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Season One

  • Jimmy and Kim sharing a cigarette in the HHM parking lot.


  • Tuco may be volatile and sadistic, but he turns into an absolute lamb when his little abuelita is in the room. He savagely beats the boys who try to scam her, cleans their blood from her carpet, all while gently ushering her back to her favorite show so that she won't witness any of it. She even tells him he's a good boy.
    • In addition to this, Jimmy negotiating with Tuco to spare the boys' lives and not inflict too harsh of a punishment on them. Jimmy was already free to go and had no more use for the guys, but he managed to convince Tuco to give them only a broken leg each, and even took the hospital bill. He may be an Amoral Attorney, but he's certainly not heartless.


  • Mike helping Jimmy get out of potential criminal charges at the end of 1x03. Jimmy deduces quickly that Mike helped him out of the situation not really out of any compassion but rather agreement with his theory, and gives Mike a bubbly smile knowing that someone is on his side.
    • Jimmy eventually comes back, with the right amount of stickers for the toll, and sincerely thanks Mike, even feeling he owes Mike a favor. Later, he gladly hands Mike his business card.
  • A subtle moment as Jimmy initially has a lot of fun making his surprising the Kettlemans as scary as possible by shouting "HERE'S JOHNNY!!", but then he remembers the kids don't deserve to be scared like that and backpedals by saying, "Hey Warren, hey Jojo, sorry about that, I’m your uncle Jimmy, alright? Now your parents are gonna take you down the mountain back to your house. That sound good?"
  • The fact that when Jimmy calls Kim at night, she makes her annoyance quite obvious, but she still hears him out.

Alpine Shepherd Boy

  • The scene between Jimmy and Kim on the massage chairs where Jimmy remarks that Kim should work someplace that respects her.
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  • Even though he is mostly there to advertise his services, Jimmy going around an assisted living home and sweet-talking the residents really seems to make their day.
  • Jimmy's protectiveness of Chuck after he's arrested, even with his own doubts about how real the condition is.
  • The scene with Jimmy giving Kim a pedicure. Kim suggests the possibility that elder law could be his calling and that seniors need a lot of assistance. He actually does take her suggestion to heart and the retirement home sequence implies he did gain clients, and judging by his interaction with Mike, he's quite content to do elder law.
  • In "Five-O", Mike asks Jimmy to spill some coffee on one of his interrogators, so that Mike can tacitly steal his notebook. Jimmy refuses, as obviously doing such a number on a cop isn't gonna win him any favours. But after the interrogation is over, Jimmy – being a smart person – has obviously deduced what the whole story with Mike is. He spills the coffee.
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  • The implication that Mike would respect his daughter-in-law's decision to report him for the murder of the two corrupt cops who murdered his son.
  • Jimmy seeing Chuck improving himself. Jimmy also "stores" away some Elder law case files in Chuck's home, knowing full well that Chuck will snoop through them, to show Chuck how much his business has improved.
  • In "Bingo," the Kettlemens return to Jimmy, dissatisfied with Kim's suggestion for them to take a plea. And Jimmy actually instigates the circumstances (with Mike's help) to convince the Kettlemens to go back to Kim.
    • The fact that when Kim believes she pretty much lost the Kettlemens to Jimmy, she does not have any hard feelings toward Jimmy.
    • The soft thank you that Kim mouths at Jimmy from across the elevator.
  • Jimmy showing Kim his (what would have been) office space. And he saved the best room for her. She appreciates the gesture, but refuses. To make it heartwrenching, he has his breakdown in what he wanted to be her office space..
  • Jimmy taking steps to draw Chuck back to work by misnaming a law so he can be corrected, and then storing some of his files in Chuck's house.
  • "RICO" opens on a flashback of Jimmy finding out he passed the bar. Kim shrieks and kisses him when he has her open the letter. When he tells Chuck, he appears to be over the moon about the accomplishment and the amount of work and persistence Jimmy obviously put into it. Although it's revealed in the next episode that Chuck has been sabotaging Jimmy because he's actually horrified at the idea of him becoming a lawyer, the first conclusion the viewer makes is that he's proud that his ne'er-do-well brother has actually done well.
  • The McGill brothers are in business together, working to expose a scheme by the corrupt caretaking companies to prey on the elderly, no less. And though it's too early to tell for sure, it may be that this endeavor has helped Chuck beat his condition
  • The entire law firm of HHM piling their electronics into a box and shutting down, and clapping out of respect for Chuck McGill as he enters.
  • Mike getting Kaylee a puppy. Stacey is reluctant as all mothers are when unexpectedly given the responsibility of a pet, but she sees Kaylee's happiness and allows the puppy to stay.
  • Stacey, having some financial desperation, asks Mike if she could use the dirty money that her late husband Matt took. Mike senses the financial problems are deeper than Stacey is letting off, and goes off to get a job.
  • Kim helping Jimmy carry a heavy box. It's a small gesture, but it says miles about their relationship considering that no one else at HH&M offered to help.
  • Kim going to Hamlin and adamantly admitting that she has a huge problem with the way Hamlin has been treating Jimmy at the risk of her job. And when she procures the horrible truth out of Hamlin, she runs to Jimmy and tries to convince him to take Hamlin's deal, voicing how much she wants Jimmy to be happy.
  • Despite deducing and suspecting Chuck's betrayal by then, Jimmy still brings him a few days worth of ice and groceries, even his favorite foods, as a farewell gesture to their relationship.


