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  • Actor-Shared Background: Three-quarters Japanese, one-quarter Vietnamese Yuuki Tai provides the voice of Lennon, the son of a Japanese man and a native humanoid witch.
  • Completely Different Title: Tweeny Witches is known as Mahō Shōjo Tai Arusu (Magical Girl Squad Arusu) in Japan.
  • Dawson Casting:
    • In the Japanese version, Arusu, Sheila, and Eva were played by the 25-years-old Sachiko Kojima, the 29-years-old Houko Kuwashima, and the 27-years-old Ryo Hirohashi.
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    • In the Media Blasters English version, Arusu and Sheila were played by the 45-years-old Julie Maddalena and the 35-years-old Cindy Robinson.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: The Media Blasters English version has Lennon voiced by Brianne Siddall.
  • Directed by Cast Member: Tony Oliver (The Ecoo Fairies, Jidan & Googoo) directed the Media Blasters English dub of both the original series and The Adventures.
  • He Also Did: Sachiko Kojima, the Japanese voice actor of Arusu, voices Pearl in Steven Universe.
  • Late Export for You: The original series ran in Japan from April 19, 2004, to March 4, 2005, with a 6-episode OVA spin-off titled Tweeny Witches: The Adventures released on 22 November 2007. Both the original series and The Adventures were released by Media Blasters in North America in 2008 and 2009 respectively.
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  • Market-Based Title: The Japanese producers came up with the English title themselves. Though it sounds odd, it is somewhat more fitting of the actual series than the Japanese title, which translates to "Magical Girl Squad Arusu".
  • Out of Order: "A Heart Sealed Away" is the second episode of The Adventures in the original Japanese release. The North American release, however, positions the episode as the fifth.
  • Voiced Differently in the Dub: Lennon is an androgynous boy who is assumed to be a girl, with a young, high-pitched voice that can pass as both masculine and feminine. The Italian dub, however, gives him a blatantly deep voice that makes one wonder how anyone could think he's a girl.
  • The Wiki Rule: Tweeny witches Wiki.


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