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'What if I told you that you can change the outcome of this war?

Scattered Remains is an upcoming series of novels by Justin George. The first entry in the series, Dual Destinies, is scheduled to be released in early 2011, and contains two books: Capital Grounds and Her Loyal Guard.

It is set from 1975 to 1978 and tells of an Alternate History, where an utility company, DoubleHelix Discharge Incorporated (usually shortened to DoubleHelix or DHD), has monopolized the competition, and is so powerful that it eventually forms its own place in government and even rules over some smaller countries. It also uses its army to enforce the direct collection of its bills.


The story has several heroes, but focuses mainly on Ambrosine "Swifty" Worden, the leader of and a general in the massive army for the DHD Armed Forces, and the wielder of the mysterious sword, Requiem, which gives the wielder near-invincibility as long as she keeps it on her person.

The second most important character is Nate Callaghan, an ex-con who joined the DHD. Armed Forces to avoid execution for murdering his former partner-in-crime. A generally violent and impatient man, he trusts no one, except for his sister, Isabella, who works in DHD. as the Head of the Medical Department. Later in the story, he is reassigned to serve Swifty as a bodyguard, along with his best friend, Jack Sugawara.


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