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Deconstructing and Subverting Bishounen Tropes:

There are types of characters that are usually pushed aside to a Sixth Ranger role, or always cast as villains because Hot Guys Are Bastards and heroic characters - male ones, at least - have to be average to be relatable. In order to get made, stories had to have a Smart Jerk and Nice Moron. Characters who are Wicked Cultured have to be villains; heroes have to think Classical Music Is Boring, and hate the idea of remembering which fork to use. For decades, this has made it so male-attracted fans can only find satisfying stories in Draco in Leather Pants fanfics, prompting mainstream audiences to push them aside and shake their heads at how All Girls Want Bad Boys, and wonder, "What's wrong with those people?"

With Hajime and Shun, and to a lesser extent, many of the other characters, such as Arata and Shiki, fans finally get to be told that it's okay to like these characters. A Bishounen Gentleman and a Scholar who has darker elements to his personality but is still genuinely a good person. Characters like that are rare.


In many ways, they're finishing the progression started by Lelouch - the Code Geass (and CLAMP) influence on Tsukipro is quite clear - but that anime barely scratched the surface of the work that needed to be done in this area, and Movic is willing to take it much further than Sunrise was. There's also the trend of over-powered, Jerkass light-novel heroes with an Unwanted Harem who fight against the typical Hot Guys Are Bastards characters and end up preferred by the girls even though they have no redeeming qualities, and the fact that most of them are Lelouch Expies in a lot of ways.


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