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Drinking Game / Tweeny Witches

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Drinking game for Tweeny Witches.

Take a sip whenever:

  • Arusu shows her idealism.
    • Take two if Sheila calls her out for her (perceived) naiveté.
  • Sheila smiles.
  • Eva screws up.
  • Eva's bloomers is shown.
  • Atelia bites her nail.
  • Atelia looks at a portrait of a couple holding their baby.
  • Lennon calls himself Arusu's mirror.
  • Arusu being a human is mentioned/alluded to.
  • The True Book of Spells is mentioned/alluded to.
  • Arusu's father is mentioned/alluded to.
    • Take two if it's by Arusu.
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  • The word human is spoken.
  • Wizard Kingdom attacks.