  • The conversation between Jimmy and Howard in "Marco." Despite his few jerkish tendencies, it turned out that Howard did respect Jimmy after all. Jimmy still ensures that Chuck is cared for by HHM, and when Howard finds that out that Jimmy has been dropping off groceries for Chuck, he's surprised as if to think, wait, we could have saved you the trouble and helped Chuck out.
    • And when Kim tells Jimmy about the interview for the partner position at a firm HHM is about to partner with she says Howard was at least partially behind him getting the offer
  • On a whole level, Kim's and Jimmy's relationship is heartwarming as well as tragic. It's clear that Jimmy does not agree with Kim's adamance in her commitments to HHM, but he nonetheless respects her decision, even when she rejects the chance of becoming his own partner, his very equal. Kim also appreciates Jimmy, always tries to make sure he's doing fine, even if she doesn't always agree with his decisions.
  • Learning a fuller story about the name "Saul Goodman" is this in buckets. Jimmy stuck with it not just because it was a pseudonym he'd used before, nor because it sounds Jewish as he later told Walt. Nope: it's in memory of Marco and the times, both good and bad, they had together when he felt happy being himself, even when they were running a two-man con. Emphasised by the fake Rolex they never got to scam a mark with (and which he continued to wear prominently as Saul) and the ring both Jimmy and Saul wear (which was Marco's).

Season Two

  • Jimmy is badly thrown off his game when Chuck walks in on a meeting for the Sandpiper case. But then Kim simply puts her hand on his leg, and all that confidence comes right back.
    • Before the meeting, there's a sweet little moment where Kim changes some of the files around just so she can sit next to Jimmy. Aww.
  • What gets Mike to take on the task of getting back his idiot client's baseball card collection? "Some of them were my dad's." The look on his face makes clear that he can't believe he's doing this, but he just can't turn away from something like that after what happened to his own son.
    • That, or he just realizes that there's no chance of the idiot letting it go, that letting the idiot deal with the cops is almost certainly going to reveal Mike's involvement and that getting the guy's baseball cards back from Nacho would be quicker, easier and safer than trying to make him disappear.

Gloves Off

  • Jimmy heads to Chuck's house to confront him about reassigning Kim, and is so furious that he almost forgets to leave his electronics behind. But when he sees that Chuck is suffering an attack from staying outside too long, he immediately sets to taking care of him and sits up with him all night.


  • Hector Salamanca politely negotiating with Mike so his nephew will have a lesser sentence. Sure there is hidden threat but from what we saw from him this is the first time he doesn't act like a complete asshole toward someone all for the sake of having his nephew out of jail sooner.

