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  • What exactly will happen at the very end anyway? Will the darkness be destroyed and only light will shine, or will darkness and light be in equal harmony? Many characters have conflicting views over it. For instance, Master Eraqus and Kairi's grandmother believe that light is absolute. But Master Xehanort and King Mickey believe in balance between light and dark.
    • Master Eraqus seemed to realize that light was not absolute shortly before he "died". As for Kairi's grandmother, she was technically just telling a children's story.
    • It should be assumed that in the end the balance should be restored. Or maybe overturn it a bit in the light's favour, since I think (if I remember correctly) that they are continuing after the Xehanort dilemma, it would be interesting to see Sora try to have to fight the light if he accidentally tips the scale too much in the light's favour.
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  • Why was it never brought up again after BbS that Xehanort hails from Destiny Islands, and is the guy Sora and Riku heard about as kids that managed to go to another world? The good guys that do NOT know about the story never find out, those who DO know never figure it out, and Xehanort himself, despite being BOUND to have discovered this even if he doesn't remember being "Ansem" in KH1, only comments on Sora, as the Spanner in the Works regarding his plans, being just some random kid, not on the fact that said kid (or even Riku) happens to hail from his own childhood homeworld, Destiny Islands. Even when Young Xehanort shows Sora his encounter with "Ansem" in KH3D, it's never pieced together that Xehanort is from Destiny Islands just like Sora and Riku.
  • Axel's stance on sea-salt ice cream. Lea liked it, and 358/2 Days shows that Axel obviously does. In the Reverse/Rebirth credits, however, he stares at it dubiously and then chokes on the first bite.
    • He wasn't sure if he was hungry enough for dessert, and once he ate it got brain freeze from biting too big a piece.
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    • Maybe Twilight Town uses a slightly different recipe than Radiant Garden's?
    • Maybe he had a sudden rush of memories? I could see Nobodies needing their memories jogged — I find it hard to believe that they'd be born remembering their whole human lives.
    • There's a sidestory in KH2 about Scrooge trying to recreate the sea-salt ice cream flavor, meaning that outside of Twilight Town — which might have gotten it thanks to DiZ — that flavor hadn't been around. Considering there's a 10 year difference between BBS and KH, Axel probably just forgot what the original flavor was actually like. It's like when you try a food you remember from your childhood; chances are you won't remember it exactly. It was probably just the normal BLEH reflex everyone has with sea-salt ice cream.
    • Maybe he did just, well, choke on it. Not because of the taste, just because he accidentally inhaled a bit of ice cream instead of swallowing it.
  • Aladdin, you had a magical lamp that can grant you any three things in the universe at all (minus life, death, and love) and you decided that your best bet was to waste one on getting rid of about 12 Heartless. There are three experienced fighters standing right in front of you, and you gave up one of your three uses of phenomenal cosmic power on about 12 guys.
    • Maybe there was a musical number planned, but the backup dancers and assorted animals were out on holiday?
    • Aladdin was just being the Brilliant, but Lazy thief he is.
  • Could a female Nobody get pregnant, and if so, what would the child be?
    • You know, that is a very good question. And definitely not one I have an answer to (especially if you involve hearts into the matter). Really, the biology is there and their bodies can change, so the real question would be "Does reproducing in KH have anything to do with the heart?" If it does, then the answer would be "No, they couldn't". If it doesn't, then the REAL question would be "Would the child have a heart?" Really, the only thing I can tell you is either find and ask Nomura or fanfic it.
    • AWESOME. PURE AWESOME. ...If a Nobody could reproduce, then could Heartless? Would a Heartless/Nobody child-spawn creature have all the parts (Heart, soul, body)? ...Okay, so maybe this should be under Wild Mass Guessing.
    • I doubt it. Nobodies don't have hearts, and they're made from other people losing their hearts. If they tried to reproduce, the child presumably also wouldn't have a heart. So here's the question: do two Nobody parents=Baby Nobody? And if so, where does the body come from? If two Nobodies reproduce in a way that doesn't require a normal person to lose their heart, then the child wouldn't technically be a Nobody. Here's something else to think about: Nobodies don't have real feelings, and don't seem to have the human urge to do it. So why would they? And why would they even have a child? If a nobody found out they were pregnant, for the sake of this discussion let's say Larxene, why would she ever want to take the time to raise a baby? She's Axe Crazy.
      • 3D answers a lot of fan speculation by stating that Nobodies are capable of gradually developing a new "Heart" to replace the one they lost, as long as they continue to experience new memories and emotions. Axel for example opened up and came closer to a complete being, whereas the likes of Saix never developed beyond Xemnas's needs. The real question would be if he or any of the other Xemnas Loyalists could sire children.
