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Uncategorized characters from Guild Wars.

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    Saul D'Alessio

Beaten, outnumbered, leaderless, and facing almost certain death, the people of Kryta looked to Saul to lead them out of their darkest hour. Saul D’Alessio was transformed from a messenger into the general of a great army. With their new faith and their new leader, Kryta and the White Mantle managed to push out the Charr, forcing them back over the mountains.

Though his efforts were successful, Saul eventually lost his life fighting the war that freed the humans of Kryta. In the last offensive of the war against the Charr, Saul led his troops deep into Charr territory. His network of spies, though normally quite effective, failed him on this day. The Charr were waiting in ambush, and the beastly creatures slaughtered Saul’s unit to the man.

Consequently, Saul became a martyr for the White Mantle. His teachings live on in the temples, and his name adorns a seacoast on the southern edge of Kryta, a memorial to a man who brought peace and prosperity to the people of this tropical region.

  • The Alcoholic: Noted to have been quite the drunk in his lawless days.
  • Badass Cape: Wore a long red and white cape adorned with the symbol of the White Mantle.
  • Badass Preacher: Shows himself to be a very capable Smiting Monk in the war against the Charr.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Twice: Once after his exile from Kryta before he found the Mursaat, and again when he realized just how cruel the Mursaat really were.
  • The Exile: He was exiled from Kryta after having been caught by the Lionguard. They led him into the Maguuma Jungle and left him there, until he stumbled upon the Mursaat.
  • Four-Star Badass: Personally led the White Mantle and Kryta's remnant armies into battle against the invading charr.
  • Frontline General: Was at the very front of the war against the Charr, which would've actually cost him his life at the end if not for the Mursaat. Too bad for him they then took him away to an unknown fate.
  • The Gambling Addict: One of his many problems that led to his eventual exile.
  • Heel–Faith Turn: After stumbling upon and being saved by the Mursaat, Saul turned from a lawless rogue into the head of a religious movement. A shame his new gods turned out to be not as benevolent as he thought.
  • The Highwayman: He robbed merchants on the road to pay off his debts.
  • Historical Villain Upgrade: In-universe; the Shining Blade dubbed him "Saul the Deceiver" for bringing the Mursaat to Kryta, and because they ultimately won, their characterization stuck.
  • Holy Hand Grenade: He became a Smiting Monk after taking up the Mursaat as his new gods.
  • Inspirational Martyr: The White Mantle props him up as a martyr after his seeming death and disappearance.
  • Never Found the Body: Dragged off by the Mursaat to an unknown fate.
  • Posthumous Character: Supposedly died in the defence of Kryta against the Charr, but the reality is a little different: The Mursaat themselves took him away, though his actual fate beyond that remains unknown.
  • Reformed Criminal: He used to rob people merchants on the road to pay off his debts, but returns to Kryta as a hero in their hour of need.
  • You Have Out Lived Your Usefulness: After forming the White Mantle and uniting Kryta under him, the Mursaat took him away to an unknown fate while the White Mantle propped him up as a martyr.

    Mad King Thorn
"What's the difference between someone who doesn't laugh at my jokes and a corpse?
I don't know either!
One way or another, my jokes always slay the audience!"

In life, Mad King Thorn was an insane and cruel king of Kryta, who was eventually killed in a peasant uprising. Now, he flies in from the Underworld (and boy are his arms tired) every Halloween to play with the citizens of Lion's Arch (and Kamadan). Those who play along are suitably rewarded. Those who don't, die.


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