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YMMV / Prophecies of the Morphing Grid

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  • Funny Moments: The Rangers' Yellow Submarine-esque escape from Area 51, and all the weird things they find searching for the exit.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • We first learn that President Fullenton is bad news when he has every living thing in the country of Sudan burned alive with a Kill Sat. Interestingly enough, he's not actually revealed as a villain until later; he tries masking the above-mentioned act as one of desperation.
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    • Mr. Stonefeld ordering the systematic murder of the Rangers' families, the Rangers being helpless to stop it as they're out in space gathering a resistance movement at the time.
  • Narm: Ally's last words after she gets shanked by Mooks in Ruins.
  • Writer on Board: Hey, did you want to know John Stewart's opinion on gun control? No? Too bad!
Response by Author: To be fair, John Stewart was a U.S. Marine before becoming a Green Lantern. Traditionally and statistically speaking, military servicemen tend to be more pro-Second Amendment and anti-gun control. It's more an assumption on my part for that line than just soapboxing.

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