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Tear Jerker / Call of Duty

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Isabelle! Non!

  • Call of Duty
    • Any of those instances where you pause for a moment and contemplate the purpose of war as a young man in his prime is gunned down by enemy fire in front of you.
    • The ending movie of the first Call of Duty.
  • Vic's death in Big Red One. If you've played this game, you'll know why. As well as Hawk getting medevaced and Brooklyn's death.
  • Call of Duty 3
    • The penultimate level for the 1st Polish Tank Division in Call of Duty 3 ("The Mace"), based on the real battle for Mont Ormel/Hill 262. Facing relentless attacks by German forces desperate to evade encirclement , your tank is soon disabled and you're forced to fight on foot. Then, your companions are killed one by one as the defenses collapse one after another, forcing a constant and desperate retreat up the hill. The Germans gather for a final push on the manor house at the top of the mountain, bellowing to signal their arrival, and the Poles prepare for a Last Stand, while depressing music begins to play. Finally, just when all hope seems lost, green flares pop in the sky alongside allied planes and Canadian reinforcements arrive while the music take an uplifting note. What made it so tear-jerking, however, was the knowledge that all this was faithful to real history. The Poles really did give their all in that battle.
      • Similarily, the ending cutscene, where the Canadian Lieutenant Jean-Guy Robichauld expresses regrets they could not have arrived sooner to Major Stan "Papa Jack" Jackowicz, who expresses his desire to just go home and bury his men in Poland.
      • Private Leslie Baron's death. After being bullied by Robichauld for cowardice, he's sent to The Mace to be the Poles' radio. Tired of being labelled a coward, he refuses to fall back and gets shot, with the only acknowledgement of his death afterwards being that he died of "stupidity".
    • The death of Isabelle at the end of the British campaign is enough to cause The Stoic Marcel to break up completely. Keith, who has less-than-flattering views on the French and didn't even try to hide it throughout the campaign, comforts him with "She was a brave lass."
    • When Mc Cullin dies, his last request is for Dixon to tell Guzzo to go to hell. When Dixon dies, he relates Mc Cullin's message, but then tells Guzzo that "he's alright."
    • At the end of "The Corridor of Death", Sergeant Callard of the 4th Canadian Armored Division sacrifices himself to manually detonate the charges set up on an underground ammunition depot, with a Tiger on the streets above. Robichauld tries to stop Callard, even calling him by his first name, from blowing up the charges, and is legitimately grieved by his death, promising to put his name in for a Victoria Cross.