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The Dragon's King is a How to Train Your Dragon fanfic by ButterflyKika.

Valka was not the only one taken that fateful night. She refused to let go of the tiny bundle in her arms. Her only child, her son Hiccup.

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This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Abduction Is Love: Astrid is one of the few humans Hiccup has ever bothered to remember, let alone have a crush on. What does he do? Kidnap her and bring her to the Sanctuary. What happens? They eventually get married.
  • Abhorrent Admirer:
    • As per canon, Snotlout does not seem to comprehend Astrid's contempt for him. When Hiccup beats him at wrestling and makes him hamble, he eventually backs off and lets her and Hiccup be together.
    • Dagur the Deranged sails all the way to Berk to ask for Astrid's hand in a political marriage. He admits that he has not actual feelings for her and simply wants to claim Berk’s best and most beautiful for him to break and remake into his ideal wife.
  • Adaptational Badass: Not only does Hiccup have a cool pair of dragon eyes, but he is stronger, faster and has better reflexes. He was able to defeat the Red Death with his leg in-tact, go toe-to-toe with the likes of Dagur and Astrid and is able to navigate his way and compete (and win) the Thawfest games blindfolded.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: Ruffnut seems to find untamed wild men that growl menacinglynote  very alluring.
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  • Alternate Universe Fic: The story is set in a What If? scenario "what if Hiccup was snatched up by Cloudjumper along with Valka?"
  • The Bet: When they first meet, Snotlout and Hiccup immediately antagonize each other, leaving Snotlout to challenge him to a match. If Hiccup wins, Snotlout leaves Astrid alone. If Snotlout won, Hiccup has to pull down his hood in-front of the entire village. Guess who wins...
  • Cassandra Truth: The first time Astrid ever saw Hiccup, she caught him freeing their imprisoned dragons. When she told everyone that a boy with dragon eyes freed their dragons, naturally none them believed her.
  • Christmas Episode: Chapter 20
  • Clueless Chick Magnet: Hiccup does not seem to understand why every eligible bachelorette on Berk would want to watch him working shirtless in the forge.
  • Conveniently an Orphan: Cloudjumper finds Toothless as an orphaned baby and adopts him alongside Valka, eventually growing up to becoming like a brother to Hiccup and his primary riding dragon.
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  • Defeat Means Friendship: After Hiccup defeat Snotlout in a wrestling match, this humbles him enough for Snotlout to gain his respect.
  • Flat World: Averted. Hiccup and Valka discovered that the Earth was round when Hiccup took a multi-month flight in one direction and wound up back at the Sanctuary.
  • Gender Flip: Here, Hookfang is referred to with she/her pronouns.
  • Grand Romantic Gesture: To pay for his bride-price to Astrid, Hiccup forges an entire village's worth of weapons out of gronkle-iron himself when one or two weapons would have perfectly sufficed.
  • I Have No Son!: When Stoick finds out that Hiccup has essentially been turned part-dragon and he and his thought-to-be-dead wife want him to stop dragon-killing he disowns Hiccup there on the spot. It is not until Hiccup and his entire dragon-force single-handedly overpower an invading tribe does he admit that he was wrong.
  • It's Personal: When Stoick disowns Hiccup when he sees his dragon eyes, Hiccup was in a rage, not because it offended him, but because it broke his mother's heart.
  • No Fair Cheating: During their wrestling match, Snotlout tries to cheat and tug off Hiccup's hood, only reveal that he has been fighting blindfolded the whole time.
  • The Power of Blood: An ill baby-Hiccup is given strength with a transfusion of the White King's blood. This gives him dragon-like eyes and enhanced senses and reflexes.
  • Speaks Fluent Animal: Due to a mix of growing up around dragons and having the White King's blood, Hiccup is able to speak to dragons, translating their words and names for humans that need him.
  • Troll: Before they officially meet face-to-face, Hiccup enjoyed trolling Astrid by instructing the training dragons to faint before she can land a hit.
  • Wild Child: Downplayed. With his mother raising him, Hiccup understands basic things like speaking, reading and writing. Because of his draconic nature and being raised around dragons his whole life, he seems to be mildly confused by certain unspoken rules about Viking society (like handshakes, how working without a shirt might encourage every girl of age in the village to watch and that by lavishing a girl with gifts might imply feelings above platonic).


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