      • My take on 3D's revelation is that being a Nobody is less like being a different species and more like having a(n apparently recoverable) medical condition. Therefore there should be nothing stopping a humanoid Nobody from having perfectly normal children, though they'd almost certainly be lousy parents, and there's still the question of whether they'd want to have children.
    • I'm guessing that without hearts they lack some needed ability to propagate. However, if that's not the case, there would be no issue with Nobody reproduction. However, it opens up a lot of possibilities, as stated above.
  • So I'm probably making a mountain out of a molehill, as I'm wont to do, but does anyone know what in the hell that star-shaped door-thingy in Traverse Town is? You know, that thing next to the gate to the first district, next to that exposed bit of wiring you zap with a Thunder spell? It's never explained, and so far as I know, has nothing to do with any Disney movie like the Lady and the Tramp fountain. Is there actually any point to it? I've been a fan of this series for six years now, and I know no more about that door than when I first played the game.
    • That always bugged me too, but probably only because it sort of looks like a Keyhole.
  • We have one Sora. Inside of him, there are multiple other people running around, such as Roxas and Xion. And maybe some others, not playing BBS has left a large gap in my canon understanding. It's been stated that Roxas is perfectly aware of everything, he just can't do anything. If Roxas and the other 'personalities', so to speak, were able to emerge and take control of the body, would that make Sora a schizo? I mean, it doesn't seem too hard for Roxas or Xion to take control when Sora's sleeping.
    • He's not schizo, he's a Mind Hive. And for the records, the latest tally is Roxas, Xion, Ventus, and, probably, Vanitas.
      • Add in Kairi, at least for most of the first game.
      • 3DS adds a duplicate of Master Ansem and a massive repository of data he collected. In order to fit all these people in, I'm starting to think that Sora's head is entirely hollow.
  • Another meta one: If this is a Disney-Final Fantasy crossover, why are there only three FF characters who aren't from Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy X (Vivi, Setzer, and sorta Paine)?
    • Nomura is reluctant to use characters he didn't design himself, I heard. Vivi was put in due to popular demand and sidelined as much as possible.
      • Even by that logic, why is Sephiroth the only FF villain that has ever appeared in the KH series to date? Yes, he's a cash cow, but there's so much potential for interesting redesigns of other villains like Ultimecia and Seymour (that is, if we MUST stick to Nomura's; after all, Exdeath and Kefka would be very welcome entrants in my book, too).
      • I've always understood it like this; Disney gets more screen-time than Final Fantasy because the explicitly Kingdom Hearts characters are seen as more of Square's thing. The original content and the Disney stuff usually balances out, which lends credence to this theory.
      • A big reason for FFVII: Cloud's story (and name) fits extremely well with Sora's. The importance of memories was a huge theme in Final Fantasy VII and it's spin-offs. In many ways Cloud and Sephiroth are similar to Sora and Riku; the big difference here is that Riku realized that Darkness wasn't the answer to his problems. A lesser connection is Kairi and Aerith. One of Cloud's biggest things was that he couldn't protect Aerith, and one of Sora's main goals was to save Kairi. And if you've played the original FFVII, the likeness between Roxas, Xion and Cloud is impossible to miss. They all struggle over wether or not they're 'real' or just 'puppets' meant to be controlled. Birth by Sleep felt like Crisis Core; the relationship between Angeal, Genesis and Sephiroth was much like the one between Aqua, Ven and Terra—just toned down a bit. Basically, FFVII is here because it fits so well here, and most likely inspired much of KH's expanded plot.
  • When Maleficent tells the other villains that Clayton attracted the Heartless, it was due to his "lust for power". What? I saw the cut-scenes, and Clayton never showed a desire for power as in ruling the world and that stuff. I don't get it. And later on, she reveals that Jafar was defeated due to his "hatred". I'm sorry, but I think these cut-scenes must have been made very early in the game's development, and that she must have confused Hades with Jafar, and maybe a power-hungry villain for Clayton. What do you think?
    • I figure the "lust for power" line is being taken differently than it's supposed to be. Clayton DOES have a lust for power in that he likes to dominate. He's a trigger-happy nut who explicitly states that he wants to kill all the gorillas. I believe the lust for power isn't that he wants to rule anything, it's just that he wants to feel powerful, and killing powerful things (gorillas CAN kill you with brute strength) would do so for him. As for Jafar, he is completely hateful, particularly towards Aladdin, to the point where he tries KILLING him as well as the other three. He acted impulsively due to his emotions, hence the genie wish, without a second thought.
      • Looking back on that, I see it more as a way of Maleficent asserting her control by showing the other villains (who would all be happy to stab each other in the back for top control) what lusting for power will get them. Killed by the heartless. A way of telling them not to upset the probably fragile balance of villains she's gathered.
