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Because I can’t come up with better so I stick with something aptly named

This is Mega Crossover created by me (Death Cloud), currently under development, I published some basic stuff about thisuniverse on some really small polish forum (and only in polish language). This is place for future fanarts , fanfics or play by board RPGs.

The idea is that this is crossover between many cartoons put together in new universe inspired by many Sci Fi.It’s heavy limited what cartoon can be part of crossover. Only cartoon drawn in cartoonish style, more silly than serious in tone , not realistic and not marketed for adults. For clarity allowed cartoons can range from Looney Tunes to Samurai Jack.For example of not allowed series are Anime, super heroes comics adaptations (even parodies), G.I. Joe, The Transformers, The Simpsons, Family Guy.From allowed cartoon other fan made stuff can also can be part of this crossover.Every thing not allowed can be inspiration for things in this universe (like Expy) , but most inspiration come from Sci Fi stories like Star Wars, Star Trek. Warhammer 40,000, Stargate, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Andromeda or even Red Dwarf. Ok some times things taken from those titles are not only inspirations but comes almost identical with same names. For example Force comes almost like in original , even with Jedi.


As for the things from cartoons that get to be part of crossover.Things from cartoons adapted to fit crossover settings. Some things and characters are heavy changed and some changed little and some even removed. Also stories that happen in cartoons where changed but mostly did happen. but they were recycled in space. “Moment zero” for crossover (when its action stars) is in some years after those cartoons action (except cartoons still aired and developed) so all characters from cartoons are older.Despite fact that only more or less lighthearted and less realistic cartoons are part of crossover, all cartoon become more dark, realistic and serious to fit tone of Sci Fi what inspire crossover, and some times even more darker.

Setting takes many tropes (or even clichés) from SF and put them together with some cartoon tropes, but I ad something from me, like things I believe supposed to be in Space Opera (mostly avoid stupid human centered and sue tropes).


And for how story and setting looks like:

Future , one thousand years from now.Earth and human race are member of Galactic Commonwealth (this cross between Federation from ST and Republic from SW, and similar organizations from other Sci Fi), powerful (but not imperialistic) organization controlling half of our Galaxy. That organization contains countless races (with are every intelligent race, creature from cartoons and mostly not villainous , from sci fi or fantasy story also every antro ), every race is equal even humans. There is no race which dominate government or other institutions or have much bigger population from others. Commonwealth is not fully utopian society there is corruption and inside problems, also struggle of three factions that have different opinion how Commonwealth must look: idealistic - focused on goal to create perfect galactic utopia, militaristic - more pragmatic focused on better chance of survival against treats, and imperialistic what is just bunch of many criminals and terrorists trying to create empire but not united to be real treat.On the guard of GC is Star Fleet which is the same thing as Starfleet from Trek, focused mostly on exploration and not truly military until time of war, also many Defense Fleets focused on security and defense of important systems and all races homeworlds (they are specific forces to particular system like Earth Defense Force) and Colonial Fleet (which is something more like militia and cannon fodder) and Jedi Order with is almost like Jedi from many SW eras.Out of borders of Commonwealth are many villainous and imperialistic races but most of them were conquered and only oneswhat remains are:

  • Irken Empire – highly advanced technologically race and heavy expansive behavior
  • Mars Empire – Rome-inspired civilization originated from our Mars but located in different part of galaxy and wanting go back to their homeworld owned by humans, just like Romulans have Vulcans they have their our good counterpart belonging to GC.
  • Cluster – hive of evil robots, wanting to unite or assimilate all machines or AI and conquer/wipe every organic.
  • Lordwardians – proud warriors race looking for mystical Great Blue who could lead them to glory.
  • Yugopetenians – aggressive aliens with phobia for things nice and cute.
  • Zoltarians – also not nice
And more neutral than evil is union of dino-antro.Important element of this universe is the Force. With is same as original from SW but it have unlimited potential and can lead to really godlike powers, reality warping and Ascesion to higher places. There are creatures with exist in that state always. Every psionic, magic, mystical, and religious thing from cartoons in crossover are related to Force.Dark Side also exist in this crossover which it main user The Sith (here they got name from different race),Light Side have its good and pure dimension and godlike creatures and so the Dark Side. It’s called The Abyss or Void, Pit, dimension full o Dark Side , advanced destructive technology and great armadas of ships, hideous, terrifying , dangerous creatures from small but numerous to big and powerful nabominations , ready to corrupt or destroy every thing on their path when they get to this galaxy.

Starting point, “moment zero” for crossover are times similar to setting of TNG and DS9, episode I, and beginning of Andromeda. Time of peace and prosper for Commonwealth and Galaxy but it’s ner end as it’s last time of Commonwealth Golden Age. New times that are coming are times of many adventures, but also war, fall and horror.

Most of this is my ideas but I use ideas and suggestion of other to.

More details provide those tropes:

  • Big Bad Aku may fit this role the best. Horever his real body is traped in planet orbiting black hole but his mind escape and by possesing others as leader of his cult Divibne Order manipulate events to free his body or conquer galaxy.
    • Big Bad Wannabe There are many leaders, Sith Lords, evil geniuses, terrorist who thinks they are main treat and galaxy is in their hands.
    • Bigger Bad Abyss can be this, or many creatures from there are more dangerous than Aku but are focused on samething else.
  • Dark Fic
  • Eldritch Abomination : Mostly know here as Abyss Abonimation, where belongs many horros from cartoons like:
  • The Empire Many alien empires, especially Irkens or Martians, many tries to transform Commonwealth into this, also there was many ancient empires.
  • Fusion Fic
  • Humans Are Special / Humanity Is Superior : Averted, humans as species are not special or better in any way. Any special are only some individuals (like many human characters from cartoons) but they are not special because their humanity.
  • Mega Crossover
  • Scary Dogmatic Aliens Many Alien Empires fet this, Irkens are Conquistadores, Martians are Nazi (only with their hate for humans), Lodrwardians are Fundamentalists and Cluster are Comunist
  • Universal Translator Every race speaks their language and something make everybody understend each other but it have limitation, it can translate only one language per race (english for humans) so other alien or Earth words or languages can be heard.

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