Bali Ha'i

  • Jimmy appears to serenade Kim with the song Bali Ha'i over the phone.
  • It's a bittersweet moment, but after suffering from insomnia in his corporate apartment, Jimmy is finally able to find comfort in the place he was once unsatisfied with: his office in the nail salon boiler room.
  • The expression on Nacho's face when Mike gives him $25,000, saying he "couldn't hold his end of the deal," especially because Nacho did not demand any compensation for the probably early release of Tuco. He seems to admire Mike for this sense of honor.
  • When a too-small cupholder becomes Serious Business enough to take a tire iron to it to try expanding it to fit a particular cup, you know Jimmy cares a lot for the giver (Kim).



  • When Kim loses the Mesa Verde account due to Chuck's manipulating, Jimmy gets her hopes up by reassuring her that other Mesa Verdes will be ripe for the taking. And then Jimmy straight up alters Chuck's paperwork so that Mesa Verde would go back to Kim.


  • Even though Chuck was correct and Kim also knew it, Kim still defends Jimmy from Chuck's accusation and then gives him a "Reason You Suck" Speech for how it was his actions that made Jimmy the person he is.
  • There's something kinda endearing about Mike's light flirting with the waitress at the diner after the success of his truck attack.


  • The previous episode ended with Chuck passing out and injuring himself while Jimmy watches from the shadows, agonized, knowing he will implicate himself to Chuck if he rushes to his brother's side. Jimmy only hesitates for a few seconds before he rushes right in and does his best to take care of Chuck.
  • Ernesto covering for how Jimmy arrived to help Chuck so quickly, just because he doesn't want to see the brothers torn apart forever.
  • After seeing Chuck at the end of his rope, Jimmy comes right out and admits to altering his paperwork just to convince him to not retire. And then it turns out Chuck was faking and tricked Jimmy into confessing.

Season 3


  • Despite all distress, Kim is surprisingly supportive when hearing that Jimmy cocked up and accidentally confessed to Chuck on tape. As opposed to flying off the handle at Jimmy's stupidity like she could have done.
  • Jimmy thanking Francesca for her hard work.

Sunk Costs

  • DDA Oakley, seeing Jimmy in legal trouble, offers to use his pull to bump up Jimmy's first court appearance as a favor.
  • Gus shows pragmatism by sympathizing with Mike's plight, recognizing that Mike's interests against Hector Salamanca mirror his own interests.
  • Jimmy at first requesting that Kim not get involved in his case to keep her out of trouble and allow her to focus on Mesa Verde, and Kim deciding to represent Jimmy anyways.
  • Chuck, in his own way, by offering to let Jimmy formally confess to the break in and merely get disbarred rather than take the case court which could result in Jimmy being sent to jail and disbarred anyways. Chuck still has affection for Jimmy, but just can't accept him being a lawyer. How much of this is genuinely heartwarming or just a Dirty Coward Xanatos Speed Chess move to save his ass carer-wise is up for debate, as not being a lawyer is still quite a catch for Jimmy.


  • When Gus finds Hector's crew have taken his Los Pollos employees captive and summoned him to a sit-down, his first instinct is to dismiss the employees and promise to compensate them for missed work. He also has to reassure the nervous employee Lyle that he doesn't need to be around. And the next day, Gus apologizes to his employees over what had happened and even offers two days worth of extra pay, as well as arranging for any counseling they may need from the traumatic experience.
  • After Mike takes part in Jimmy's scheme against Chuck by posing as a handyman to get some pictures while fixing his door, he comments "It felt nice to fix something for once." He then picks up a Handyman magazine, apparently finding the feeling so good he wants to do it for real.
    • The bit with the magazine comes after Jimmy half jokingly suggests Mike should come and fix his toilet if he likes repair work so much. While Mike responds to the joke with his usual unamused, half dead stare, it could be that he actually was inspired by Jimmy's words.
  • Gus deduces that Mike went through all the trouble of exposing Hector's smuggling route in order to avenge the "Good Samaritan" that he killed.
  • It's a small moment, but Nacho subtly indicating to Arturo to let the mother and child leave the restaurant shows that despite his toughness and sins, Nacho doesn't like seeing innocent people hurt.