  • This is mainly Just for Fun, but given that Xemnas said that the Heartless ally with whoever's the strongest, why don't the Heartless ally with Sora? Sora's beaten up loads of really strong people/monsters, and he DOES have darkness in his heart (see: Anti-Form); that, combined with the series's theme of Dark Is Not Evil, just raises the question of why Sora doesn't have an army of Heartless following him by now. Think about it — his element of Light would make him immune to their corruption, and plus, it'd just be awesome.
    • Because he'd kill them before they got a chance to do that.
    • And because Sora doesn't want to open Kingdom Hearts, the door to the realm of darkness, which is the main goal of the Heartless. While darkness itself isn't evil, the Heartless are. And the Heartless don't actually ally with anyone, they just pretend to do so that they can control and/or get near to the darkness inside the heart of whoever they had "allied" with, until he/she becomes consumed by it, has outlived his/her usefulness, or has proved to be a weak host, in which case they simply just take it. The "ally with the strongest" thing is there because with stronger "allies", the Heartless will have an easier time getting closer to their goal.
    • It's stated the Heartless are afraid of the keyblade and take any opportunity to strike down it's chosen. Also as stated above Sora's and the Heartless's goals are different. If they teamed up it would be akin to Sephiroth and Cloud joining up to beat Jenova.
    • My impression was that The Heartless don't choose sides based on who's strongest, but that the strongest nearby wielder of Darkness can direct them and override the orders of those less powerful.
      • Yeah. Heartless don't ally with whoever is strongest, they obey them. Sora can't/won't give them orders.
  • The raft plan. It seems stupid, even for a bunch of kids. They didn't have much food, little water, and they planned on going on a flimsy raft. If they managed to sail out there, I doubt they'd last a day; they'd probably run back whining to their parents if the plot hadn't came along. Even if they managed to sail for a while, they'd probably die at sea. They didn't even appear to tell their parents, which adds damage to injury.
    • They probably figured they'd hit another world before running out of supplies. As for getting lost at sea, I believe they felt that their world was so small that if they didn't get to another world, they'd just end up on the other side of the island. I don't think they'd go whining to their parents, as they seemed pretty aware that their plan may not work, if their conversation during the sunset is anything to go by:
      Sora: But how far could a raft take us?
      Riku: Who knows? If we have to, we'll think of something else.
  • So they have the Keyblades, and they have magic, but do we know if the main characters could fight with their bare hands if they had to? I mean, there might be a situation where they can't use their other abilities, and being able to throw a simple punch is an important talent when you think about it. Sure, it likely won't come up much since only the Keyblade can kill the Heartless/Nobodies/Unversed, but still, better to cover all your bases.
    • As far as I go, it is actually unimportant for Sora, since a keyblade always comes back to its owner (the others, I don't know). But in a matter of fact, there are at least three characters who use their fists. The Beast uses his Claws, Jack Skellington uses his Bone-fingers, and even a princess like Ariel gets her hands dirty.
    • Probably not. Going off Sora's experience after losing the Keyblade to Riku in Hollow Bastion, he's pretty much helpless in melee combat without it. He does still have his magic although, which helps.
  • What are the Worlds? What I mean is, is there more to them then what we see? Are they complete planets, or just one area?
    • That might be just Wild Mass Guessing, but whatever. Anyone ever heard the saying: "The world does not revolve around you"? Well in the KH-Universe, it seems to be a lie, since every main character is the most important person in this universe, with certain exceptions like Traverse Town and Destiny Island. Heck, some worlds were destroyed after certain main-chars disappeared (Snowwhite, Cinderella, Aurora). Without those characters, the people wouldn't know what to do. And if the story ends? Wel,l I guess then awful sequels will enter the next story. (Yes, I know the worlds got destroyed, because of the Heartless and the keyhole, but seriously: What would the Princes do without their princess?)
      • There may be more to these worlds than just what the heroes see. It's probably like with Jak and Daxter: a place only becomes important if the plot requires the characters to visit it. I've always believed that areas such as the Lair of the 40 Thieves in Agrabah or the place where Hercules grew up in Olympus Coliseum exist in the series; we just never see them because it's not important to the plot.
      • Right, presumably Sora and co hone in on the keyholes or Heartless concentrations when landing on a given world. That would allow for much larger worlds than we see while still explaining why they always end up somewhere important.
      • I think the small sections of the worlds we see on the map screen are just representations of them. In reality, they're all whole planets with different areas. This is proven by Kingdom Hearts III, where Hercules' world is shown to have much more to itthan just the area around Olympus Coliseum and the Underworld.
