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AST Mini-Mecha vs. KVA helicopter.

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    Call of Duty 
  • Sgt.Evan's infiltration at Eder Dam where he practically solo-ed a company worth of Germans in order to destroy AA guns and dam's generators.
  • The first 2 Russian missions of the original Call of Duty may very well be the most epic levels ever. The first one consists of running straight into enemy fire with no weapons except a clip of ammo. The first half of the second? A massive charge straight towards an enemy trench while screaming and firing a rifle. Oh, and if you even so much as hesitate, let alone fall back or (god forbid) retreat, in either level, about five Russian officers open fire on you with machine guns. This may be the single manliest level ever in the history of gaming.
  • Waving the flag of the Motherland over the Reichstag, Call of Duty. Arguably, also a Real Life Moment of Awesome.
  • Going back to the very first game, Sgt. Moody's rescuing of a injured ally under heavy German fire after verbally chewing out a cowardly medic was pretty awesome. And he gave up his Made of Iron ability while doing this.
  • The Noiville mission in UO, after a long siege of the mansion you are in it seems like all hope is lost as three German tanks and a shitload of infantry when P-47s just come out of nowhere and start bombing the everliving hell out of the Germans.
  • The United Offensive American campaign opens with you manning the machine gun on a jeep escaping from a massive German charge. The awesomeness must be seen to be believed.
  • The Berlin level in the first game. Once that damned tank is destroyed, it's a massive steamroll as a handful of Germans get hit with an infinitely long Russian charge. At the end there's the aforementioned flag raising, which is almost always followed by the player jumping off the roof of the Riechstag and/or throwing a grenade at the flag bearers right before the game ends.
  • In the first one, you meet the original Captain Foley, who seems pretty chill (he's voiced by Steve Blum). He has his fair share of awesome speeches. However, his Moment of Awesome is in the expansion pack, United Offensive. The early American missions take place at the Battle of the Bulge, and the constant waves of German troops are so infuriating (they are literally endless until you cross a certain point) that even Foley begins to scream orders at you and your company. The simple fact that it's Steve Blum angrily growling orders at you is badass.
  • The speech the Russian Commissar gives to you on the rowboat to Stalingrad in the first level on Finest Hour. Now that's how you would start a game!
  • The ending for the level "Come Out Fighting", again, from Finest Hour. The player, Sam Rivers receives a call from HQ telling him to break off the assault on Tillet due to how dangerous it was suppose to be. Normally, this would Poor Communication Kills as they've already started the attack. But the thing is, his tank division had already drove the Germans out.
    Sam Rivers: Heh heh heh! Sorry sir, I already through that town.

    Call of Duty 3 
  • COD3 might be one of the weaker Call Of Duty games, but it has its moments. One example is the level Hostage, where you are about to storm a German held village to rescue you superior officer, and the French Resistance has refused to help you. So only you and your Scottish friend are going in. You'll most likely be killed before you can even get near your superior officer, but then what happens? As you ride in your jeep towards the village, the French Resistance pulls up alongside you, agree to help, and you crash into the village and shoot the ever-loving shit out of the Germans.