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Tentomu chu!! desu~ is a fanfiction written by Ruka Kikuchi. The fanfic is based off the idol group AKB48 and is an Alternate Universe Fic where the members are part of a huge production agency and secretly have magic powers to fight demons.

The story mainly focuses on the newest group, Tentomu chu, based on the unit with the same name (Author note: The name is actually Tentoumu chu and was misspelled.), and switches Point of View from Third-Person Omniscient and First-Person Perspective through the eyes of Kojima Mako, the leader and center of the unit.


The prologue was written and posted in April 2014 on Asianfanfics. In June 2017, Ruka announced she was discontinuing the series and dropped the fic.

Certain moments that occur in the fanfic are based off real live events that have occurred in AKB48 and the 48 Group, as well as TV shows featuring the seven Tentoumu chu members (Joshikou Keisatsu, Tentoumu chu no Sekai, etc.)

  • The Ace: Kojima Mako
    • Owada Nana is The Ace of Shinjuku Girls and, pretty much overall, The Face of Full Moon Productions
  • Affectionate Nickname: Almost everyone has one official nickname upon joining the agency.
    • Mariko to Miichan - Gachapin
    • Yuko to Takamina - Bakamina
      • Also, Yuko to Haruna - Nyan-nyan
    • Naanya to Mako - Nee-chan, "my light"
      • Naanya calling her such nicknames implied that Mako was Hikari, as well as Hoshina being her sister.
      • On that same note, Hikari refers to Hoshina as "my star".
    • Nana to Miki, as well as Uta to Yuuki - "My Princess"
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  • Alice Allusion: Chapter 34, as if was directly based off HKT48's "12 Byou" MV
  • Being Tortured Makes You Evil: The ookami which is abused constantly by Kaiba.
  • Best Friend: Mio and Meru
    • Mako and Naanya
    • Eventually, Ryouha and Nagisa, as well as Nana and Miki, which later leads to a developing romance between them. (Ryouha and Nagisa are more of a Ship Tease, however).
  • Big Bad: The Maou
  • Big Good: Queen Muse
  • Catchphrase: Yuria frequently says "Peace!" and makes a V-sign with her hand.
  • Childhood Friends: Mio and Meru
    • Mako and Naanya
  • Cute Witch: All the members of the Hakata division in Fukuoka.
    • And of course, starting from the third arc, Kizaki Yuria.
  • Excited Title! Two-Part Episode Name!: Used in every chapter title. Some are Spoiler Title.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: This happened in Chapter 20 to Ryouha and Nagisa.
  • The Future: 1000 years in the future, after Mako becomes Queen of Eterna, the humans leave Earth after humans nearly went extinct in a fight against the Maou and Queen Mako/Queen Hikari and together with the angels, they create New Eterna. However, the Maou possessed someone and made them Brainwashedand Crazy, mortally injuring Mako. Yuria used her magic to go back in time so she can find Mako and the others to help prevent the Bad Future.
  • Hypnotic Eyes: The serpent, Gypsy, has these.
    • Momo also used this power briefly in Chapter 9, and it was the only time she ever did.
  • The Gimmick: Yuria's witch outfit.
  • Iconic Item: Umeda Ayaka - Onmyouji brush
    • Miyazawa Sae - Blue Flame
    • Owada Nana - The blue crystal on her necklace, until it was revealed to be half of the Crystal of Life.
      • Mako had the other half, a red crystal, which was hidden in the protection charm given to her by Mariko.
    • Queen Muse and, eventually, Princess Hikari - The Crystal of Life.
    • Ikoma Rina - Dark Flame
    • Ikuta Erina - Flower on her head, ukulele
    • Inoue Sayuri, as SayuRanger : Lily flower, green onion sword
    • Yamamoto Sayaka: Her guitar; most notably, her red electric guitar, "Scarlet Angel"
    • The Savior (mainly), but at the moment, Takahashi Minami - The Holy Blade
    • Kizaki Yuria - Magic watch
  • Ill Girl: Yuko.
  • Kansai Regional Accent: Nagisa, and everyone from the Namba division in Osaka, is bound to have a Kansai-ben.
    • ...or really, anyone born in the Kansai region, since Yuka was born in Osaka, yet was never part of the Namba division.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: It is revealed in Chapter 9, if a piece of a Heart fragment breaks off, it will cause the person who is bound to it to suffer memory loss. How much is forgotten depends on the size of the broken piece.
    • If the entire fragment shatters, it will cause them to suffer total amnesia.
      • This happened to Mako at the end of Chapter 24, while she was protecting Hoshina. She eventually regained her memories after her Heart fragment merged back into her half of the Crystal of Life.
    • This also happened when members of the Senate (for example, Kyoya) would erase people's memories until their "time of Awakening" came.
      • Mariko did this to Sae to make her forget Sayaka after she fell into despair over her death. However, she later regained these memories.
      • Kyoya did this repeatedly to Mako and Naanya in order not to rush the awakening of their powers by suppressing their memories as Hikari and Hoshina. He later restores Naanya's memories to complete her Awakening and grant her powers.
      • Miichan also attempted to do so to Mako after she was about to find out the truth and knew too much, but it failed because of Mariko's protection charm.
    • Another instance is when Yuria used her magic to alter everyone's memories to make her think she was always part of Akihabara48. The only ones not affected by it were Mako, Naanya, Miichan, and Rina.