  • I don't quite understand why practically everywhere on the site that mentions it says that the fact that Ansem, Seeker of Darkness was actually Xehanort's Heartless is a Retcon. Given how ridiculously important Xehanort is to the plot of the series, is there really any solid indication that Nomura didn't plan that from the start? The only real argument, as far as I can think of, is that Mickey also mistook Xehanort's Heartless for Ansem (...Or So I Heard, having never actually played Reverse/Rebirth), but when I think about, it there's a plausible explanation for that. Apparently, Mickey only ever saw Xehanort once, ten years ago, for a few minutes at the longest. At the time, he had no idea how important this guy was going to be, so it's not like we could reasonably expect him to remember Xehanort's name and face. Additionally, Ansem, Seeker of Darkness actually looks fairly different from Xehanort, especially compared to Xemnas... he has a different hairstyle, his eyes turned gold from using darkness, and his skin is darker than Xehanort's. Add in the fact that Ansem, Seeker of Darkness's outfit makes him look much more muscular than labcoat-clad Xehanort, and remind yourself that Mickey has no real reason to remember Xehanort in any great detail, and it's entirely plausible for him not to make the connection. As for why he believed that Ansem, Seeker of Darkness was the real Ansem, it's been shown (particularly by DiZ) that Darkness can drastically alter a person's appearance. Since Ansem, Seeker of Darkness appears to be the only case of a human-shaped Heartless, you could probably forgive Mickey for thinking that the Darkness had completely altered Ansem's appearance. Once he had some time to think it over, though, he realized that Ansem, Seeker of Darkness looked familiar, and eventually pieced together that he was an impostor (particularly if he'd seen Xemnas, then he really would have understood that it wasn't Ansem).
    • Point taken. But to be fair: Most of those who said that it's a Retcon probably played KH and KH:CoM, before the idea of Xehanort. We all believed that Ansem the Wise became a Heartless willingly and that he is after Riku's body. For years we thought he was the one everyone praised as a kind ruler and great scientist. And it was (semi-)mindblowing that he was in fact the Big Bad! After his lost fight, he still lingers inside of Riku, still wanting his body, with the eventual conclusion that the Heartless is still inside his body, but he will use both Light and Dark, thus putting Ansem's Darkness to a good use. Well until he fights Roxas in KH:357/2Days and loses badly, which in turn makes him give in to Ansem's darkness, transforming him into the Heartless, with his mind still in control and making him call himself "Ansem". Most people are angered that they now have to switch to the term Xehanort's Heartless (which is quite a mouthful), instead of Ansem. It kinda felt like a stretch instead. And what bothers me is the fact that my german KH-wiki says Xehanort's heartless instead of Ansem Seeker of Darkness (you might think having a different Title might count as a different person.)
    • It was read by many as a needless overcomplication of a story that seemed to basically hold together without the need to introduce the Xehanort plot element. What's more, it marked the beginning of the Kingdom Hearts storyline becoming mired in needlessly overcomplicated cryptic nonsense rather than fundimentally simplistic but endearingly well-natured as the first game had been. It also estranged and confused younger fans, driving away or alienating a significant part of the fanbase. The Xehanort-Heartless/Ansem-Identity-Theft plot element is just an easily recognizable milestone to point to and say "Yes, that! That's where shit got asinine!".
    • I have something to add to this that I find interesting - Mickey doesn't know Di Z is Ansem the Wise when they first meet up in Chain of Memories, he just feels like they've met before. In KH 2, Mickey mentions the same thing with Xemnas. The thing is, when Mickey mentions that, he states almost instantly afterwards that he doesn't know who 'Ansem' is, just that he knows the feeling, and it sounds like he is trying to work it out on the spot.
  • In the first game, Pooh's friends have disappeared due to pages of the book missing, and it's up to Sora to collect those pages and return the 100 Acre Wood back to its original self. Well, when Sora first visits the storybook, Pooh is alone. Only when Sora visits a second time and restores a page does Piglet come back. So, since Piglet was gone until Sora's second visit, how did Pooh manage to ask Piglet to fetch him a balloon before Sora even got there?
    • Perhaps he asked before Piglet vanished, and Piglet remembered when he got back.
      • Could be true. The page that Piglet was on was torn off, yet it's possible everyone in the torn pages were in stasis until they were restored. For them, no time passes, but in reality, at most nine years have passed for Pooh. I consider the pages being torn very similar to the worlds being consumed, and that in both cases, only Sora can restore them.
  • According to the Heartless invasion of Destiny Islands in KHI, and Roxas's visit to the mansion in KHII, only the Keyblade can destroy or harm Heartless and Nobodies. Yet all your party characters can do so. I get that maybe Donald and Goofy got their weapons prepared for helping the Keyblade wielder, but what about others like Peter Pan, or Beast and Ariel that don't even use weapons?
    • Destroy, not defeat. When anyone besides a Keyblade wielder "kills" a Heartless, it just dissipates and comes back later.
    • And when they do, they come back in greater numbers.
