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Chloe Saunders

The trilogy's heroine, Chloe is fifteen years old and lives in New York. The daughter of a wealthy man, with a dead mother, she's been raised mostly by housekeepers all her life. She goes to an art school, and wants to be a director/screen writer when she grows up. Everything is mundane in her life, when suddenly she gets her first period, sees her first ghost, and is shipped off to Lyle House - having been diagnosed with schizophrenia.


There she meets other supernaturals like her and they escape from Lyle House.

  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Chloe is the heroine of the trilogy. She has blue eyes of the "wide and innocent" variety.

Derek Souza

  • Cursed with Awesome: His werewolf powers are awesome, but because of them he is the most targeted of the group.

Simon Bae

  • Mistaken For Dyed: A lot of people tend to ask him if his blonde hair is dyed, which offends him greatly. His blonde hair is natural from his mother's side.


Victoria "Tori" Enright

  • Daddy's Girl: If her mother is to be believed, she adored her father.
  • Hidden Depths: She initially seems like the Alpha Bitch, only interested in stabbing Chloe in the back... It's all a ruse to satisfy her power-crazed mother. Plus, she's surprisingly skilled with computers, able to bring up messages and email that the recipient thought were deleted.
  • The Unfavorite: This is the reason she dislikes Chloe so much at first, since she's similar in appearance to her sister.


Rachelle "Rae" Rogers

  • Playing with Fire: She's in Lyle House for pyromania. She's really an Exustio half-demon, and has power over fire.

Elizabeth "Liz" Delaney


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