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Comic Book / Wonder Girl (Infinite Frontier)

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"I don't know if it's just me or the jet lag, but it feels like the whole world is looking over my shoulder right now."
Yara Flor

Wonder Girl is an ongoing DC superhero comic book series that debuted in 2021 as a part of the Infinite Frontier relaunch initiative. Written and drawn by Joëlle Jones with colors done by Jordie Bellaire, the story showcases the origins of Yara Flor, a character previously featured in Future State as the woman who succeeded Diana of Themyscira as the new Wonder Woman.

Born in Brazil but raised in the United States, Yara Flor always felt that something important was missing from her life, culminating in the decision to return to her homeland for answers. Little does she know, Yara's return to Brazil has been prophesied, and with that prophecy comes the undivided attention of numerous gods from pantheons beyond. With danger now lurking around every corner, is this young heroine ready to take the first steps towards greatness?

Despite there being a released synopsis for an eighth issue, the series was officially announced by DC to have been canceled with issue #7 serving as its impromptu finale. Fortunately, Yara's story is set to continue in 2022's Trial Of The Amazons crossover event.

Tropes in Wonder Girl (Infinite Frontier):

  • Action Girl: Yara was put on the fast track to becoming this trope by Hera, who ordered the various Gods of Mount Olympus to train her in everything from Philosophy to the Art of War so she could become her perfect champion.
  • Affirmative-Action Legacy: Yara Flor is a brown-skinned Brazilian immigrant who succeeds both the Caucasian Cassie Sandsmark and Donna Troy as the third Wonder Girl.
  • Battle Bolas: Gifted to her by the mermaid from Brazilian Folklore Iara, Yara wields the Golden Boleadoras which serves as her equivalent to the Lassos used by Donna, Cassie, and Diana.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Yara discovers that Eros is the Greek God who murdered her mother and has manipulated her since the day he met her. But with Cassie and Donna's help, she succeeds in defeating him and his forces, regaining her free will in the process, and reunites with the Amazons of the Amazon. Hera on the other hand, still remains unscathed by the turn of events and continues to plot her revenge against Yara.
  • But Not Too Foreign: While Yara was indeed born in Brazil to an Amazon of the Amazon, she was forced to flee the country after an attack on her tribe and was raised most of her life in Boise, Idaho.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Yara's mother Aella was decapitated right in front of her by Gods of Olympus during a siege that slaughtered most of her tribe. While Yara was able to escape with her life thanks to Renata saving her in the nick of time, she has virtually no recollection of her childhood prior to immigrating to the United States due to her suppressing the trauma.
  • The Generic Guy: João, a Hunk bus driver who becomes one of Yara's love interests, doesn't really get much development beyond being a Nice Guy and is largely written out of the plot during the final act.
  • The Jailbait Wait: Played for Horror as this is a particularly horrifying example. It's revealed that Eros knew Yara ever since she was a child because he was the one who murdered her mother and led the siege that slaughtered her tribe. All so that he could have her all to himself as the perfect wife once Yara was finally of age.
  • Loyal Animal Companion: After many trials and tribulations, Yara succeeded in taming an abrasive Pegasus she named Jerry into becoming her steed.
  • MacGuffin Super-Person: Due to being The Chosen One of some grand prophecy, both the Greek and Brazilian Pantheons are fighting against each other to secure Yara's allegiance before the other side can get their hooks into her.
  • Mayfly–December Romance: Yara develops feelings for Eros during her time on Olympus. Eros however hopes to convince Yara to become Hera's immortal champion so they can avert this trope.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Yara is a gorgeous young woman who has a penchant for wearing outfits that greatly emphasize her hips, legs, and shapely derriere. Even Eros, the Greek God of Love, ends up genuinely falling for her during his mission to seduce her into staying on Mount Olympus as Hera's Champion. As noted above, Eros' attraction takes a darker twist once it's shown that he has known Yara longer than he let on.
  • Sadly Mythtaken: The series uses the version of Iara in which she would have been an Indigenous warrior who became a mermaid after she was thrown in a river when she had to kill her brothers in self-defense, who were envious from her hunting skills; however, there is no evidence this version has ever actually been in Brazilian Folklore. On a minor note, Iara is a river mermaid from the folklore of the Northern region of Brazil, but Yara meets her in the Iguazu Falls, which are in the limits of the Paraná, in the Southern region.
  • Semi-Divine: Yara is the child of an Amazon and an unknown Brazilian River God, granting her supernatural speed and strength seemingly equal to that of her predecessors. However, she lacks the ability of flight, leaving Yara reliant on Jerry in order to take to the skies.