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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.
"I see you."
  • Quaritch, starting his speech on staying safe on Pandora, makes a promise that he will try his damnedest to get everybody home safe. It slips into tearjerker when he confesses that he will not always succeed.
  • Jake's boyish bliss as he finds out that he can walk and run in his Avatar body.
  • The entire Na'vi tribe joining hands during Jake's initiation ceremony.
  • Jake and Neytiri at the Tree of Souls, just before the final battle...
  • ...then afterwards, with Neytiri rescuing Jake from suffocating in Pandora's atmosphere. It's the first time they've actually met in-person. The standard greeting, "I see you", takes on a whole new meaning, as they now see each other, without a barrier/Jake being linked through his avatar.
  • Neytiri treats Jake's "fainting", and indeed the entire nature of his human/Avatar duality, more as a medical condition than anything else. The other Na'vi question whether he even counts as a person, and she's just like "dude falls down sometimes. Deal with it."
  • A brief moment, while Tsu'tey attacks the shuttle. In the middle of his rampage, an ordinary soldier rushes forward, a battlecry on his lips and gun blazing. Certainly it was awesome, but what was that man doing before? He was pulling one of his friends back from Tsu'tey's rampage. Just one of those moments that reminds you that these soldiers are ordinary people in a dangerous situation looking out for each other as best they can.
  • Some of the smaller moments of Jake being accepted into the clan are very sweet. The other Iknimaya initiates cheer unreservedly for him after he bonds with his ikran, while in the extended cut, one young girl reaches out to him with a friendly smile on his first night in Hometree.
  • When faced with a stampede charging their position, an AMP soldier tells his squad to fall back. He holds his ground and goes down shooting in an effort to buy them the time to move.
    • Similarly, the soldier who manages to shoot Tsu'tey was trying to protect a wounded comrade.
  • The concern the Omaticaya show for Grace’s avatar when she “passes out”(the link is suddenly interrupted) during the evacuation after the destruction of Hometree. They even put her on a stretcher so that they can get her to safety with them. Later, when trying to transfer Grace into her avatar body because she was mortally wounded, the fact that they kept it safe from harm helps to show just how much she is liked by them.
    • From the extended edition, Grace's nickname by many of her former students was "Sa'nok" which translates to "Mother." Heartwarming and Tearjerking when you find out the school was abandoned because Neytiri's sister and several of her friends were shot by RDA mercenaries in front of Grace and her students after lighting a Bulldozer on fire, thinking Grace might have been able to protect them. "Pain like that, it comes back through the link" indeed.
  • After Jake is accepted into the tribe, Neytiri tells him that he can now choose a woman. She lists a couple of other potential women for Jake to choose, after which he says he doesn't want them.
    Jake: But I've already chosen. But this woman must also choose me.
    Neytiri: She already has.
  • After Jake finally uplinks to his Avatar body again after the destruction of Hometree, it's not long before his ikran comes down to him. With how fast this happened, his ikran must have been flying around waiting for him to wake up. Neytiri wasn't lying about how they bond with only a single hunter.
  • When Neytiri lays Jake's human body to rest in the final scene, she removes his mask and gently kisses his shut eyes as if thanking the body for carrying Jake this far.