    • 358/2 Days elaborates on this. Non-Keyblade wielders can destroy heartless, but cannot capture the released hearts and/or send them to Kingdom Hearts: instead, they just turn back into heartless over and over. The reason Sora and Roxas can't harm them at all without the keyblade is because they're using toy swords instead of real ones; Sora's magic still hurts them just fine, as do Beast's claws.
  • Gummi Ships. Their purpose is for travel between worlds. For the most part, no one in any other world knows that there are other worlds. Cid and Gepetto have their own Gummi Ship stores, like they make money from this. Who, exactly, buys Gummi Ships, and why haven't we seen them running around in other worlds? Another piece of stubborn lice is that Sora seems to be their only customer.
    • How do you think Leon and Yuffie travel back and forth to the Colosseum? Cloud might use Corridors of Darkness, but Leon and Yuffie definitely don't. Just because we don't see anybody else using Gummi Ships, doesn't mean nobody else does.
      • Who's to say that Leon and Yuffie appearing in the Colosseum is actually canon? Anyway, my point is that Gummi Ships must be rather common, as Cid and Gepetto can afford to have shops to sell them, yet we never see any other Gummi Ships or anyone using them. You'd think we'd see some kind of evidence of Gummi Ship use.
  • Why does End of the World have areas from worlds that haven't been destroyed? (see World Terminus)
    • Besides making the programming easier? Maybe because they are more like GATES to the other worlds? Instead of using the corridor of darkness, (or maybe End of the World is in fact the physial manifistation of the Corridor of darkness itself), Heartless could enter the worlds from there?
    • It also places elements too big for an entire world, like Chernabog.
  • Maybe the Kudzu Plot is getting to me, but if Ven, Roxas, and whomever are restored, will Sora lose his keyblade? Or was him obtaining the blade meant for Riku permanent and not related to Ventus's heart being present?
    • Considering that he's able to take the Keyblade back from Riku in Hollow Bastion, I'd say it's his now. Plus, the fact that Aqua considered performing the Keyblade Rite of Succession with him has to mean something.
    • 3D has a character claim that Sora isn't a real Keyblade wielder but just someone who's hijacked other people's Keyblades. However, Sora taking Riku's Keyblade suggests that this might not be true.
    • Even if Sora taking back the keyblade in KH1 wasn't enough, there was also that brief flash of light when Sora and Riku used the same keyblade to laser-beam Xemnas to death. If Aqua could have accidentally performed a Rite of Succession on Kairi that way, then it's possible that Riku performed the rite on Sora at that moment. Especially since that keyblade was technically Riku's to begin with, giving him the right to pass it on to whoever he wants.
  • Was there ever any mention of sustenance in the World of Darkness? What did Riku, Mickey, and Ansem the Wise eat when they were stuck there and (contrasting Riku's case in KH 1) didn't have Ansem "employing" them? Mickey probably brought a bag of food, or survived on Cartoon Physics if that's an ability he still has/ever has had, but there's not really any reason or way for the others to have brought food with them.
    • I don't think the World of Darkness works like the real world. Food probably simply isn't a concern.
    • Considering Aqua didn't even age there despite being trapped in the realm for 10 years, I don't think they need food in that world.
  • About this Keyblade inheritance ritual that we see in BBS. We see it performed intentionally when Terra lets Riku put his hand on the hilt and then recites that speech and this is how Riku gets the ability to wield the Keyblade. I've heard other people say that when Aqua meets Kairi and she puts her hand on Aqua's keyblade this was an unintentional passing on of the Keyblade, and this is why Kairi can wield that Keyblade later on. Makes enough sense, but now that I think of this, my mind is drawn back to this scene from Kingdom Hearts 2. Of course Sora only did this because he was trying to show Jack that only he can wield the Keyblade (at least at the time, as far as we or he knew). But just think of the significance that at that time Sora willingly let Jack take it out of his hand and Aqua didn't even realize that Kairi touched hers. Goofy, who despite being the dumb one, is also the sage, even says that he thinks Jack will wield the Keyblade one day. My mind was blown when I realized all this.
    • What part of "Kudzu Plot" do you not understand!?
    • Only Keyblade Masters can pass on the ability to have and wield a Keyblade, and Sora is not a Keyblade Master like Aqua and Terra were (Aqua was named a Master while Terra was a Master in all but title). Sora's strong, but it takes more than strength to be a true Keyblade Master and Sora are lacking some of the required credentials. So no, Jack will not be able to wield a Keyblade someday.
      • I don't think pirates would make good Keyblade welders. Most ARR thieves, after all, and unless you're Sly Cooper, thievery means darkness.
    • We haven't found out if there are any prerequisites for passing on a Keyblade thus far, and the fact that Aqua supposedly did so unintentionally is an indication that there aren't many. However, as Riku showed us in KH 1, having been passed a Keyblade doesn't amount to squat if you aren't worthy of it. Jack's a bit to amoral for a Keyblade by that standard.
