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All of Equestria is united in celebration for the return of their beloved Princess Nightmare Moon. But when Celestia and everypony else receive her she's starved skeletal, filthy, and very nearly dead. Meanwhile, while everypony's eye is turned, a lusty Blueblood pursues Twilight Sparkle, intent on adding her bloodline to his own so his family might step closer to godhood.

This is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan fiction written by Aegis Shield. You can find this fanfic here, its sequel here, and the third part here.



  • Aborted Arc: Initially, the sequel was titled The Love Of Princess Nightmare Moon and focused more on Chrysalis' plans for revenge against Celestia. Aegis scrapped it because his admittedly poor planning resulted in him running out of places to take the story. But thanks to fans hoping for a better sequel, Affection was written instead of sequel plans being dropped completely.
  • Adorkable:
    • Bandaid, Nightmare Moon's nurse is this. Increased in the sequel.
    • Twilight Sparkle, per canon.
  • Alternate Universe: Princess Luna never existed in this universe. There was always Princess Nightmare Moon instead.
    • That said, Nightie does call her moon "Luna" and often acts like it has its own mind. Hmm...
  • Anti-Armor: At the end of the first story, Celestia uses a supersonic buck to vibrate Chrysalis carapace and then stomps the floor to send further vibrations that cause the carapace to break apart.
  • Ascended to Carnivorism: Nightmare Moon's fangs are because she's a carnivore... one who considers her own ponies to be perfectly acceptable as a source of food if she's in the mood, although Celestia quite sternly tells her that such behavior is no longer acceptable.
  • Beware the Nice Ones:
    • You really don't want Nurse Bandaid angry or have all of his love sucked out by a changeling.
    • Celestia herself counts as this when she has to protect Equestria from threats as she did turn Discord to stone and sealed Nightmare Moon into the moon like she did in the original canon. Chrysalis got an idea on how bad it is to threaten Celestia's family at the climax of the original story, getting her carapace broken and leaving Canterlot in a full-body cast in bare nerves.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Celestia gets one at the climax of the original story by defeating Chrysalis with one blow just when she was going to give the finishing blow to Nightmare Moon.
  • Big Sister Bully: Celestia zigzags between this trope and Big Sister Instinct depending on the situation. While Celestia does love her younger siblings, her duties to Equestria surpass her duties to her siblings, which results in her punishing them when they do something that threatens Equestria, such as Discord reversing gravity or Nightmare Moon trying to bring eternal night. The punishments also extend to her siblings if they try to kill each other as Chrysalis found out the hard way when she attempted to kill Nightmare Moon. Overall, when Celestia is not bound by her duties as a Princess, she does attempt to improve her troubling relationship with her siblings, as seen when she allows Chrysalis I to the castle in the sequel despite their last encounter ending very badly.
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  • Black Comedy: Nightmare Moon's cannibalistic appetite is mostly played for laughs, to the point that Celestia casually asking Twilight to keep her from eating ponies when they go out to Nightmare Night together is treated as a joke.
  • Bullying a Dragon: This is Chrysalis' relationship with Celestia and Nightmare Moon in the sequel.
    • In Nightmare Moon's case, Chrysalis does not hesitate to act rude towards her. Considering the fact that she is responsible for Nightmare Moon being sealed in the moon for a thousand years, stole the love of Bandaid and turned him into a berserker, and her attempts to kill Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis should consider herself lucky that Celestia manages to calm her vengeful sister down. Nightmare Moon is quite openly hostile to Chrysalis since their last meeting and won't hesitate to threaten her if she displeases her.
    • The case with Celestia is worse, as Chrysalis suffered a brutal defeat against her and yet still antagonizes her. During her stay, Chrysalis doesn't hesitate in misbehaving, make subtle threats, and she even went as far as to throw a subtle jab about Celestia's dead husband, whose death still pains Celestia. Needless to say, this leads to Chrysalis' death and eventual resurrection when she attempts to kill Celestia later in the story but ends up getting accidentally killed by her.
  • Cain and Abel: Chrysalis' relations with her siblings aren't good, especially with Nightmare Moon due to directly causing her to wage war on Celestia. The reason to that is due to bitter envy on her sisters and brother's godhood and also that she and her hive are always hungry. Celestia stands at the opposite side of the spectrum, having fought three of her four younger siblings over the years. As a result, Celestia has some trust issues, believing that Cadence will betray her someday, and Chrysalis wants nothing to do with any of her siblings unless it involves family meetings.
  • Cool Big Bro: Surprisingly enough, Discord is this to Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis, both of whom are happy for his return. He is also this to a minor extent to Cadance, who is nervous around him but still accepting of his presence.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: After beating a weakened Nightmare Moon in a hard fight, Chrysalis is about to deal the finishing blow, only for Celestia to give her one of these. It happens again in the sequel, but in a more lethal way when a panicking Celestia defends herself from an enraged Chrysalis.
  • The Determinator: Chrysalis in the sequel. After three months of constant suffering from her previous defeat against Celestia, the first thing she does is plan her revenge. Even with Celestia outsmarting her and Chrysalis being weakened due to starvation and her recovery, she still challenges her eldest sister despite the power gap between them. It leads to her death when Celestia accidentally gives her a One-Hit Kill while defending herself.
