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Spoilers Off applies to all Fridge pages. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance

  • At the beginning of "The Warlock Sigma", two warlocks foretell about how to save the Magical Realm from its destruction. The one says the only way to do so is to perform dark magic with all the fairies, while the other says a savior is coming. They're both right — Eva performing dark magic enables the savior, Arusu, to save the day with the magic of light.
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  • Atelia is right about Arusu being a rebel. She rebels against everything she thinks wrong.
  • Sigma tells Arusu that he believes she is the savior his father foretold about because only she says magic is For Happiness. Considering that Arusu and Jesus share the defining trait of being an All-Loving Hero, this is not without evidence.
    • Arusu's line that there are everything and nothing in Wizard Kingdom mirrors Jesus' line that man shall not live by bread alone.
  • It actually makes sense why Lennon is able to control wooden puppets and make them look like himself until they are broken. He has the True Book of Spells, enabling him to perform every magic a witch can use. It does help that he is the son of a powerful witch.
  • Atelia's investment in helping Arusu, a rebellious human, makes sense in light of The Reveal that she once fell in love with and married a human named Jidan. Like Arusu, he conjured a rose out of his hand in front of her, saying magic is For Happiness. In short, she helps Arusu because she reminded her of her missing husband.
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  • Grande's Evil Plan is doomed to failure since dark magic can't bring the light of the Sanctuary back, meaning that the warlocks will eventually die anyway once the source of life in the Magical Realm dies out.
  • It's actually in character for Sigma to look down on the wizards, calling them the banished remnant of the old order ("kyūjidai teki na wizādo-domo") with disdain and telling Arusu not to involved with them when she comes across Nito. Being The Social Darwinist, his attitude towards the wizards is likely based on the fact that they're an oppressed minority whose culture is dying.


Fridge Horror

  • Sigma:
    • Even before he properly appears, Sigma has been watching Arusu and her friends from afar, as shown in episodes 11 and 12. He later tells them to give him the True Book of Spells at the end of episode 16. These imply that he knows the book belongs to Arusu because he has been watching them all along.
    • After Sigma sends a red signal to a warlock soldier he shot to save Eva, the warlock army chases Arusu and her friends to get revenge on them. In the cave, he sends the same red signal to a white creature that the warlock army ride on to save the heroes from it. These imply that he is a double agent who manipulated not only the heroes but also the warlock army.
    • Sigma very nearly wins in episode 16. If Arusu didn't wish for an ecoo fairy to save Sheila and lose the True Book of Spells in the process, the whole plan to get the book would have succeeded. What is even worse is that Grande plans to use the book to perform dark magic, a forbidden spell to destroy everything and everyone's spirit.
    • Sigma's character, in general, is really a mother-lode of Fridge Depressant if you're willing to look back at his scant background details and allow some empathy: He is one of only two to actually suffer the death of a parent in the series, with Magica being the other; he was Forced to Watch as Grande killed his father for disobedience. He gets away with being a Child Soldier under a corrupt dictatorship, so he is likely a Minor Living Alone. He has no true good relationship with any other character at all, with himself as The Starscream to Grande, the warlock police as aloof taskmasters that would discard him once they have no use for him, and all other characters as either enemies or pawns. He has the worst of both Arusu and Sheila's Dark and Troubled Past combined into one whole, turned Up to Eleven, and stripped of all the counterbalancing positive experiences and influences that gave them the strength to keep themselves from going the dark path.
  • Nito and his family:
    • Nito lives with his grandfather, Wil, while no one seems to mind the absence of his parents at all. It's very likely that they are both dead when Nito was very young, which would mean that Wil outlived his son and daughter-in-law note .
    • The fact that the wizards and Wizard Kingdom have been battling for 200 years could explain why Nito's father is missing — he's killed in action.
  • Fridge Paranoia Fuel: The television in the ship for the Human Realm shows the contemporary streetscape of Japan. The witches know what the Human Realm looks like because there's some witch infiltrating there with no one realizing anything.
  • If Grande hadn't manipulated Eva into performing dark magic, the Magical Realm would meet its doom because no one could perform the magic of light to dispel it.
  • Mileth and Miletis go a Fridge Horror In-Universe! When Atelia says the light of the Sanctuary - the source of life in the Magical Realm - is fading, they look horrified upon realizing that The End of the World as We Know It is approaching.
  • Nobody finds Jidan after his Heroic Sacrifice for Atelia, at least until Arusu comes back to the Human Realm. When Arusu and Lennon reunite Luca with his young son, he sincerely apologizes to them for seemingly killing their father. Since Jidan is never seen in the Magical Realm again, Luca will spend the rest of his life full of regret, and Atelia and Lennon will spend the rest of their lives believing that they reunited with the man they call husband/father only for him to die. Unless he appears in the Magical Realm again, though.
  • Grande's Evil Plan to destroy the Human Realm through the power of dark magic so that his people can move there from their old, dying Magical Realm. In short, he wants to Kill All Humans so that his species can replace them. What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?

Fridge Logic

  • Wizard Kingdom is supposed to reject magic as unreliable and the government forces all the wizards to live outside the fortress. However, the founder(s) somehow named their nation after their magic-using fellows and the government keeps that.
  • When Jidan took Lennon and the True Book of Spells to a ship for the Human Realm, Lennon is supposed to be too young to talk. So there's no way he managed to survive and remember about his parents.
  • In "Lennon's True Identity", it turns out that the Grand Master of Witches ordered Atelia to fight Wizard Kingdom alongside the wizards to protect magic. There must be more witches in the battlefield if their leader wants to protect magic, but Atelia is the only witch shown fighting.
  • According to Sigma, a witch can no longer use magic once she marries a warlock. If it means she will lose her magic, it would be impossible for the Witch Realm to preserve the magic and therefore for the entire Magical Realm to reunite.


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