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Analysis / Tweeny Witches

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Missing Parents

There's a running theme of missing parents in the series.
  • Jidan has been nowhere to be found for 6 years, leaving Yoko to raise their daughter, Arusu.
  • Menow abandoned Sheila to stay with her warlock husband; the warlocks live away from their daughters by custom.
  • As revealed in "The Secret of Dragon House", Eva used to live alone with Dragon until she became housemates with Sheila.
  • Qoo and Nito live with their grandparents of the same gender.
  • Sigma's father was killed by Grande for opposing the use of dark magic.
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  • Lennon has been away from his parents, Jidan and Atelia, for 14 years. He believes that his witch mother abandoned their human family to be in power. In truth, however, his father was separated from him by accident after taking him away from her to protect their family from persecution in the traditionalist society of the Witch Realm. His father later tried to find him in the Magical Realm, only to get imprisoned again for 6 years.
  • Hanamomo's mother from "The Ice Witch and the Dragon of Fire and Ice" died in a house fire telling Gana to take care of her only daughter.
  • Jestor died before the events of "The Secret of Dragon House", leaving Magica in the care of Gigi.

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