  • Divine Date: Nightmare Moon and Bandaid, anyone?
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: For all the things Bandaid tried to help Nightmare Moon recover from her exile in the moon, she never co-operated.
    Bandaid: *thinking* Don’t eat that stallion, Princess! She had. Don’t hurt yourself trying to raise the moon, Princess! She had. Don’t eat so much or you’ll be ill, Princess! She had. Don’t be such a hypocrite, Princess! She was.
  • The Dutiful Daughter: As the oldest of her siblings, Celestia fits this trope. All she wants to do is take care of Equestria since her mother is gone, but she also has to protect Equestria and her siblings from threats...even if those threats are some of her siblings like Nightmare Moon, Discord, and Chrysalis. The sequel reveals that Celestia was always the peacemaker between her bickering siblings. She makes it her duty to mend the broken relationship between Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis as well as to reconcile with the latter. Both Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis have some trauma with their respective punishments.
  • Dysfunction Junction: All of Faust's children have this in one way or another. It is made more obvious in the sequel, more especifically with Celestia, Discord, and Chrysalis.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: Bandaid's sisters refer to him by the nickname, "Bitch-Sticker".
  • Emotion Eater: Changelings. Apparently, love can be depleted by a changeling feeding them from a body. This in turn will turn the pony into a hateful savage who wants nothing more than to harm and kill. That's what happened to Nightmare Moon after staying in Chrysalis' hive 1000 years ago.
  • Flash Step: Celestia briefly shows this in the first story, traveling from the entrance to the castle to the throne room where Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis were fighting, buck Chrysalis at supersonic speed without her realizing, and then turn around to stare at her as her carapace breaks. She later shows it again to confront Discord at the Crystal Empire immediately after recovering from his attack, in spite of Discord taking DAYS to reach it. He refers to this as the ability to move at the speed of sunlight.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Nightmare Moon is having difficulties adjusting to 1000 years of changes in Equestria.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Celestia occasionally shows signs of this when she mentions Faust in front of Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis. A shared Berserk Button as they feel that their mother abandoned them. In the sequel, this causes Chrysalis to attack her upon mentioning Faust, revealing that she knew that she corrupted Nightmare Moon a thousand years ago but didn't punish her due to having punished her months ago for attacking Nightmare Moon, and then telling her that she does think that Nightmare Moon deserves to punish Chrysalis even more. Considering the life of suffering that Chrysalis endured throughout her life plus the three months of agony she tolerated due to being Flayed Alive, one cannot blame Chrysalis for trying to kill her.
  • Good Thing You Can Heal: One of the benefits that Chrysalis has after ascending is a Healing Factor that allows her to survive what would have been a brutal pummeling from a berserker Bandaid had she not ascended. She even goes as far as to challenge Celestia to break her carapace again, which is quite a bold dare considering how much she suffered from the last time that happened.
  • Hypocrite: The sequel shows that, for all of her attempts to be a good sister, Celestia is not as good relating with her siblings as she thinks she is. She doesn't listen to what they have to say, pretty much wants to push her point of view into them, argues against them fighting each other but is always ready to use violence for long term imprisonments, and has the bad habit of policing her siblings. She starts realizing this after she accidentally kills Chrysalis and watches her being revived into a goddess, at which point things get worse until she finally reconciles with Discord.
  • Hypocritical Humor: In chapter 5 of the first fic, after having been quite displeased at being told she's not to have sex for some time yet and secretly planning her visits to Celestia's harem, Nightmare Moon then goes on to harangue and physically assault Blueblood for having pornographic magazines and dating guide books on his person.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: In spirit, anyway; Nightmare Moon isn't just a carnivore, she actively enjoys eating ponies, to the point that Nightmare Night in this verse descends from a yearly event in which she would prowl a random town and devour various criminals that had been sentenced to death. Indeed, she quite fondly reminisces of the days when she could simply eat anypony she felt had overstepped their bounds, and makes it clear it's one of the things she misses most after her imprisonment.
  • Kick the Dog: Once Chrysalis ascends, she kidnaps Bandaid and uses him as a bargaining chip to start her own kingdom. She is quite abusive to him whenever he speaks out of turn, beating him unconscious in one scene.
  • Large Ham: Nightmare Moon could be classified as the goddess of all Large Hams.
  • Lust: At first, Blueblood was very impatient to have Twilight for himself. He got better though, and they are dating now
    • Nightmare Moon is the goddess of the Night, Moon, Wine, Death and Lust.
  • The Lost Lenore: Celestia was once married with a stallion named Mountain Blood, who died when Discord reversed gravity on Equestria. His death is the main reason why Celestia sealed Discord. She still misses her late husband, hence why she wants to seal Discord again after the seal gets broken.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Celestia's reaction to her punching Chrysalis in self-defence, which resulted in almost killing her.
  • Naughty by Night: Nightmare Moon speculates that the Solar Herd (Blueblood's herd and Celestia's descendants) might be prim and proper by day, but by night they are, to quote, "savages".
