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  • The theme for the "Grand Master" is the Ominous Pipe Organ track that plays when the Grand Master of Witches casts the Curse of Eternal Youth on Sheila and Eva.
  • The theme for "Atelia" is the beautiful song that plays during the first part of The Teaser.
  • The theme for "Wizard Kingdom" is an ominous track that plays during the trailer for "Invade the Warlock Realm!" and "The True Wizard" and when Arusu and the crew enter Wizard Kingdom.
  • The theme for the pirate named "Lennon" is a solemn track filled with a sense of loneliness.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Grande, the leader and general of the warlocks, continues an over two-century-long ethnic cleansing campaign against the wizards. Planning the destruction of the Human Realm with the forbidden dark magic, which he knew would drive every living thing to despair, he had the True Book of Spells stolen from the Grand Master of Witches more than fourteen years ago. When a prophet advised him against using dark magic, he swallowed the prophet whole for disobedience in front of the prophet's young son, Sigma. When the warlocks discover that all the captive fairies escaped from the Witch Realm, he orders his men to attack the Witch Realm and to bring him the escaped fairies and the True Book of Spells. He manipulates an inept apprentice witch named Eva into casting dark magic as the traitor among the witches under the pretense of helping her become strong. While he claims to be making a new home for his species to escape the eventual destruction of the Magical Realm, in reality, he's nothing more than a power-hungry hypocrite willing to hurt even his own people as long as he can rule everything.
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    • The Adventures:
      • The Ice Witch, from "The Ice Witch and the Dragon of Fire and Ice", posed a grave threat to the witches as the titular Dragon two centuries ago. Seeking to conquer the world, she froze the land and those who stood in her way, including Kunetke and Tole, both of whom she took hostage against Gana. When confronted by Gana and her remaining companions, she possessed Gana's young sister, Hanamomo, taking advantage of the fact that removing the penetrating icicle would kill her host. Despite already having great magic, she ate Gana by coercion in an attempt to absorb the magic of the most powerful witch serving the grand master. She seemingly kept her promise to Gana by letting Hanamomo wake up an unfrozen Tole, only to possess Hanamomo again in an attempt to stab Tole In the Back. When Gana managed to escape alive, she decided to seal Gana away as a last resort.
      • Jestor, from "The Secret of Dragon House", was the insane creator of the computer program to destroy the Witch Realm on the Day of Sleeping. Escaping years after his arrest for treason, he planned to exterminate the population of the Magical Realm—first the Witch Realm and then the Warlock Realm—as revenge and to remind the entire world of his banished existence. Before dying, he made sure that no one could prevent the surprise attack on the Witch Realm, not even by destroying the computer.
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  • Jerkass Woobie: Sigma is a lying, manipulative child scout with the philosophy of The Social Darwinist. When he was very young, his father advised Grande against using dark magic and foretold the coming of a savior, only to be rejected and killed by Grande for disobedience in front of him; this has given him the belief that he has no one but himself to depend on. In the present day, he plans to betray Grande and the warlock military when the time comes for him to help the savior prevent the destruction of the Magical Realm for his father's sake. When his superiors discard him for failure — later kicking him off a high place into prison — he is devastated like any child would do as Wil calls him a nuisance right to his face, refusing to take him along with Arusu and her friends, the people he betrayed to keep the pretense. He manages to break out of prison together with his cellmate, Jidan, but not before Tiana mockingly rejects his plea to redeem himself outside, reminding him that the military has no tolerance for failure no matter what. Near the Grand Finale, he is among the people who are driven to despair by dark magic until the magic of light dispels it.
  • Moe: Eva is a Cute Witch with long, blonde Girlish Pigtails and green Tareme Eyes. She may be an Inept Mage, but she makes up with being one of the kindest people in the series with bravery to do her best for her friends.
  • Stoic Woobie: Jidan is the father of Lennon and Arusu. During his research as an Adventurer Archaeologist, he accidentally fell into the Magical Realm, where he was found and wrongfully imprisoned by Grande. He secretly married his rescuer, Atelia, for love against the law of the witches, resulting in the birth of Lennon. With the help of Wil, he went on board a ship for the Human Realm with his son and the True Book of Spells in hopes of preventing further conflicts over the book, as well as the persecution his mixed-race family would face in the traditionalist society of the Witch Realm. He made it to his home dimension, but not before an accident tore him apart from his son on the Interdimensional Sea. He left his new family for the Magical Realm in search of his son, only to endure the last 6 years of imprisonment alone until he becomes cellmates with Sigma. Later, the warlocks capture his son away in his daughter's place, implicitly threatening to kill both the father and son unless they reveal the whereabouts of the True Book of Spells. He manages to break out of prison together with his cellmate, whereupon he offers himself to Luca's men in his first wife's place and secretly returns home to the Human Realm. Despite all of his predicament, he only loses his stoicism a few times.

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