    • Terra outright states as part of the ceremony that the inheritance ritual only gives you the potential to wield a keyblade, and that you still need to possess the strength of character to bind one to yourself. Jack really doesn't have that, despite moments of courage he's still basically a coward.
  • Where are the all military forces in the series? As you travel through and visit the worlds, they're mostly nations with organized power structures, and yet they seem to lack any form of organized defence forces. Just to take some examples: where were King Mickey's Royal Guard when the Heartless attacked Disney Castle and its queen, or where were the Palace Guard of Agrabah to defend the city and its princess from the same threat? Why weren't any mermaid soldiers patrolling around Atlantica to make sure the Heartless wouldn't penetrate the city, no less King Triton's throne? And why didn't the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee deem it necessary to form a militia of armed and trained citizens to defend their city, considering that the other side have like milions of Heartless just waiting to attack? And why does it seem that the Chinese Army is only made of one captain, a handful of soldiers, which one of them is a FNG, and three foreign volunteers? And where were the Royal Navy of Port Royal when the undead pirates and their heartless allies attacked the city and kidnapped the governor's daughter? Gees, with this lack of any armed forces in the series on your side, it's no wonder why the heartless almost conquered the entire universe before Sora stepped in. I mean, if you've got any weapon and know how to use it, the heartless aren't actually that much of a threat, especially toward to entire armies with weapons and men who know how to use them.
    • Donald, Goofy and the broom servants seem to BE the royal guard in Disney Castle. Agrabah was in the middle of a coup attempt at the time, so it's not hard to believe that Jafar had turned or neutralized them beforehand. Come Days, Aladdin has been appointed as Captain of the Royal Guard and is heading up the reconstruction project in the aftermath of multiple severe sandstorms. Due to the need for stealth, the Organization avoids sending Roxas in when there's people around. Triton might not have a Royal Guard, considering that his trident gives him command of all the powers of the sea, he might be accustomed to dealing with threats personally. Radiant Garden fell to the Heartless despite trained military forces defending it, though admittedly the Heartless had the element of surprise on their side.
    • That still don't make any sense. The broom servents don't look at all like soldiers, so they can't be the Royal Guard, and it's illogical to think that the Royal Guard is made of just two guys. Agrabah might have been through a coup, but by the time of the second game, the city has pretty much recovered from it so it should be some guards around protecting the city, and specially the palace, from the Heartless. Atlantica's mermaid soldiers appeared in the films several times, so they should be in the games as well aiding you in your battles. So you've to wonder why they don't appear, like ever, when the entire universe is about to become The Heartless' own playing field.
      • The thing about having a massively powerful orb that protects your home is that it makes you care a lot less about having physical security forces in place. In other cases, the game developers don't have the best track record when it comes to making highly detailed populations of the worlds (coughOlypmus Colosseumcough)
  • In the first game, Aladdin is forced to waste his first two wishes, which forces him to use the third one to free Genie instead of asking him to save Jasmine. But wait! Genie never actually fulfilled Aladdin's second wish, which was, in fact "save Jasmine", because Iago stole the lamp while he was in the process of fulfilling it. Aladdin should therefore still have two wishes! No Sadistic Choice was necessary!
    • Too late, he already said "I wish".
    • Once a wish is said, it can' be taken back.
  • The reveal that the 10th Anniversary box is going to contain, alongside Dream Drop Distance, 358/2 Days, re: coded, a protective cover, and 12 postcards with Kingdom Hearts visuals. Why would they release two of the least popular games in the series as part of an anniversary bundle, as opposed to two of the main series games?
    • Because they're for the DS and can thus play on the 3DS. That's pretty much the sole reason.
  • What's with Axel/Roxas shippers making Roxas such a Jerkass towards Axel?
    • The tropes you are looking for are called "Tsundere", "Kuudere", and "Ukefication".
    • Although, there is some basis for the idea. Roxas left the Organization completely ignoring Axel's desire for him to stay (as shown here), while Axel has already died once trying to bring Roxas back. Thus, shippers are likely to Flanderize Axel as either the Dogged Nice Guy of the pair, or Roxas' Unwanted Harem of one. In addition, Roxas frequently expresses frustration and even hate during the time he forgets he's a Nobody, while Axel and Lea have always been more confident and friendly (Castle Oblivion aside). Axel really only shows anger when he's under orders to harm his friends, creating a contrast that makes Roxas seem like he has anger issues.
  • Riku's movement in between the meeting in Traverse Town and Neverland doesn't make sense. After Agrabah, he apparently takes Hook's ship to go to wherever Kairi is. Then he appears in Monstro, thinking he can use Pinocchio to get Kairi's heart back...somehow. Yet after he leaves, we see him with Kairi and apparently learns for the first time that she's lost her heart. It's almost as though the writers messed up the order of events a bit.
