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Fan Fic / Prophecies of the Morphing Grid

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Prophecies of the Morphing Grid by "Darky" began as a summary of the history of the Power Rangers universe as he perceived it, in the form of a short Fan Fic. It would later spawn a series of fics that continue to this day. The original Prophecies was revised in the form of a longer story; while the original had been simply narration, this one had characters and a very involved plot. The story is a scene-setter, explaining precisely how the universe came to the way it was that fateful day when gullible astronauts opened Rita Repulsa's space dumpster. That version has been discontinued, and the author has expressed interest in revising it, meaning the above-mentioned versions are likely no longer canon to this universe.


Prophecies was followed with a second story, A Future in Ruins. Set in the future, specifically following Power Rangers S.P.D., everything seems like it should be going just fine, but all is not well in the galaxy. Well-loved leaders of democratic planets have been dying mysteriously, their deaths attributed to a shadowy organization called "The Skull" it only goes downhill as the Rangers discover that the forces of evil want Earth specifically, and that everything is leading up to the resurrection of their greatest enemy...

Ruins itself got a sequel, A Future in Recovery. In the aftermath of Ruins, a shady conspiracy comes to light, one that promises to set up the most horrifying dictatorship planet Earth has ever known! Aliens and plots ensue as the Rangers try to make sense of it all, and it's not going to be easy, as everyone who seems to know what is going on is dropping one by one. A story that could do with better writing and less soapboxing and pinching from Star Wars, but well-plotted and good at making you want to stay until the end. Unfortunately, has not been updated in over a year now.


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