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A 1993 post-apocalyptic sci-fi film taking place in what used to be the southwestern United States of America. Drake is a Giant Mecha pilot, whose duties involve taking tourists for rides in his giant-robot-scorpion mecha becase, hey, why not?. His mech takes fire from members of another faction called the Centros, and he is ordered to engage, despite the fact that he is carrying civilians.

When he isn't piloting his robot, Drake has a habit of wandering the desert landscape, where he comes across the wreckage of the Centros he fought earlier, where he discovers that they are using weapons created by the Eastern Alliance. Of course, the Eastern Alliance are allies with our heroes, and in fact are a delegation led by Wa-lee is in talks to purchase scaled down versions of their Spider Tank Giant Mecha, so when Drake presses the issue, he is grounded. Shortly after, the Eastern Alliance delegation hijacks the GiantMecha.


It is up to our heroes to find some way to rescue the hostages taken during the Gundamjacking and stop Wa-Lee from destroying their headquarters.

No relation to the TV series that came out later.

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