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Literature / Union and Liberty

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Union and Liberty is an Alternate History timeline written by wilcoxchar and hosted on It can be read here.

The timeline diverges from our history with Andrew Jackson adding a minor promise of lower tariffs in the 1828 presidential campaign. The official point of divergence occurs in 1830, when in a speech Vice President John C. Calhoun makes a toast "to the Union and liberty, our most dear" where in our history Calhoun said "to the Union; next to liberty, the most dear." Because of this, the rift that arose between Jackson and Calhoun during the Nullification Crisis is averted and Jackson keeps Calhoun on as his Vice President in the 1832 election. The timeline goes on from there and is written in the style of a history book, with short updates on various events around the world. Currently the timeline is up to the 1910s, but the author has stated that he plans on keeping up until the modern day.


This work contains examples of:

Examples found in the in-universe series "The Undisclosed Adventures of Theodore Roosevelt":