  • Not Me This Time: The third story begins with Nightie attacking the Changeling Kingdom because Bandaid has wound up there again. Except this time, even Chrysalis has no idea why he's there, since she didn't kidnap him this time.
  • Not So Above It All: The sequel shows that Celestia is not as mature as she believes she is. She was trying to force Nightmare Moon to reconcile with Chrysalis and treated their feud as a childish dispute when her relationship with Discord is no better. She chastises Nightmare for trying to start a war with Chrysalis over Bandaid when she sealed Discord for hundreds of years after he killed Mountain Blood when he reversed gravity in Equestria. She even attempts to pick up a fight with Discord after escaping his spell, not caring that her raging magic was threatening the citizens and Cadance, the only sibling that never antagonized her.
  • Not So Different: Cadance may still have her canon personality, but she can be just as vindictive as Nightmare Moon when angered enough. When she exiles Sombra for nearly destroying the Crystal Empire by trying to manipulate the weather after she told him not to do it, she tells him that she does not believe in Celestia's Thou Shall Not Kill rule and that he was only going to get exiled since nopony died.
  • One-Hit Kill: Chrysalis gets one from Celestia just as she is about go give Nightmare Moon the finishing blow in her fight...and unfortunately for her it was an Anti-Armor attack too. Tragically, another more literal example happens when Celestia accidentally delivers one of these against an insane Chrysalis.
  • Parental Abandonment: What Chrysalis feels about her mother Faust due to keeping her mortal and letting her fend for herself.
  • Physical Gods: Celestia, Nightmare Moon, Discord, Cadence and (to a lesser extend) Chrysalis.
  • Shout-Out: The Nightmare Night chapter has a shout out to The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Super Speed: Celestia has this, as seen in Flash Step above. Discord refers to it as the speed of sunlight and that she is the only want of her siblings with this ability, making her the fastest of Faust's children. It is a valuable asset for fast travel and combat.
  • Reality Ensues: Faust resurrecting Chrysalis and making her into a goddess finally caused Chrysalis to forgive her. However, Chrysalis still resents her siblings, especially Celestia for killing her and hurting her in their previous encounters. Maybe being a goddess helped Chrysalis with her hunger but it doesn't erase the violent history between her siblings.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Hoo boy, Bandaid made a big one after losing his patience with Nightmare Moon.
    Nightmare Moon: Thou must’ve lost thy little mind! And here I was trying to arrange a companion for thee since—!
    Nurse Bandaid: SINCE ITS ALL YOU BUCKING THINK ABOUT! Sex and food and you, you, YOU!
    Twilight: Bandaid! T-take it easy! The Princess was just-!
    Bandaid: The PRINCESS is a cannibal! A hypocrite! A murderer! And an unrepentant SLUT! You’re a terrible Princess! No wonder Equestria has known peace for a thousand years! It doesn’t need you-u-u-u——-!
    • Nightmare Moon gives Celestia one when she tells her that she has no right to police her siblings just because she is the oldest, reminding her that she never visited Discord since she imprisoned him. Similarly, after Chrysalis ascending and trying to separate her hive from Equestria, Celestia receives another speech from Chrysalis, who points out that Celestia has hurt her every time they met.
  • Resurrective Immortality: All of Faust's children can be killed but will use this trope to resurrect. Chrysalis did not have this ability on account of being mortal but she finally obtains it when Faust turns her into a goddess when Celestia accidentally killed her.
  • Swallowed Whole: After finding evidence that Blueblood still wants to court Twilight Sparkle in chapter 7 of the first fic, Nightmare Moon chases him, shrinks him down to bite size, and swallows him whole.
  • Title Drop: There is one in the sequel:
    Pure seduction would not aid her this time. The brown earth pony lying next to her was a delicate creature, and needed her care and affection. He would have it then, if only to be hers. She snickered at the thought. The Affection of Princess Nightmare Moon. It sounded like a good name for a wine. Hmm! She would need to write that down somewhere. A nice dark wine, mmm...
  • Top God: Faust, aka Faust Almighty.
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot: After Nightmare Moon eats Blueblood, Celestia and Bandaid trick her into drinking an ipecac, whereupon she gratuitously pukes him up again.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Nightmare Moon receives one from Celestia for trying to go to war against Chrysalis shortly after becoming a goddess once she finds out that she kidnapped Bandaid again. Nightmare Moon returns the favor with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech comment.
  • You Are Already Dead: Celestia's supersonic buck counts as a non-lethal version of this trope. The audience (and probably even Chrysalis) expects such blow to knock the Changeling Queen out of the room but she only staggers back a bit. Tense seconds pass as Chrysalis stares at Celestia before she feels her whole body vibrating. Finally, Celestia lifts a hoof and stomps it in the ground. At this point, the carapace vibrates harder than ever and soon enough it breaks...leaving Chrysalis to faint from the cold after being skinned alive.
  • Youngest Child Wins: Averted with Chrysalis as she is the only one of her siblings to not ascend into Godhood. Celestia definitely thinks of Chrysalis in the sequel, fearing that she may easily conquer Equestria should she ever become a full goddess.


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