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Narm / Battlefield Earth

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The movie as a whole is supposed to be a drama, but it's so bad that you'll laugh hard.


  • The absurdly overwrought scene where Terl goes postal on a field of cows. A combination of awful Special Effects Failure, Terl's look of villainous focus, and the horrified expressions of the humans (they're just cows!) is golden.
    • The line before said cow-shooting, "I graduated top marksman in my class and I can kill any one of you at over a thousand paces," comes across like the Insufferable Genius that we all know from school rather than a fearsome military commander.
    • Even the gun Terl's using looks stupid, because the overly long handle makes it look huge in Terl's hands, like he's a child playing with a gun intended for a full-sized adult.
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    • A word of advice to directors attempting to shoot scenes of awful villainous cruelty - if you're trying to avoid making the scene overly gory, try using Bloodless Carnage or a Gory Discretion Shot, but not both.
  • "Just because you can speak Psychlo, doesn't mean that you become one!"
  • "That's right, WE don't, I do!"
    • Hell, his high-pitched voice and weird accent makes him hard to take seriously. Not to mention his sheer idiocy (shared with other Psychlos).
  • Terl blowing off his right arm.
    Terl: Trust me, there's nothing I want more! *click* *BOOM*
  • Terl captures a bunch of humans just to fix his office's ceiling. Really, Terl?
  • The Psychlos' Sinister Surveillance systems are laughably ineffective. If the Incredibly Obvious Bugs are of no indication, they have a UAV that only takes photos and flying over the human miners occasionally instead of recording videos or circling around them. This makes Terl's following line laughable as a result: "I'll be watching you..."


  • Pick any scene where Johnny yells "NO!"
  • "Five guards from the south, heavily armed and moving fast!" (cut to a group of Psychlos moving slowly)
  • "What if they said we took this one chance... AND FOUGHT?!"

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