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Drinking Game / Better Call Saul

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Take a drink:

  • Whenever someone says "Slippin' Jimmy" or "Saul Goodman." You may want to abandon the latter after Jimmy officially adopts it from S5 onward.
  • Whenever Jimmy engages in a con or other elaborate deception. Take two if Kim joins in. Three if she initiates it.
    • Also take an extra drink when the con involves Jimmy's amateur film crew.
  • Whenever Kim is taken aback or outright appalled by Jimmy's moral flexibility. Then take a second when she tacitly or outrightly allows it or engages in it anyway.
  • Whenever Jimmy and Kim hang out and share a cigarette and/or drink in the dark.
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  • Whenever a character previously featured in Breaking Bad makes their first appearance.
  • Whenever Mike does something that demonstrates he's the most competent character in the world.
  • Whenever Kim demonstrates she's the second most competent character in the world.
  • Whenever Jimmy makes a pop culture reference.
  • Whenever Jimmy takes another obvious step along his Startof Darkness.
  • Whenever you recognize an obvious Call-Forward to Breaking Bad.
  • Whenever Kim gets screwed or compromised because of something Jimmy did. Two if it involves Chuck.
  • Whenever characters are shown depositing cell phones and other electronics just before they interact with Chuck.
  • Whenever Jimmy and Mike team up.
  • Whenever Howard actually does something nice. For that matter, take a drink whenever anyone other than Kim displays a genuine moment of human compassion.
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  • Whenever Chuck is pedantic.
  • Whenever Chuck says, "my brother has a good heart but..."
  • Finish your drink when Chuck actually says or does something nice to/for Jimmy.
  • Whenever Nacho visibly or verbally recognizes how deeply over-his-head he is in with the psychopaths he runs with. Take two whenever he becomes The Starscream.
  • Whenever there's a conversation that mostly or exclusively in Spanish.
  • Whenever Tyrus and Victor are seen in the same room.
  • Whenever the show displays a Hard-Work Montage to music.
  • S3 onward: Whenever Gustavo Fring takes steps toward his revenge against Hector Salamanca. Including when the former prevents other people from killing the latter, so that Fring can trap Salamanca in a Fate Worse than Death.
  • Whenever you see a Los Pollos Hermanos.
  • Everytime Gus, Victor or Tyrus order Nacho around.
    • Two if if it's Tyrus.
  • Whenever Lalo notices a crucial detail or discrepancy, screwing up the main characters' plans.