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Hilarious In Hindsight / Sailor Moon

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  • In an episode of The '90s Sailor Moon, Usagi and Rei are shown blushing while reading a Takarazuka Revue magazine takes on a funnier light after the 2010s revived the Sera Myu musicals as Takarazuka Revues. Cut to the 2013 Sera Myu revival, where Usagi's love interest is played by Yūga Yamato, a former Takarazuka alum. And note that the critics praised Yamato's onscreen chemistry with the actress playing Usagi...
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  • Gets even worse. Said musicals' cast lists swam with retired Zuka people - the most prominent one being Haruka and Michiru, who were originally conceived as Expies of the otokoyaku/musumeyaku model, being played by Shuu Shiotsuki and Sayaka Fujioka, themselves retired Takarasiennes.
  • In episode 145, Yamagishi, the young balletmaster, tells Fish's Eye that he had always wanted Kiriko for the lead in his production of Giselle because she's able to convey a wide range of emotions, unlike Fish's Eye, who risks coming across as one-dimensional. You know, like most every Albrecht in productions since the Commies took over in Russia. If she lived in the days of Rudolf Nureyev, Kiriko would be a perfect partner for him.
  • Sailor Pluto always carries a staff tipped with a heart-shaped gem. In 2015, NASA received the first high definition images of Pluto from the New Horizons probe, and revealed two geological regions on its surface that, together, look like a heart when seen from space. Naoko Takeuchi was unexpectedly accurate when she created the character.
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  • The live-action part of the Toon Makers pilot of Sailor Moon that never aired received a great deal of criticism for taking the original anime and turning it into a Power Rangers knock-off. This was already funny given that Sailor Moon was always openly an all-female take on the popular Super Sentai franchise which spawned Power Rangers in the first place. It becomes funny in hindsight when you fast forward to 2004, when Toei literally made a tokusatsu of the show in the style of Super Sentai with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. They even included many seasoned veterans of the Super Sentai franchise in the production side of things, bringing the reference loop full circle.
  • People complained how in the DiC English dub, they were called 'Scouts' instead of soldiers. And that they said, 'Scouts sell cookies! They don't fight or do battles!'....then came the PC game, 'Cookie Domination.
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  • The Brazilian Portuguese dub became infamous as the second season onwards had a cast completely different than the 1st season cast. The title character, that was voiced by Marli Bortoletto, was later voiced by Daniella Piquet in the other seasons. Later, when Cardcaptor Sakura started to air in Brazil, Piquet voiced Sakura, but when the second film premiered in the country, the same Bortoletto who voiced Sailor Moon first, replaced Piquet as the voice of Sakura. This movie actually has two different dubs, and both of them with the same voice actress.
  • Berthier, one of the villains from Sailor Moon R, is a girl with ice powers, platinum blonde hair styled in a long braid, and a light blue dress. You can be forgiven for mistaking her with Elsa from Frozen (2013). Anime!Berthier's arc also bears noticeable similarities to Frozen.
  • One of the background monsters in the Dead Moon Circus, specifically the one in the back and to the left of the center, looks like a black Bill Cipher.
  • This piece of artwork has Usagi and Chibi-Usa dressed in outfits resembling the Iconic Outfit of the titular protagonist of Agent Carter.


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