  • A weird example in which Kick the Son of a Bitch can be considered heartwarming in which Jimmy humiliates Chuck in court by exposing his EMS as purely psychological rather than physical, but by doing that he's raised awareness that Chuck is mentally ill and therefore increasing the chances of at least someone taking care of him.

Off Brand

  • Even after all that's happened, Howard still takes the time (and money) to come over to Chuck's house in the middle of the night to try and cheer him up over a drink. Even the despondent Chuck can't bring himself to turn him away, and Howard tries to spin the results of the hearing in a positive light and suggesting to Chuck that he let go of his feud with Jimmy and instead work for the future, to which Chuck seems to agree to.
  • In a bit of an ironic twist, one Jimmy's clients just so happens to have once been Fifi's actual pilot.
  • Jimmy's insistence to Kim that they not fire Francesca because he likes her, despite his probation meaning that they'll have trouble paying her.
  • Nacho being adamant on keeping his father out of the drug business, even if it means defying Hector.
  • Mike agreeing to help rebuild a playground for Kaylie's school, with Stacey recounting a story about how Mike once did something similar for Matty as well.
  • Kim's closing statement where she says that plenty of Jimmy's clients testify in his favor that he offered them the best legal service they could have for an affordable price and that his caretaking of his brother is proof that Jimmy wants to help people first and foremost.


  • Kim gets one for professionalism when she apologises for snapping at Paige due to her moral qualms over Jimmy's Mesa Verde scam.
  • Despite their disagreements, it's nice of Mike to make sure Nacho knows what he's doing in his plan to covertly assassinate Hector by giving him placebo tablets.
  • Once again we have Mike working at the playground, politely refusing help and the offer to reimburse him for the supplies he bought. When the volunteers insist, he puts them to work, all without his usual eye-rolling sarcasm.
  • Jimmy's makeup artist offering to return her fee when she sees how down on his luck he is. Jimmy in turn, insists she keep the fee.


  • Mike finding the good samaritan's corpse and reporting it to the police so that his family may finally have closure.
  • Sure, he asked for $700, but Jimmy going out of his way to make sure that a drug dealer in his community service group could leave to see his sick child and still keep his hours.
    • Somewhat undermined by the suggestion that the dealer is really going to make money on a drug deal.
  • Mike goes to Gus to try and launder some of the money that he stole from Hector. When Gus tells him it would be difficult, Mike offers a 20% cut. Gus refuses any compensation, stating that he would never want to take money from Mike's family.


  • Jimmy taking care of Kim after her car wreck.
    • Also, both Mesa Verde and Gatwood Oil sending generous get well gifts to Kim.
  • Kim deciding to refer Gatwood Oil to Schweikart & Cokely, obviously repaying them for their past kindness to her.
  • Howard deciding to pay off Chuck's $8 million share of HHM out of his own personal funds, demonstrating just how far Howard is willing to go to protect HHM, even from Chuck himself. Considering he only joined the firm because of his dad that's commitment to what has been created
  • Jimmy fixing the mess he made of Irene's life with the Sandpiper settlement by confessing that he abused the trust of Irene and her friends.
  • In comparison to the last episode, which featured Jimmy at his worst, this episode highlights his better qualities by taking care of Kim and revealing how he messed up Irene's social life in the previous episode.
  • The flashback of a teenage Chuck reading "The Adventures of Mabel" to young Jimmy.

Season Four

  • Mike is asked to sign a birthday card for a Madrigal employee he doesn't know at all. Nevertheless, he writes for her "Reach for the stars."
  • Mike pranking Kaylee by stepping on her hose, with her reaction making clear that they play this game a lot.
  • Chuck may have been a terrible brother to Jimmy, but he was a very respected lawyer within the Albuquerque legal community, and we see other lawyers like Rick Schweikert and Cliff Main offering condolences to Jimmy right as the memorial service starts.


  • As soon as Jimmy calls Kim over his failed hearing, she drops her conference call and rushes right over to their meeting spot without question. In addition, despite the argument that resulted in their meeting, Kim is still by Jimmy's side.

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