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Tear Jerker / Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

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  • Infinite Warfare has a few tearjerker moments within it - especially the ending, in which the majority of your squad end up dying in the final battle by sacrificing themselves for the salvation of Earth. This includes you, marking the first time in a Call of Duty game that the player character does not survive to the end credits.
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  • Before Operation Blood Storm, Nick Reyes is A Father to His Men. He's their friend, he loves them, he can't bear it when they die. In Operation Blood Storm, he realizes he can't save his men, and he doesn't even show any emotion when sending his comrades, (including Nora Salter, his partner for over 10 years) into a literal suicide mission. He doesn't freak out, or act surprised when he's forced to kill Ethan himself by triggering his self-destruct. Some players may see it as an epic Heroic BSoD.

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