  • Let's Split Up, Gang!: In some chapters, only one or several members do the actual fighting, while others may be busy with idol related work.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: What else can you expect from the world's largest pop group?
  • Magical Girl: Almost everyone in the Akihabara48 industry, along with the sister group agencies, is one.
  • Magic Kiss: In Chapter 31, Nana and Miki were able to activate Jewel Harmony through a kiss.
    • It is also implied in Chapter 34 that Sakura has healing powers as she healed Haruppi's lisp through a kiss.
  • Magic Music: In Chapter 5, Mako uses her singing to heal the audience who have been corrupted by dark energy.
  • Meaningful Name: Hikari, meaning " light", and Hoshina (from the Japanese word "hoshi"), meaning " star".
    • The knights who protect Hikari are Uta, meaning "song", Yuuki, meaning "courage", Chii, meaning "earth", Kanata, meaning "beyond limits", Hana, meaning "flower", and Umi, meaning "ocean".
  • Memento MacGuffin: Sae and Sayaka - The dangling earring Sae wears, which used to be Sayaka's.
    • Mako and Naanya - The children's fairytales storybook
      • As Hikari and Hoshina, the Crystal of Life.
  • Odd Couple: Nana and Miki
  • Ordinary High-School Student: The seven members of Tentomu chu are this.
  • Performance Anxiety: Ryouha has this in the first few chapters, as she is unable to walk out on stage when she sees everyone giving cold, hateful glares (mainly because their hearts were corrupted by dark energy).
  • Personality Swap: This happened in Chapter 29 to Mako and Miyuki
  • Platonic Life-Partners: Mako and Naanya
  • Pop Culture Osmosis: Tentomu chu!! desu~ is kept up to date with real events of the 48 Group and references many famous AND currently happening events (at least, up to 2014.)
  • Power Trio: Mako, Nana, and Miki
  • Psychic Powers: It is revealed in Chapter 6 that Nana has a sixth sense. She can see and hear ghosts, and also see people's auras.
  • Reincarnation: Implied through most of the second arc, and finally confirmed at the end when it was revealed Mako was the reincarnation of Princess Hikari, and Naanya is the reincarnation of Hikari's younger sister, Hoshina.
    • At the same time, the six other Tentomu chu members are the reincarnations of knights who protected Hikari and Hoshina.
  • The Rival: Akihabara48 agency's biggest rivals are Nogizaka productions (just like real life with AKB48 and Nogizaka46) and Full Moon Productions' Shinjuku Girls, which Naanya is The Ace of.
    • Despite this, most of the members get along with each other surprisingly well, like how Rina is a fan of the idols at the agency and how she and Rena have concurrent positions in each others groups, and Mako and Naanya are best friends even though they're part of different agencies/groups.
    • It was revealed in Chapter 33 that Sakae48 and Namba48 agencies are heated rivals with each other (again, just like real life, with SKE48 and NMB48).
  • Save Both Worlds: The girls' mission is to save not only Earth from being destroyed by the Maou, but to also save Eterna.
  • Save the Princess: Starting the second arc, the girls' search for the reincarnation of the princess of Eterna, Princess Hikari.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: Yuria is from the future, and was sent back in time in order to prevent New Eterna from being destroyed.
  • Shapeshifting: Oshima Yuko, because she is a Tanuki
    • Watanabe Miyuki is a succubus demon and can form devil horns, wings, and a tail with a heart-shaped point.
    • Matsui Jurina is an Inugami. She was originally a dog, but due to a near-death experience became human. She can still form dog ears and a tail, and sometimes accidentally does so if she sneezes.
  • Shrinking Violet: Ryouha starts out as this, but becomes more open as the story progresses.
    • In the first arc of the fic, she also had stage fright.
  • Soap Opera Disease: Yuko's terminal illness.
  • Split Personality: Rena has another personality inside her named Gekikara, who is psychotic and violent.
  • Synchronization: Jewel Harmony
  • The Idiot from Osaka: Nagisa
  • The Reveal: The end of Chapter 25 and Chapter 26, when it was revealed, not only that Naanya was Hoshina (at least, in front of everyone, while the reader may already know), but also that Mako was Princess Hikari all along, and Hoshina is her sister. The charm Mariko gave Mako became a red crystal, which formed together with Naanya's blue crystal and revealed to be the Crystal of Life. In their past life, in order to preserve their souls so they would be reincarnated together when the time comes, Mariko split the Crystal of Life in half and used it as sort of a Red String of Fate to bind them together. A small part of Mako's half of the Crystal broke off, and was actually her Heart fragment she was given in the beginning of the series. When it was finally reformed with the half of the Crystal, Mako regained all her memories.
    • Although Mako finally remembered her past life at the end of Chapter 26, in Chapter 12, it was revealed Naanya had regained her memories as Hoshina long ago. Through most of the second arc, she would transform and fight to protect Mako, wearing a mask so she wouldn't know who she was. After Mako regained her memories, she no longer wore the mask.
  • The Team

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