  • In KH 1, Pinocchio says "I'm not gonna make it", then his nose grows. Wouldn't only intentional lies make his nose grow? I haven't seen Pinicchio in a while, but still.
    • Maybe he was just being melodramatic?
  • Why was Belle in the Library instead of with the other Princesses? It makes sense to relax after you seal the Keyhole, but before sealing the Keyhole, it makes no sense for Belle not to be concentrating on holding back the darkness, considering that it's hard enough without Kairi.
    • Maybe her simple presence in this world is enough to hold back the darkness with the others?
  • Is it just me, or does this series make the Disney Villains much more malice? For example, both Clu and Lady Tremaine are clearly worse than in their respective films, plus Scar is one of two known beings in the universe to retain his original form as a Heartless (the other being Ansem, a.k.a., Xehanort).
    • Probably a consequence of Darkness being a tangible, corruptive, virulent force and the corruptive influence of Heartless and their equivalents- and the tendency to form such from within.
      • Way to go retconning Cinderella III and the remaining Pirates of the Caribbean films by making Anastasia a Jerk with a Heart of Jerk and Barbossa pure evil. This troper really wants to see the latter return...
      • Disney DTV sequels are not considered concrete canon, especially when it comes to Kingdom Hearts where all the Disney Movie stories get several liberties taken. The Cinderella world took only what was absolutely canon, the original Cinderella movie where Anastasia was explicitly shown to be just as cruel as her sister and mother and not in any way hinted to be misunderstood or reluctant, and then applied Kingdom Hearts' rules and themes which included the corruption of darkness. Plus, it gave a bit of catharsis to see some of the most miserably cruel people in a Disney movie punished without having the protagonist murder normal human beings. Also, see Kingdom Hearts III for Barbossa. He was just as despicable in the Pirates movies considering he was a pirate, yet he still was brought back.
  • If all the Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts χ contain a Princess of Heart, why isn't Castle of Dreams included?
    • Why would it? The Keyblade War happened centuries ago from the point of view of the single player games' present. There's no reason to believe that Cinderella had a predecessor on the same world, and there's no reason to believe that the Princesses are, aside from their legendary fame, in any way immortal.
    • According to Genie, at least 200 years have passed since the Keyblade War. But there is no way I could see the princesses as immortal. If they are, why is Kairi a teenager then; if she's immortal, shouldn't she remain four years old forever? I also believe that reincarnation into a different girl is the only way the pure hearts would've remain in this universe for 200+ years, and as of KH3D, the seven girls (and their ages) are Belle (age unknown), Snow White (26), Aurora (28), Alice (14), Jasmine (age unknown), Cinderella (age unknown) and Kairi (16). Besides, only elements of the game are canon.
      • It does seem odd however that Genie would know of an event 200 years ago, since he was explicitly trapped within the lamp with no master for 10000 years.
      • This IS the same guy who in his canon frequently refers to events and works of media that haven't been produced yet; pretty sure he time travels.
      • Explaining time travel is complicated in this series now, because of KH3D. Prior to 2012, I can agree with you regarding Genie using time travel. Besides, there is still a chance that someone (a Keyblade welder, perhaps) came and made his/her wish(es) around the time of the Keyblade War. And Genie never mentioned in the series that he had no master for 10,000 years.
  • As the Nobody of a Keyblade wielder, shouldn't Xemnas be able to use a Keyblade?
    • Nomura actually says that's a mystery.
    • Depends, maybe those laser swords he uses are actually a keyblade(s), or maybe because he doesn't have a heart he can't use one. Roxas is able to use a keyblade because Sora is still around and he is connected to him.
  • Organization XIII have different blade wielders; some have guitars, while others have scythes.
  • Why is it that Sora has memories from his time as a Heartless and not his time as a Nobody until the endgame portion of DDD where he absorbs Roxas' memories, while all of the Organization members have their memories as Nobodies from the get-go after becoming whole? Isn't the Heartless supposed to be the original conciousness (or at least what's left of it, considering how Lexeus says in Reverse/Rebirth that Sora is the only person to turn into a Heartless and not lose his will)? From what I understand, the Nobodies are just the result of bodies of the individuals that turned into Heartless creating new consciousnesses to move around with. This explains why Sora, as some sort of "Reverse Heartless", was able to keep on existing while Roxas was alive. Since his conciosuness isn't directly tied into Roxas', he didn't get any of his Nobodies' memories when he and Roxas became whole, like how Kairi didn't get any of Namine's memories when she absorbed her. Is it just maybe the fact that the Heartless and Nobodies of the Organization members getting defeated and not willingly recombined into one whole the explanation for them getting a presumable mix of Nobody and Heartless memories whereas Sora and Kairi only had their memories as Heartless (I'm technically counting Kairi's comatose state as her "Heartless")?
