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This world is dedicated to Tropers and lovers of pop culture everywhere.
Save Untitled is a conworld project by brushwaterkhan with its own wiki

This series contains examples of:

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  • Retro Universe: Pretty much a lot (but not all) of the major factions have their spin on the whole "World of Tomorrow!" concept
    • The Federation embodies late 90s to early 2000s Militaristic vision of the future ala Halo or starship troopers,The European Union Represent 50s Raygun Gothic futurism mixed with 20 Minutes into the Future, The Legion can be placed in Late 70s post-apocalyptic scavenger world, hording old technology to build their empire, Meanwhile The Commonwealth draws a lot from WW 1 Steampunk with a little hint of Magitek, the Fountainhead Syndicate has a mix of 80s cyberpunk with a Ayn Randish Space Brasília Aesthetic, While Japan Mixes Mecha Anime with early 90s post cyberpunk
      • and to put things into perspective (and irony) the "current" year is 2010
    • Also seems to extended into the political realm with an IRA expy, who are far from diminished, coexisting with a Al-Qaeda expy

    United Federation of America 

    Chinese Collective Provinces 

    The Commonwealth 

    Pharaoh's Legion 

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