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Narm / Avatar

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  • Dr. Grace Augustine, when explaining that Pandora, a moon, has more connections between its trees than the human brain. No wonder everyone just stares at her.
  • Another rather narmy moment in that film is in the scene where Eytukan is killed during the destruction of the Hometree. Neytiri sounds suspiciously like she's saying "wakey-wakey" at one point, which can rather ruin the dramatic mood once you hear it.
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  • Depends on the viewer, but there are several events and lines in the movie that don't come off quite as dramatic as intended. The destruction of Hometree, particularly because of Quaritch's Colonel Kilgore moment during it, the death of the Na'vi chief, and the "Eywa has heard you, Jake!" speech in the final battle can actually be pretty narmtastic, coming across as a bit over-the-top if you weren't fully drawn into the story.
  • Zoe Saldana's entire performance as Neytiri can be this for some viewers. She goes highly overboard with the acting on occasion, including the "You are like a BAY-BEEE!" speech, and half the theater burst into groans and snorts when she went "Waaaaaaaaaah!" during Eytukan's death. It doesn't help that she sounds exactly like Tia Dalma.
  • Though at least in the last case, it may be more a misinterpretation. In some cultures that the Na'vi take inspiration from such overly dramatic displays (from a Western standpoint) of mourning are entirely appropriate. The louder you cry, the bigger of a scene you make, the greater the mourning.
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  • "Oh yeah, I banked SO hard!"
  • "They killed their Mother!"
  • Lyle Wainfleet's over-excited cries of "GET SOME!!!" have become pretty notorious amongst the Avatar fandom.
  • Ridiculous slo-mo when Quaritch terminates the link-ups and arrests Jake, Grace and Norm: Grace's "YOU BASTAAAARD!!" and Norm's silent shouting and aggressive pointing.
  • After Trudy and Max the scientist guy break Grace, Jake and Norm out of jail and they dash off down some corridors to steal a chopper and escape, Max does a hilarious spin to check for pursuers.
  • When Grace gets shot:
    • Jake, to Norm: "Get the trauma kit!"
    • Norm, screaming (to who??) "TRAUMA KIT!!!"
      • He was screaming to Trudy. He didn't know where they keep the trauma kit.
  • And then there's Grace's reaction after she gets shot. Everything she complains about is that "this ruins her day".


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