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  • All-Star Cast: Part of the original concept - Vocaloid producers writing for popular seiyuu instead of software.
  • Harpo Does Something Funny: Several scenes in every stage play have jokes that change in every performance that seem to be this - and that's aside from the "Charisma"/ Mutsuki-kun segments, which are pure improv.
  • Life Imitates Art: Part of Arata's character is the motif that the Cherry Blossoms don't last, but that their fall makes them more beautiful, and the Mono no Aware surrounding this. In 2017, he was the first character to have a cast change in the stage play, and in 2018, he was the first character to have a second voice actor. Both cast changes also occurred at the fourth entry in their series. Arata represents the fourth month.
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  • Meme Acknowledgement: Several of the stage actors' blog/twitter jokes and personal catchphrases have made it into the series are running jokes. Examples include Ryu Kiyama's "Ganbaryu" (And Shuuto Washio's "Ganbarimashuuto"), and Kazumi Doi's "Maguro".
  • Pop-Star Composer: Popular vocaloid producers, at least. Part of the original concept.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Kuronencho pair Kosuke Toriumi and Tomoaki Maeno also play pairs in other music series, such as Uta No Prince Sama. In 2018, the same producers as Tsukipro started the Kira Tunes series, in which they play the duo Alsh-Taje. While Hajime is from some form of aristocratic family, and is called the king, he isn't actually royalty, but his voice actor's Cecil and Haru's voice actor's Farid are real princes.

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