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Comic Book / Ice Cream Baby

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The first Ice Cream Baby cover featuring (From left to right) Vanila, Minthe, and Chocola.

Ice-Cream Baby is a Malaysian 4-Koma Comedy comic book written and illustrated by Neko.

The story features a group of Normal Secondary School Students: Minthe, Vanila, Chocola, and the other characters in their daily lives.


  • Love Confession: Lime confessed to Minthe in the beginning of the second volume, but Minthe doesn't hear anything since she is listening to music. Later,Minthe accepted him.
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  • Meganekko: The Class Representative in the main characters class.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: They never wear the same clothes twice. Save for Chocola during her vacation, because she wants to avoid overweight luggage during the flight.


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