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Christopher Robinson

The main character and protagonist, Christopher is a kind young man who works at Woodrow Children’s Asylum almost purely out of the goodness of his own heart, since he’s definitely not getting paid near enough. Though he treats all of the children well he shows favoritism toward Mickey, who he thinks is a little more withdrawn and antisocial, and encourages him to try group activities with the other children. He does his best to understand Mickey’s cryptic messages and genuinely seems to try to put the boy’s wellbeing above his own most of the time.


  • Beware the Nice Ones: Christopher puts up with a lot over the course of the book and when he’s finally had it he threatens Mary and Joseph at gunpoint without much of a word to them other than demanding an explanation.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: So much so that his is the only backstory not directly stated. If you pay close attention, there are strong hints that Christopher is a sex worker of some kind.
  • Papa Wolf: And how. While he is shown to have a particular helping of this for Mickey, even shielding him from children ghosts turned demon spawn at risk of his own life, flashbacks show that he was this for all of the children at Woodrow Asylum, and all children in general.
  • Undying Loyalty: Even when Michael reveals all he’s done that should make Christopher hate him, all Christopher really feels is sorrow and disappointment in what the kid he remembers turned into. He could never hate Mickey/Michael the way the others do even when he’s mad at him.

Mickey Walters

Christopher’s ‘white rabbit.’ Mickey is a shy and antisocial young boy, but is close with Christopher. He often says strange or cryptic things that Christopher then tries to decipher and often gets upset when he isn’t understood. Despite this, he seems to be genuinely interested in helping Christopher.

  • Older Than They Look: He’s part of Michael’s psyche, which means that despite having the appearance of a child he is at least as old as Michael.


Michael“Mickey” Walters

An odd man that Christopher meets early on in Wonderland. He is a vagrant with no particular place to call home, so the town sheriff often arrests him just to give him a place to stay for the night. Most of the other residents of the town are leery of him and he wears a perpetual smile. For the most part he appears to be, if not somewhat unwanted, an ally to Christopher.

  • And I Must Scream: He is perpetually trapped inside his mind with only figments of his imagination resembling real people, with just enough of themselves left to know not to trust or like him, even Christopher.
  • The Chessmaster: Pulls a bit of a gambit to get Christopher to sleep with him, but it’s not that impressive once you find out that he can control anyone he wants to anyway.
  • The Dreaded: Essentially all of the other characters dislike or are uneasy around Michael, and Prima goes as far as to say he’s worse than all the monsters on the island.
  • Eye Scream: The last illustration shows him with an eye that’s purely black except for a white pupil, the only pupil shown in the entire book, and it’s leaking some kind of black substance—or, possibly, cracking his face open. It’s implied to be the eye that keeps showing up everywhere. And at certain angles that eye looks like it’s looking at you.
  • Jerkass God: Despite certain limitations, such as having been locked up in his own mind by something more powerful, he certainly is something of a god in his own world and is slowly breaking out of it.
  • Misanthrope Supreme: His backstory makes it sound like he started out as a Well-Intentioned Extremist, albeit definitely unhinged, who only hunted after serial killers and anyone else he thought of as bad. The special edition reveals both that he killed Matthew by accident and that he has no problems with murdering anyone who gets close enough to Woodrow. So if he didn’t start as this, he definitely has these tendencies now.
  • Reality Warper: He controls the dream world, so he can basically do whatever he wants in it, whether it’s manipulating the landscape or people’s minds.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: There’s evidence that he may have started out his killing spree as this, but it’s very contestable that he stayed this way for very long before finding enough fault with the entire human race to justify killing everyone he met.

Morgan Godwin

Town sheriff of Wonderland. He has an apparently very charming smile and is fairly laidback. He helps out Christopher very early on by giving him a place to stay and some very basic information about the island.

  • Big Ego, Hidden Depths: His attitude, flashy smile, and attempt to rape Christopher make him look like a narcissist, and he might be, but he’s also dealing with the guilt of having to drug his brother to keep him alive, the creeping feeling that something isn’t right, and the idea that at any given moment Matthew might be trying to kill himself. His clear love for his brother and angst over the fact that he can’t save him, coupled with his ultimate acceptance of murder-suicide as the only answer, can make him a highly sympathetic character for some.
  • Mr. Exposition: Like his brother, one of Morgan’s early uses is telling Christopher information about the island.

Matthew Godwin

A young man who runs the town deli and takes care of the cat, Cheshire. He is very friendly and intrigued by the outside world. He asks Christopher many questions about where he came from and in return gives Christopher a lot of information about the island’s inhabitants.

  • Mr. Exposition: The only time he actually appears is pretty much just to tell Christopher about the island’s inhabitants and then point him in the direction of where he needs to go next.

Primrose “Prima” Mc Clatchey

Prima is energetic, loud, a bit of a heavy drinker, and not shy of a fight—so it’s no wonder that she’s in charge of the island’s bar. She lives in the amusement park with Terceira and makes a hobby out of killing the various monsters that roam the woods beyond the town, and any monsters in the town as well.

  • Action Girl: She takes out the Jabberwock, a giant mechanical poisonous clown-headed spider, pretty much by herself. Christopher was hardly even able to stun it. And she makes a ‘‘hobby’’ of hunting down all of the island’s monsters like this.
  • I Am A Humanitarian: The special edition reveals that Prima didn’t eat her victims until she met Terceira, but she’s perfectly fine with it after.

Terceira Garcia

A former beauty pageant queen, she doesn’t say very much and always has her face hidden behind a veil. She lives in the amusement park with Prima and wields a chainsaw.

  • Blue Blood: Wears fancy dresses and seems to have come from a very wealthy family, as well as her status as a beauty ‘queen’.
  • Evil Makes You Ugly: The reason why she hides her face behind a veil is Abel burned her face with acid, and was only able to do so because he managed to track her and Prima’s killing spree to find her.

Abel Garcia

A young man once famous for growing blue roses. He hasn’t been seen in quite some time.

  • The Unfought: His plant monster takes his place since he’s already been killed and eaten by Prima and Terceira; the fact that his plant monster exists is pretty strong evidence that if he were around he’d be an antagonist too.


A black and white tuxedo cat with a missing eye and a crooked jaw that twists its face into a perpetual smile. He is the beloved pet of Matthew and roams about the island seemingly undisturbed by the monsters.

Mary and Joseph Hope

An odd couple that run the local grocery store and live in what seems to be a doll house. They are obsessed with dolls and offer Christopher fake cake when he visits them. They are actually doll monsters, not real humans… or at least not as real as the likes of Prima, Matthew, Christopher, etc.

  • Body Horror: Their transformation into doll monsters certainly doesn’t sound pleasant, but it’s debatable whether or not they can actually feel pain.
  • Color Motif: Pink, a subversion this time since the last thing Mary and Joseph represent is love… rather it’s the romanticized view of a ‘perfect life’


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