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Literature / The Story of Tracy Beaker

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Written by Jacqueline Wilson, this is the story of a feisty, hot-headed 10-year-old girl who lives in a care home that she affectionately refers to as the Dumping Ground.She has a beautiful, glamorous mother who she adores and worships, but due to neglect, she was removed from her mother's care when she was very young.

The first book, The Story of Tracy Beaker focuses first on Tracy as a human being through a diary she and the other kids in her home are awarded to write in about themselves. Afterward, she tells the audience about her past in prior homes, including a set of foster parents who were led to believe they couldn't have children that found themselves with a baby on the way and decided it would be safer for the baby if Tracy wasn't around, a foster mother named Peg who slapped Tracy for her stories, and the one she is in currently. We learn she is dire enemies with Justine Littlewood, dislikes Justine's best friend Louise, despairs of social worker Elaine the Pain, tries to get away with all sorts of mischief with Jenny the Team Mom of the Dumping Ground and is finding herself gradually caring for a timid, shy boy called Peter. Soon, she meets Cam, a poor writer and quickly decides that she will make the perfect foster mother as Tracy, too, wants to write. Hilarity, tearjerkers and heartwarming moments soon occur as Cam finds herself caring for Tracy and Tracy finds a new family in an unlikely and very new friend. Followed by three sequels:


  • Starring Tracy Beaker.
  • The Dare Game.
  • My Mum Tracy Beaker

Tropes found in The Story of Tracy Beaker

  • Absent Dad: Tracy's father is never mentioned, except for in the third novel when Tracy asks her mother, Carly, who has recently come back in Tracy's life if the photo of the man in her mother's wallet is her father. Carly reacts as though she had forgotten Tracy even had a dad to begin with.
    • Justine's dad rarely visits her, but when he does, he always brings her presents such as the Mickey Mouse alarm clock Tracy accidentally breaks.
  • Absurdly Sharp Claws: What Tracy would grow if she was a kitten so everyone would fear her and consequently obey her without question.
  • Oh My God, What Have I Done: Tracy is brought to tears when she blames herself for breaking Alexander's leg.
  • Potty Failiure: Tracy mentions wetting the bed in the first book. She and Peter start to bond when she encounters him trying to wash his sheets in the bath.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Tracy and Football fight often but ultimately care for each other.

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