  • Zombies mode manages to be this just by selecting it on the menu. As you select it, the lights take on an orange tint. The monitors on the right change, now showing panicking civilians, soldiers in hazmat suits fighting, and occasional glimpses of the monstrosities the soldiers are shooting at. Your interrogator moves off to the side for a second; when he comes back, he's a zombie. When he notices you, he starts pounding on the window, trying to get to you. Also, you're no longer able to escape from your chair...
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  • The normal title screen does just as well. As soon as you launch the game, you are strapped in a chair, being interrogated - and of course, because you haven't played yet, you don't know the answers. Assuming, of course, that you're not in-the-know regarding secrets, you start the game in a position which would, in real life and for most of the game too, be one of total helplessness - trapped, with no apparent way out, being tortured, with no way to abate the torturer.
  • Speaking of Black Ops: You are a Soviet agent. You don't know that, of course, which is what makes this even worse. You find that you can't get a set of numbers from repeating in your head over and over again. It gradually begins to erode your grasp of reality. People around you begin to be visibly weirded out by your behavior, even when you aren't experiencing anything unusual. It's almost too late when you realize you're speeding towards a Tomato in the Mirror situation. You are going to assassinate the President of the country you have sworn your life to protect. And there is nothing you can do about it.
  • There are actually some pretty disturbing sounds in Rebirth and a couple other levels were you see hallucinations of Viktor Reznov. It sounds like a bloody scream from a demon.
    • The horror movie-esque music in Mason's half of that level doesn't help.
  • Samantha Maxis. A creepy child that appears to be controlling the Hellhounds (and maybe the zombies) , and changes from being sweet to psychotic in seconds. The fact that she still might be alive doesn't help.
  • The "Revelations" mission was pretty freaky. After you punch out your interrogator, Hudson, you stumble through the NSA building that they've been keeping you in. You see the numbers in the air, hear them being spoken over Mason's screams that he keeps "HEARING THE FUCKING NUMBERS!", hear flashbacks from earlier in the game, and you can hear Mason yelling "Proceed to target" and "Oswald compromised", then you walk into a room and see footage from your escape from Vorkuta while Reznov speaks to you.
  • The ship in "Project Nova". We start with the lovely sight of a dead body suddenly entering your field of vision as you navigate the dark entrance tunnels. Then you enter the main part of the ship, which has these huge fuck-off V2 rockets which were meant to unleash Nova-6 upon Allied command-and-control centers. While that's going on, Dragovich and Steiner have this creepy little chat about the weapon, and Dragovich praises Steiner for his "ambition". It finishes with the gas chambers, where Dragovich orders Dmitri to be gassed because he's outlived his usefulness. It would have happened to Reznov, too, if the British didn't show up.
  • In the multiplayer, one of the killstreak rewards is a napalm strike, which, as would be expected, consists of an F-4 flying by and engulfing the area of your choice in napalm fire. Taking damage from this causes your soldier to audibly scream in agony, just to hammer home how notoriously painful this stuff really was.

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