  • What the hell is up with those doors that Pete, Sora, and co. to travel to Timeless River? Due to several revelations regarding time travel in Kingdom Hearts, how does it even exist? It's explicitly stated in Dream Drop Distance that you can't change the past, and everything is pre-destined. However, when Pete tries to steal the Cornerstone of Light, it allows Maleficent to start growing her thorns in Disney Castle, which she couldn't do before. Granted, they're slow changes to the timeline, but they're still changes, which directly contradicts Young Xehanort's statements. I honestly find it extremely hard to believe that this type of magic could exist without Xehanort immediately trying to get ahold of it. So, has the door just been retconned out of existence like Deep Jungle? Who even sent it in the first place, anyways? I just wanna know who heard Pete's whining and complaining about Maleficent and just randomly decided to give him a magic door that could apparently break the laws of the universe so he could relive his days of nostalgia.
  • Bear with me, because the only game in the series I haven't played is Dream Drop Distance which is what stirs my questions because I know of several details. So nobodies are capable of growing new hearts, which several of them were in the process of doing without realizing it. But also apparently if someone's heartless AND nobody are defeated, they become their original self again. So a question: If a nobody fully grows a new heart, could they still be considered the original self despite the fact that it wasn't their original heart? Like if Axel never died and fully gained a new heart, would he still have ended up as Lea again like he did when his nobody and heartless are defeated, or does he become just stay the way he is, only now being human and not a nobody?
    • He still possesses his memories and much of his character development from his time as Axel, so maybe the hearts merged. This might be why some of the others are still 'unstable', this merging of hearts didn't go quite as smoothly as it did for Axel.
  • Why did Xehanort steal Ansem The Wise's name/identity? This is never really explained. Almost seems For the Evulz.
    • Probably to keep control of and order in Radiant Garden. Ansem wasn't just a researcher, but also the city's ruler, and a pretty beloved one at that. Him suddenly vanishing would be cause for great alarm among the citizens, and Xehanort doesn't want that: that would just get in the way of his research. So he just doesn't make any public appearances for a while and rules through proxies. And after he became a Heartless, it was probably to discredit Ansem's name: if Ansem did manage to escape the Realm of Darkness (which he did), he would be one of the greatest threats to Xehanort's plans. Confusing the hell out of everybody and making "Ansem" out to be a villain would make it more difficult for Ansem to gain any allies in fighting against Xehanort.
  • Okay, maybe it's just me, but there's something kinda weird with the fandom...Why is it that almost everyone is mischaracterized in the fandom? You have things like Kairi being turned into an evil slut or Sora and Riku turn into the dumb girly kids. Not to mention Org XIII being turned as a whole into either retards or sexual deviants...Urgh, just why? It's just creepy.
    • That's how fanfic writers of every fandom act. Best to just ignore them.
  • I dunno if someone had mentioned it ... but why does Hikari translate into Simple and Clean? The lyrical meanings are completely different. I get the KH vibes from Hikari's translation (about light and darkness and all), but YMMV, Simple and Clean seemed to be just an annoying pop songs for me.
    • One reason could be Japanese syllables in a sentence are longer than English ones (ex. Kyo wa gakkou ni ikimashita ka? (twelve syllables)note  If they tried a literal translation it would sound off to the music, both in notes and timing. The other reason could be the localization team wanted to make it seem more like a love song to emphasize the relationship between Sora and Kairi.
  • All this time I thought the Kingdom Hearts from BBS and KH 1 were the same entity, but after scouring the Wiki it seems like there's not two, but three different Kingdom Hearts. There's the original Kingdom Hearts (the source of all light) fought over during the Keyblade War, the Kingdom Hearts made of the hearts of worlds consumed by the Heartless in KH 1, and the artificial Kingdom Hearts made by Organization XIII from people's hearts in KH 2. Is that correct? Or am I missing something here?
  • Why do people keep using the term "Somebody" (with a capital S) for the "original version" of a person who became a Heartless and Nobody? They're called "Others", people. Roxas even says it to Sora in Kingdom Hearts II - "You make a good Other." I get that "Somebody" and "Nobody" sound like good parallels, but really, there's already an official term, so there's no excuse not to use it.
  • Maybe I just missed it, but: You need Darkness to operate the Dark Corridors, correct? At the end of KHII, Riku lost the ability to use them for that reason, and in KHIII, Ienzo says that none of the former Nobodies can use them to track Even/Vexen. So far, so good; but in that case, how/why can Lea still use them in KH3D? Anything I missed about him, just an oversight, or does he have something important to tell us that we might find out in the next game(s)?


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